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  1. http://searchsquad.co.uk/ tel 0800 458 0821 hello@searchsquad.co.uk it says this on their site - "The Search Squad are located in Yorkshire and whilst we offer surveillance services throughout the county we can also provide nationwide coverage. We focus on every aspect of the details you provide us with to ensure we carry out effective research on every case we handle. From a simple search starting at £20 we promise to provide you with the right person at the right address every time. Whether you are a company or a private individual, we facilitate all investigations to meet your requirements. We work very in a very careful and prudent manner and maintain discretion in all cases and our team take great pride in our reliable service that delivers beyond your expectations. "
  2. I found this about bonds on https://www.depositprotection.com/help/browse/custodial/agent-landlord/repayments "If a third party pays the deposit and is entitled to claim all or part of the deposit repayment, they should be registered as the lead tenant on the deposit submission. The third party can then fully influence the distribution of the deposit repayment and doesn’t actually need to reside in the property. The actual tenant(s) can be registered as additional tenants." could the landlords extra tenancy in the photo above have been used as being the third party who is registered as the additional tenant? if you look at the bond paid back part, there is heavy crossing out where the figures were. also the landlord put that particular tenancy in as his evidence in his claim for posession there was a bond still on the house when I moved in and it should have gone to the remaining tenant as the other two had left already. the landlord and tenant started new tenancys with me. the old bond was returned in December because there was a letter addressed to the tenant "and others" that said it was returned. I was completely kept out of that and feel that my data was used to get the old bond back and without my permission so when I paid my bond, the landlord had no intention of registering it. he simply used me to start a new tenancy/s and then got the old bond returned. he put the tenant in debt to get him out when he should have kept the bond attached to the house/tenant because he took a bond off me. they said there was a bond already and that the tenant had paid £600 is why Iwas asked to pay £300 bond and £300 rent upfront. three tenancies were created that all showed bonds paid the landlord and tenant are both attempting to discredit me. I know that what has happened is very wrong and I have to defend myself. if I dont defend this it will also make me liable for the other tenants debts by saying that it was a joint tenancy that I signed. there are his old debts attached to the council tax file but they wont tell me what they are because of Data Protection! I would never have signed a joint tenancy. it was not presented to me that way. I am an independant person and can see the real dangers of signing a joint tenancy with someone else who may not pay their bills and rent.
  3. the landlord chose to turn up uninvited and the recording was made in my home which I was paying rent for and that 20 second clip was relevent to the thread because it shows that both the landlord and tenant mislead me at the signing of the tenancy/s and that the tenancys were commited in fraud from the start the tenant was in arrears from the start or even before the start of the new tenancys and the landlord and tenant worked together to get me to sign the tenancys then changed the terms by altering the paperwork even more the landlord needed to get the old bond paid back to the remaining tenant so that he could get the tenant out of the property the others had left because of his debts and refusal to pay anything i was used to get the tenant into a position where he did not have a bond on the house my bond was not protected because there was already a bond on the house. ( the old bond was cashed in in Decenber which is after I moved in) there is very questionable activity regarding the bond/s it is vital that I have these recordings because they show the facts and in date order and can be compared to the paperwork to show massive contradictions and irregularities they also show abuse of my personal data by misrepresenting the facts through the paperwork the recording was made because the landlord was regularly turning up without notice and without permission the landlord was changing the terms of the agreements every time he came and always in the landlords favour my privacy and right to quiet enjoyment was completely disregarded the landlord and tenant were altering my personal data together neither of them had my permission to do this neither of them disclosed what they were doing to me by manipulating the paperwork and they have put me in a position where i have suffered damage to my credit rating because I have been linked to the other tenants debts since they changed the tenancy from separate tenants to a joint tenancy the landlord clearly knew that the other tenant is a nightmare and wanted him out I recorded all meetings or visits because of the frequency of the visits and the way things were unfolding. I recorded this in the interests of detecting and proving criminal activity, in the publics interest and for my own protection the recordings can be used to check the accounting because I asked the landlord about what was being paid and his answers can be dated and do not tally with his accounting on paper. I have asked for the full accounting through the housing charity but, as they have my data, I do not have copies of the letters or my data until it is released the problem with the Data Act is that it is constantly being processed unfairly and also used to cover or hide the facts by corporate entities and rarely works in the publics favour. the landlord is not my friend, he is someone I made a legal agreement with on equal and fair terms and he has not stuck to the terms of the agreement the only way to highlight faults in the Data Act is by showing how data is so easily being abused if I did not have recordings, I would not be able to prove anything at all I would not be on the forum if I didnt think I could prove what I say rogue landlords are free to do whatever they like without question because the evidence submitted to court, if it ever gets there, is so poor. I put the recording up because this is a consumer forum and because there is a facility for putting films up at the top of the post entry box. i genuinely am sorry if I offended anyone or broke the rules. The Data Protection Act behaves like a gagging order most of the time. it is very hard and expensive trying to find anything out about your own personal data so i'm fighting back in my own way by gathering my own data. I suspect the clip was censored because somewhere there was a fear of offending the landlord or breaching the Data Protection Act. I want to be in control of my data which is why I need to record the facts when I am in a position where I feel threatened I also need to know my financial position and responsibilities and to know where I stand regarding bills and debts and dont want to leave here bancrupt and homeless
  4. the landlord has sent me another section 21 notice. I think it is invalid because he did not officially protect my bond and also because he did not oficially return the bond. he has enclosed a how to rent checklist which is different from the one he gave me. the one that he gave me shows that a bond was paid in the tick box that acknowledges the deposit paperwork. so I believe the new section 21 notice is invalid for various reasons. I believe he can not use a section 21 notice if he didnt protect the bond I am slowly preparing a letter for my landlord and a DSAR.
  5. the landlords claim was struck out. the housing charity still have my documents and are being vague about returning them and what they will return to me. the landlord and other tenant mislead me from the start about the tenancies. they told me that the other tenant had paid a deposit and bond of £600 the tenancys photographed above in order from the top down are - 1. my tenancy at start of tenancy showing that I paid £600 at start of tenancy (300 which was a bond which was not protected) 2. my tenancy after it was altered - the bond not returned as suggested - it was not protected correctly and not returned - there are no official documents other than the tenancys that acknowledge my bond or what happened to it the landlord kept the cash and altered the accounting - nothing was returned ) 3 the other tenant's tenancy after it was altered ( this was created in fraud as neither a bond nor rent was paid by the tenant. I was told about this, in a recording made of a meeting, nearly four months after signing tenancys) 4 the landlord ?/ s tenancy after it was altered ( why has he got a tenancy? how many signed tenancys does a landlord need? whre is the bond accouting for all of the tenancys or, in fact, any documentaion of any of the bonds that the landlord has acknowledged with his signatures on the tenancys? is this a HMO? I recorded meetings with my landlord where he admits the other tenant started the tenancys in debt, he did not pay a bond or rent at the start of the tenancys. they have both lied to me from the start of the tenancys the housing charity meant to be helping me doesnt seem to care about the bonds or multiple tenancies but have zoomed through nearly £2000 in legal aid costs when i expect a letter from them to the landlord would have easily got him to discontinue the case for the price of a stamp and a few minutes to compile and send it. i am learning fast about housing law and can see there are serious discrepancies in the contracts from the start of the contract/s I want to claim against my landlord and feel that I can only do this as a self litigant. i believe that both the landlord and tenant have used Theft by False Accounting ( section 17 Theft Act 1968) http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1968/60 they have "dishonestly appropriated property belonging to another with the intention of permantly depriving the other of it" by - a, committing fraud at the start of contracts, b, involving and implicating me by getting me to sign fraudulent contracts c, changed the terms of contracts from separate to joint responsibility d, took a bond and deposit total of £600 from me and did not protect my bond ( the bond belongs to me and is my property and can not be changed because a landlord feels like it) e, did not disclose arrears and debt at the start of the tenancy f allowed the other tenant to build up arrears and debt g, the other tenant has only paid £200 in TOTAL towards rent, bond or bills since the start of the tenancy. the landlord has falsifed the accounts in the other tenants favour. i can prove this from recordings of meetings with the landlord. his accounting does not match . I am the only one who has paid anything into this house since i moved in. I have been paying bills and rent and am really struggling with this.
  6. I have just been to court where the landlord tried to use a section 21 notice. at court it was a meeting for a directions hearing. the Judge struck out the landlords s21 claim because he had left important information regrding bonds etc out of the document, he got the dates wrong and the judge also noticed the irregularities between tenancy documents. ie, that there were two tenancy versions submitted to court. the judge mentioned involving forensics and discrepancies with signatures on the documents. there are two more versions of the tenancy agreement/s that the court didnt see. i was represented by a housing charity. we disagreed about the bond and the tenancy/s. I paid a bond and at the time of signing the tenancys, i was lead to believe that I had my own tenancy. i feel that the judge can see the foul play but the housing charity can't, or won't see it. the landlord is now saying it is a joint tenancy. if it is a joint tenancy, i will be liable for huge debts he took a bond from me and did not protect it. his accounting is riddled with errors and inconsistencies. he wount provide me with full accounting, just his made up versions which dont tally. how can it be a joint tenancy when there are multiple versions of the agreement/s?
  7. Theft Act section 17 False Accounting. (1) Where a person dishonestly, with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another,— (a) destroys, defaces, conceals or falsifies any account or any record or document made or required for any accounting purpose; or (b) in furnishing information for any purpose produces or makes use of any account, or any such record or document as aforesaid, which to his knowledge is or may be misleading, false or deceptive in a material particular; he shall, on conviction on indictment, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years. (2) For purposes of this section a person who makes or concurs in making in an account or other document an entry which is or may be misleading, false or deceptive in a material particular, or who omits or concurs in omitting a material particular from an account or other document, is to be treated as falsifying the account or document I know there is something very wrong with how this has all happened to me and i have been thinking. Taking section 17 of the Theft Act into account, I believe I still have a bond floating about there is £300 cash that the landlord took away with him on the day that he returned my bond to me which has not been accounted for. I say this because I have reciepts for my rent payments which were paid through the bank the landlord has put letters into the court claiming arrears which are incorrect. ( I had paid into the bank the week before he even wrote the letter) he knew his letter has the wrong accounting but he has put this into the court anyway as an exhibit he has put rent schedules into court which do not accurately show the accounting. he has dated all payments as being made on the 17th. this means that pretty much all of his accounting is made up. I can show when things were paid because I have bank receipts for most of my payments the payment i cant show is the £300 he took away with him on bond transaction day. he did not give me a receipt for rent as the rent wasnt even due for a few days and he had already arranged a future date to collect the rent and do an inspection anyway. I paid my rent a few days later that month, into the bank but his accounting doesnt show this either if i had paid rent that day he returned the bond and took the money with him, i would have a receipt and the accounting would show that I was in credit that month by £300. it does not the landlord has made up his own dates for rent payments and does not provide accurate accounting at all in every document that shows payments of either rent, bond/s or arrears when I moved into the house, there was one tenant at the property. the other two had already left. the one tenant had already changed the bills to his name. he had become the main tenant. he still had a bond on the house when I moved in. that is why I was asked to pay half of the bond which was £300. the landlord has completely omitted any information about the bond/s or the return of bond/s from any accounting he did not protect my original bond and then he took the £300 from me on the day that my bond was returned, this was after he had left the prescribed documentation. in the letting guide there is a box showing the bond as paid this is why I think there is a discrepancy about whether I still have a bond or not the only people to have benefitted from all this are the landlord and main tenant
  8. sorry to have not provided you with enough information etc, at this stage. however, I have received valid advice and support from CAG which is also very similar to the advice I received from Housing Options. this reassures me that I can trust the advice I am getting from HO despite the generally no so good reputation they seem to have for the way they treat and process customers. I am glad you said that it might be possible to pursue the path of non protection of deposit. actually, I am really surprised that housing options have never mentioned this to me despite the fact that they are a charity that is there to help tenants who are threatened with homelessness and who might have rogue landlord problems. the government seem to be aware that there are unresolved problems around these issues and have released £5 million to charities in order to be able to deal with rogue landlords. i wonder where that money will be spent? perhaps if i was in a shed with a bed, i might have be treated differently. i might not have had so much abuse, things stolen from me, or suffered damage to my credit rating and ability to find alternative private accomodation. then again, perhaps there wouldn't be so many sheds with beds around if it hadn't have been allowed to develop so hugely without question by the charites, solicitors and authorites who claim and spend huge amounts of public funding processing bits of paper and sticking to their tried and tested, standard issue, tired and dreary routines. it does keep these charity workers, council workers et all in a well paid job though. how do I start on the path to non protection of deposit? there seems to be very little, if any, information available about this?
  9. thank you very much for your reply, it is very similar to what Housing Options have said and reassures me in a way. i will just have to go with what they are saying and hope for a good outcome. housing options also want to say that the landlord has put in an incomplete S21 document to the court because he copied it from somewhere and has not sent the full document and that he may have to apply again incidently, it was the landlord who delayed the case, not me but I know that doesnt make any difference really it is a shame that tenants can be treated like this. not all tenants are bad and not all landlords are good but hey ho, i have paid my rent and the bills and i have not altered or damaged anything. i am still paying rent as I relaise that if i am more than 2 months in arrears, the judge will also decide in favour of the landlord. im sad to find that lying to get me to sign the tenancy is allowed to happen without question.i thought that, if the tenancy was started in fraud, he can not use a section 21 notice you said "the court would have to award possession so long as the s21 was valid" my argument could have been that he tenancy is fraudulent but i now realise that it is not about the tenancy but the S21 document at this stage. maybe i could get extra time to find another home if the landlord has to make another S21 and application to the court I will speak to housing options again this week
  10. and why has he ended up with all the tenancies with the wet signatures on? if we needed to sign them all then what was the point of returning photocopies? also, if this was one tenancy with three copies that were made, with one for each of us, then why did the landlord take them all away to copy? he spent time filling out the tenancy with me there. that was the tenancy that was supposed to be mine. I believe when he took them away, he photocopied ONE tenancy and then bought copies back of that tenancy, apart from the signed pages. I say that because the bond paid part ( ticked box ) is photocopied exactly the same on all tenancies. I was with him when he filled the bond paid part out. and i was there to sign as a witness on the other tenancy. so how can it have been photocopied unless it was changed when the landlord took them away and then bought them back as a rehashed photocopy. could the third tenancy have been used to get the old bond back from the bond scheme? there is much heavier crossing out on that tenancy where the bond total was. the landlord made a point of putting the other tenant as the main tenant. I believe this was needed to transfer the bond back to the other tenant. once this was done, the landlord could get the tenant out easily. the bond was taken by Whitegates a few years before. the landlord had left whitegates but kept the bond as it was for a couple more years. when i moved in, the landlord started doing outstanding repairs, fitting smoke detectors, getting gas certificates, having joiner round etc all of which should have been done before i moved in. it seems the other tenants had left because the remaining tenant was not paying any rent or bills. he was living there alone when i moved in. the landlord told the council that i had moved in in October which was not true. my tenancy started in November. Also the bills had been changed to the tenants name in October. when my tenancy started on November 17th, bills were not put in my name or joint names. I cant access any information as they are not in my name. I found a meter reading and calculations of £1000 combined debt for the utilities. will I be responsible for these debts, if they are there? the other tenant has paid nothing. will all the debt be put onto me, like the council tax has been? the council dont care who pays as long as someone does. when i moved in we both got separate council tax bills. when the bond was returned, the council tax bill became combined and started coming in joint names. when i rang them they told me there is also an attached debt from the other tenant's previous home. due to ridiculous data protection rules, they couldnt tell me any more. defence - mislead me about the tenancy - i was lead to believe we were separate tenants, i have my own rooms and keys and was given my own tenancy mislead me about the bond - didnt protect it mislead me about the other tenant paying a bond and rent upfornt started tenancys with the other tenant in debt allowed the other tenant to be three months behind on the rent by february but did not make any attempt to rectify this, allowed this to increase will not provide accurate accounting of payments made or not made did not follow tenancy regulations by giving notice of arrears to the other tenant tipped responsibilty of debts onto me ( the other tenant has no intention of paying anything) mislead the council and told them that i moved in a month before the tenancy started misleading the court with utter lies on the POC harassment - monthly inspections, turning up without notice, insulting me, not allowing me time and privacy when my mum died, threatening to put me in a hostel arranged visits by workmen without telling me. people were in the house and my room while i was at mums funeral knew the other tenant was bullying me, stealing my possessions, eating my food,throwing my stuff in the bin, screaming in my face cause me to be in hospital as a patient and then an outpatient, with stress, abdominal pains and chest pains extract of recording of tenant - MF mandy cant talk to each other you just cant talk to me. Im trying to talk to you, every time, do you know what I mean. I tried to make it work but you dont. Its all about you. All about you. Know what I mean. Everything. AR what the bills and the bond? MF bond, I dont know about that AR and the rent? MF look Ive got a copy of my rent. He's told you, you understand? My arrears is separate to yours, nothing to do with it. He's told you that. He's assured me that he's told you that. Ive got a copy of my rent arrears which youre not gonna see which you asked to see right which is nothing to do with you. It does not affect your tenancy. Hes told you that. Hes just told me that hes told you that. AR well why are you having separate meetings then? MF he wanted to see if I was alright. He wanted to tell me that he wont come and collect my rent from the house because you videoed him last time AR because its all dodgy? ( the reason the landlord was frequently coming to the house for rent was to get it off the other tenant. my rent was paid on time and into the bank. the other tenant repeatedly didnt turn up to pay the rent. the landlord allowed this to continue.) extract of recording of the other tenant regarding bills MF im alright. I'm sorting it out. you know what I mean. Im trying to sort it out. AR you're trying to pin more debt on me? MF oh you're paranoid. I'm not trying to pin more debt on you its nowt to do with you. Its not in your name! You could just say no! AR we agreed to share! MF (screaming right into my face) SHOUTING AT ME AGAIN! STOP! STOP IT! SHOUTING AT ME! STOP SHOUTING AT ME! STOP SHOUTING AT ME STOP IT!! the landlord and tenant have been in this together from the start. the landlord has named us as joint defendants. i want to counterclaim and they both should be the defendants. i thought i could do this by becoming a self litigant and giving Housing Options a notice of acting in person and then trying to discuss a way forward with the court I do not want to stay here, i would like to be asking the court for more time. this would give me time to try and find somewhere else. i want to rent privately. i do not want to be forced into a flat with no garden, no pets allowed etc. Housing Options said they could put me in higher band to try and get a house through them. i feel that this is their agenda. they dont seem to care or have the ability to challenge the landlord. perhaps it is easy for them to just process tenants into their accomodation. by putting me into a higher band, they would be cliaming i had mental issues or that i wasnt coping. I think this gets them more legal aid. i dont want them making best interest decisions on my behalf. i am off work with anxiety and stress. i feel i have little to no control of how the court case will go. I dont have faith in the solicitor to follow my wishes. i feel i am just being processed through the system. i think these homeless charities are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. i would like to challenge their ability to deal with rogue landlords and bring this to the publics attention. there is no point suggesting landlords need to give notice of visits if no-one is holding them to account. there is no point saying landlords should protect bonds if they can do this and get away with it. it is obvious that housing options are using a one size fits all approach and from the amount of people who are being made homeless, it clearly isnt working. it would be interesting to see what they are spending my legal aid on as i dont have a clue, or even to see the defence they are preparing extract from recording of another visit from landlord AR I can see why you and Mark are so friendly AA yeah, I mean.. AR the stuff you come out with, I mean it's just not reasonable AA How so tho' I I don't.. AR because when I have tried to clarify things, you won't discuss it. You won't discuss the bond. You won't discuss how Mark got the bond back. You won't discuss why Mark was allowed to take this tenancy on in arrears and he still is in arrears AA he is, you're right £550 AR yeah and I'm suffering for it AA you aren't really AR I am having monthly visits, weekly, daily blooming constant. I feel like i've got a full time job here. .......................... and another extract from the same recording AR You see, if this is a joint tenancy then I'm jointly responsible for the debt which is why I want the full accounting AA I told you 100% you're not.. You are, you need to ensure that the, the half, you know I don't know how you work it, you know, I didn't, you know, I was under the impression that you get on AR you know, you changed the tenancy AA you get on and you've known each other for ten years AR what? 'Cos of what Marks told you? AA but living together it just hasn't AR because of what Marks told you? AA (mumble) AR when I'm not around? AA I just want the property to be looked after, thats all AR well do you think it is? AA I know there's loads of stuff upstairs, I mean AR what do you mean? Loads of stuff upstairs? AA is that you know stuff loose and stuff like, and that is that how you want to live AR that is Marks stuff, cos he's still... AA OK can you show me, can you show me? AR what another house inspection? AA well you... AR Sorry, but now what time is it? Cos you have taken all my morning up now and now you want me to do a house inspection with no notice whatsoever and you think you're being reasonable?
  11. yes, this is linked to the housing charity thread. the date of the POC, I think, would be May 24th when the claim for posession was dated and issued. I dont have the original copy as Fusion Housing have it.
  12. if this is true, then why was I the only one who had to pay a bond and months rent? shouldn't my copy be the only one showing £600 being paid? why was i lead to believe that we had both paid £600 each? why was my bond not protected? if this was done legally then why won't the landlord acknowledge the bond that i paid? he is now suggesting that i am confused and making things up. why bother even to return the bond to me? why was the old bond returned to the other tenant/s a month after my tenancy started? why was my bond returned to me two months after I paid it? why is the landlord trying so hard to discredit me? i have put up a copy of the landlords POC in post 4 of this thread... Fusion housing have applied for legal aid and have my file. they say i dont need to file a defence to the landlords POC although i really think i do need to defend the POC
  13. 1. Could you clarify that when you mention housing options throughout your post, I assume this refers specifically to Fusion Housing? Yes, it does, but this is a fusion housing office up north, not the one in westminster. 2. We need more info on the Landlord i.e. how long was the tenancy, when did it start, when did it end, etc it was a six month tenancy that started on November 17th 2015 and ended in May 2016. on 18th march the landlord the landlord served a notice of posession which expired on 21st May 2016 a claim for posession of property was issued on 24th May fusion housing told me the landlord had put off the directions hearing until September 5th 3. When did Fusion Housing get involved, was it at your request? fusion housing got involved at my request early on in June. the legal aid was backdated to start from then. 4.The Landlord tenancy was this done through Fusion Housing Bond Guarantee Scheme? No, the landlord did it all 5. The POC do you have any details at all what is being claimed, when was it issued? (If you have a copy of the POC could you post it up minus any identifiable info, see this link on how to do it: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk...-need-10-posts I am the claimant in this matter and I make this Statement from facts within my own knowledge; I am the owner and landlord of XXXXXXXXXXX; I signed a Tenancy Agreement with XXXX and XXXX to lease the above property on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy to commence on 17/11/2015 for a period of 6 months at a rent of £600 per calendar month (please see exhibit A attached to this Statement) I undertook and inspection of the property on 09/02/2016 and noted that the 1st Defendant had a number of pets at the above property breaching the clause 1.19 of the Tenancy Agreement; (please see Exhibit A attached to this statement) I also noted that the 1st Defendant had installed a log burner in her bedroom without prior notification and without my consent contrary to clause 1.18 of the Tenancy Agreement. (please see Exhibit A attached to this statement); I wish to sell my property, and as the Tenancy was coming to the end of term, I served separate notices upon each Defendant respectively on 18/03/2016 (please see Exhibit C attached to this Statement); These notices were served separately upon each Defendant by way of first class post for which I obtained proof of postage ( please see Exhibit C1 attached to this statement) Both Defendants were making partial payments towards rent; I wrote to both Defendants separately on 11th April 2016 detailing their respective rent arrears and requesting arrangenments be made to clear the arrears ( please see Exhibits B1 and B2 attached to this Statement) Due to my concerns following the inspection on 09/02/2016, I wrote to the 1st Defendant on 14th April 2016 raising the concerns detailed in paragraphs 4 and 5 above. ( please see Exhibit B3 attached to this Statement); The 1st defendant did not respond to the previous letters and furthermore did not pay rent in April 2016. I then wrote to 1st defendant on 27th April 2016 notifying her of the updated rent arrears as at 27th April 2016 (please see exhibit B3 attached to this Statement); The 1st Defendant has now paid her rent arrears in full on 11th May 2016; On 21st May 2016, I attended the property as agreed to collect the keys and undertake the final inspection. The 2nd Defendant was not at the property and I have been unable to contact him by telephone. The 1st defendant did not allow me access to the property for the final inspection. She indicated that she would not be returning the keys and that I would have to take her through the court process. As both Defendants have not passed on the keys to me on the date indicated on the notice, I would be grateful if the court would consider my circumstances whereby the Defendants refuse to vacate the property and kindly request posession of my property. most of this is lies and I can defend it with proof of recordings, photos, and documents. for example paragraph 4 - there was not an inspection that day. the landlord arrived with no notice and had arranged for a joiner to come to do outstanding repairs from the other tenants. the landlord includes a letter as evidence. the letter says there was a mid term inspection that day. there was not. in fact there were inspections happening monthly or more and one was planned for a few days time, on the 17th. the landlord knew that I had pets before I moved in and had made a fuss of them etc. on the 9th february I gave the landlord two letters. one was asking for notice of visits. and the other one listed concerns and we discussed my concerns about the bond and the tenant not paying rent or bills amongst other things. i recorded that meeting and have transcribed it. paragraph 5 - there is no log burner that has been installed at the property. this is an outright lie. i have photos of the fireplace. there have been no alterations at all. the landlord provides a letter as evidence. the letter says that I have fitted a wall heater in the room. it contradicts his own statement about the log burner. Paragraph 8 - my rent was up to date. the other tenant had been allowed to build up arrears without question paragraph 10 - i was not in arrears when the landlord wrote to me to say i was in arrears. he has included the letter as evidence anyway, even though he knows it is wrong paragraph 11 he refers to the letter of arrears again. he says i didnt pay in April. I did and have the receipt of the bank payment made. he refers to the letter of arrears as evidence. he has not provided accurate records of payments. he says i have not answered his letters but i have repeatedly tried to discuss the rent bond and bills with both the landlord and tenant and have been recording my attempts to rectify things and their attempts to not rectify things. paragraph 12 admits there are no arrears on my part paragraph 13 - the landlord ignored my texts and arrived to demand the keys. i asked for a meeting and asked about the other tenant. i asked for time to be able to find somewhere else. he would not tell me if the other tenant had moved out. i said i would like the court to look into the situation. when he knew that i was recording him, he left.
  14. i have been dealing with housing options as well. this is about my landlord misleading me from the start with fraudulent tenancies. ie 1 making me pay a bond and months total £600 for my own tenancy in a two tenancy house 2 making me sign and witness the other tenants tenancy and £600 when, in actual fact, he had not paid a bond or months rent at all. i was told this three months later by the landlord in a recorded meeting 3 the landlord did not protect my bond and as a result of this, I am in a horrendous position 4 the landlord returned my bond 2 months after i paid it and then claimed that the tenancys signed were now actually a single shared tenancy 5 making me responsible for the other tenants debts 6 the landlord is now lying to the court in claims against me which i want to defend 7 he has mislead the court about arrears (that i was not in) etc etc housing options have applied for legal aid on my behalf. legal aid said i should apply for legal help but housing options applied for more legal aid and were granted full aid they say the notice the landlord gave me is wrong but they dont seem at all interested that the landlord commited fraud in the creation of the tenancies and the way i see it is that housing options are assisitng the landlord in misleading the court because if the tenancys were fraudulent, the landlord should be being investigated and housing options should be challenging the landlord about this and disclosing this to the court in the public interest. i believe when looking at the solicitors code of conduct, that fusion housing should be looking into this and not just seemingly trying to process me into alternative accomodation i asked fusion housing for a copy of the court bundle documents and have been told that i will need to make a data subject access request that will take 40 days to process if i want to see my own court documents. this is unhelpful as i am due in court on september 5th, in a couple of weeks. i would like to withdraw my permission for them to act for me and i would like to represent myself in court i need to make a notice of acting in person letter but am unfamiliar with the correct procedure to follow i understand the court can only allow me 40 or so days extra in the house. but really i want to defend the allegations the landlord is making against me. i have a solid defence fusion housing have said that i dont need to defend the landlords POC. as far as im concerned they are his particulars of claim and if i dont defend them i am allowing them to be on the court record. i really dont feel comfortable with the way this is bieng handled and the way housing options have seemingly taken over and are proceeding with my case i am alarmed to see that the solicitor is earning between £56 to £200 + an hour. i have no idea what they are doing with my file or what is happening i have asked to see my file and am now asking for a copy of the court documents. both are not forthcoming. any help or advice would be very much appreciated. housing options have applied for legal aid on my behalf. legal aid said i should apply for legal help but housing options applied for more legal aid and were granted full aid they say the notice the landlord gave me is wrong and that they will be representing me at court but they dont seem at all interested that the landlord commited fraud in the creation of the my tenancy. i find that alarming i understand the court can only allow me 40 or so days extra in the house and am desperately looking for alternative accomodation. fusion housing have said that i dont need to defend the landlords POC. as far as im concerned they are his particulars of claim and if i dont defend them i am allowing them to be on the court record. i really dont feel comfortable with the way this is bieng handled and the way housing options have seemingly taken over and are proceeding with my case i am alarmed to see that the solicitor is earning between £56 to £200 + an hour. i have no idea what they are doing with my file or what is happening i asked fusion housing for a copy of the court bundle documents and have been told that i will need to make a data subject access request that will take 40 days to process if i want to see my own court documents. this is unhelpful as i am due in court on september 5th, in a couple of weeks. can i do an acting in person letter to the court and charity and get some control back over my file? how many sets of wet signatures should there be when signing one contract? I am asking this because my landlord says there is only one contract attached to this house. when i signed my contract, i was lead to believe that the other tenant had a contract as well as me. both contracts were signed and witnessed. the landlord took them away to copy them i would have thought that if there was only one contract then there should be only one set of signatures there is something wrong here as there are now three copies of signed tenancies. each one has a different set of signatures. the landlord has them all but I have copies. I dont remember signing 3 contracts and my signature looks very odd in contract 3 ( which the landlord has submitted to court as the main contract) the reason i think there is something wrong here is because each one shows that a bond and months rent of £600 were paid at the signing of the tenancies and each one has been signed separately. it is clear to see as the signatures are not identical, so there were different tenancies that were signed does that mean these tenancies say there was 1800 paid to the landlord at the start of the tenancies or just £600? is this one tenancy or three? when i signed my tenancy, i paid £600.(bond and rent) the landlord now claims that there was one tenancy and that it is a joint tenancy when i signed my tenancy, the landlord and other tenant lead me to believe that he had paid £600 as well and i was asked to sign and witness his tenancy. i found out three months later that the other tenant had not paid anything at the start of the tenancys and i have been mislead from the start the landlord returned my bond after two months and did not protect it. when i gave it him back he tried to say he wasnt taking a bond and the £300 he took back was for the other tenants rent but later changed his mind i believe at that point the tenancys were changed and bonds altered , i became liable for the other tenants debts the other tenant had lived here for a few years before i moved in there was already a bond on the house when i moved in. the old bond was then repaid to the tenant after i moved in even though the tenant was in arrears and there were outstanding repairs when i moved in. when i signed and witnessed the new tenancys the tenant did not pay a bond or months rent but i was lead to believe he had by both of them because they had filled the tenancys to show he had paid £600. in reality, the other tenant was in debt at the start of the new tenancys and they had both lied to me now the landlord says it was just one tenancy and we are joint tenants and he wants his house back if it really was one tenancy why are there so many versions and why was i the only one who paid anything? i feel i was used from the start to get the old bond returned to the old tenant so that the landlord could get him out. the old tenant is heavily in debt and has made no attempt to pay rent or bills. the landlord has allowed this to happen and made no attempt to rectify this. i have been paying my rent and was paying the bills ( his debts!) although i cant access data about the accounts. the bills were in the other tenants name before i moved in. the landlord didnt change this. i believe there were already debts before i moved in and this is why they stayed in the old tenants name. the landlord has been free to manipulate all this and i am finding it difficult to get help or advice regarding the validity of the signed contract or contracts and i am confused as to where i stand. i realise the landlord can ask for his house back at any time but i think the way this has been done is very wrong. i would never have left my old home to be on a joint tenancy anyway and especially with someone who was already in debt i have repeatedly tried to discuss the tenancy, rent, bills and bond with the landlord. i started recording the visits. the landlord was doing monthly inspections and coming without notice. i was being bullied by them both. here is an extract of a recording of a visit without notice from the landlord where the bond was discussed. when the landlord gave me the £300 bond back in january, i gave it straight back to him. he took the money away but did not leave a reciept. I paid my rent into the bank a few days later. (AA is the landlord, AR is me.) ....... AA this is what I'm gonna do right, this is what I think should happen, yeah? So this £250, right, that you already put in and this £50 AR £300 AA is £300 right. By all rights yeah That money is next months money for you, yeah AR or my bond AA I'm not taking a bond. I cant take a bond right. You have a month or two months I think under the - that's why within two months I came to see you before the end of two months AR two months? You've 14 days to pay the bond in AA right so AR to the bond bank, but you didn't tell me for two months AA. yeah so it didn't happen. Yeah AR I could have got somewhere else AA yeah so it didn't happen, right but just hear me out here yeah? Look, I couldn't put it into the bond account because Mark, yeah ? Rightly or wrongfully, wrongfully, he didn't give me the money yeah? So that's why I said, sod it, give it back. There you go yeah? So the bond is, is, forget the bond, I'm not taking a bond off ya. like I says to ya, here, you know, foolish me or whatever, but, you know, I think that's my perogative" here is another extract regarding the bond .......... AR ...so had that tenancy ended then? AA it abso.., yes it ended, yeah. That's why you signed a new tenancy agreement with Mark AR Right, but why did only me have to pay a bond? AA right so you both had to pay a bond but unfortunately Mark was in rent arrears and he didn't have no money to, to, to kind of pay the rent or the bond money so that's when, remember when you? We, we, we took down, you gave me half of the bond money and to which later on I, I, I just gave that back to you because obviously it was quite clear Mark didn't have the money to pay the bond money so we gave that back" I feel that they have both really taken advantage of me and the whole thing about the tenancys and bonds is causing me great distress. I am trying to fully grasp what is/has happened here and how it will affect me.
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