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  1. http://searchsquad.co.uk/ tel 0800 458 0821 hello@searchsquad.co.uk it says this on their site - "The Search Squad are located in Yorkshire and whilst we offer surveillance services throughout the county we can also provide nationwide coverage. We focus on every aspect of the details you provide us with to ensure we carry out effective research on every case we handle. From a simple search starting at £20 we promise to provide you with the right person at the right address every time. Whether you are a company or a private individual, we facili
  2. I found this about bonds on https://www.depositprotection.com/help/browse/custodial/agent-landlord/repayments "If a third party pays the deposit and is entitled to claim all or part of the deposit repayment, they should be registered as the lead tenant on the deposit submission. The third party can then fully influence the distribution of the deposit repayment and doesn’t actually need to reside in the property. The actual tenant(s) can be registered as additional tenants." could the landlords extra tenancy in the photo above have been used as being the third party who is reg
  3. the landlord chose to turn up uninvited and the recording was made in my home which I was paying rent for and that 20 second clip was relevent to the thread because it shows that both the landlord and tenant mislead me at the signing of the tenancy/s and that the tenancys were commited in fraud from the start the tenant was in arrears from the start or even before the start of the new tenancys and the landlord and tenant worked together to get me to sign the tenancys then changed the terms by altering the paperwork even more the landlord needed to get the old bond paid back to
  4. the landlord has sent me another section 21 notice. I think it is invalid because he did not officially protect my bond and also because he did not oficially return the bond. he has enclosed a how to rent checklist which is different from the one he gave me. the one that he gave me shows that a bond was paid in the tick box that acknowledges the deposit paperwork. so I believe the new section 21 notice is invalid for various reasons. I believe he can not use a section 21 notice if he didnt protect the bond I am slowly preparing a letter for my landlord and a DSAR.
  5. the landlords claim was struck out. the housing charity still have my documents and are being vague about returning them and what they will return to me. the landlord and other tenant mislead me from the start about the tenancies. they told me that the other tenant had paid a deposit and bond of £600 the tenancys photographed above in order from the top down are - 1. my tenancy at start of tenancy showing that I paid £600 at start of tenancy (300 which was a bond which was not protected) 2. my tenancy after it was altered - the bond not returned as suggested - it was not
  6. I have just been to court where the landlord tried to use a section 21 notice. at court it was a meeting for a directions hearing. the Judge struck out the landlords s21 claim because he had left important information regrding bonds etc out of the document, he got the dates wrong and the judge also noticed the irregularities between tenancy documents. ie, that there were two tenancy versions submitted to court. the judge mentioned involving forensics and discrepancies with signatures on the documents. there are two more versions of the tenancy agreement/s that the court didn
  7. Theft Act section 17 False Accounting. (1) Where a person dishonestly, with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another,— (a) destroys, defaces, conceals or falsifies any account or any record or document made or required for any accounting purpose; or (b) in furnishing information for any purpose produces or makes use of any account, or any such record or document as aforesaid, which to his knowledge is or may be misleading, false or deceptive in a material particular; he shall, on conviction on indictment, be liable to imprisonment for a
  8. sorry to have not provided you with enough information etc, at this stage. however, I have received valid advice and support from CAG which is also very similar to the advice I received from Housing Options. this reassures me that I can trust the advice I am getting from HO despite the generally no so good reputation they seem to have for the way they treat and process customers. I am glad you said that it might be possible to pursue the path of non protection of deposit. actually, I am really surprised that housing options have never mentioned this to me despite the fact that they are
  9. thank you very much for your reply, it is very similar to what Housing Options have said and reassures me in a way. i will just have to go with what they are saying and hope for a good outcome. housing options also want to say that the landlord has put in an incomplete S21 document to the court because he copied it from somewhere and has not sent the full document and that he may have to apply again incidently, it was the landlord who delayed the case, not me but I know that doesnt make any difference really it is a shame that tenants can be treated like this. not all te
  10. and why has he ended up with all the tenancies with the wet signatures on? if we needed to sign them all then what was the point of returning photocopies? also, if this was one tenancy with three copies that were made, with one for each of us, then why did the landlord take them all away to copy? he spent time filling out the tenancy with me there. that was the tenancy that was supposed to be mine. I believe when he took them away, he photocopied ONE tenancy and then bought copies back of that tenancy, apart from the signed pages. I say that because the bond paid part ( tic
  11. yes, this is linked to the housing charity thread. the date of the POC, I think, would be May 24th when the claim for posession was dated and issued. I dont have the original copy as Fusion Housing have it.
  12. if this is true, then why was I the only one who had to pay a bond and months rent? shouldn't my copy be the only one showing £600 being paid? why was i lead to believe that we had both paid £600 each? why was my bond not protected? if this was done legally then why won't the landlord acknowledge the bond that i paid? he is now suggesting that i am confused and making things up. why bother even to return the bond to me? why was the old bond returned to the other tenant/s a month after my tenancy started? why was my bond returned to me two months after I paid it? why is t
  13. 1. Could you clarify that when you mention housing options throughout your post, I assume this refers specifically to Fusion Housing? Yes, it does, but this is a fusion housing office up north, not the one in westminster. 2. We need more info on the Landlord i.e. how long was the tenancy, when did it start, when did it end, etc it was a six month tenancy that started on November 17th 2015 and ended in May 2016. on 18th march the landlord the landlord served a notice of posession which expired on 21st May 2016 a claim for posession of property was issued on 24th May fusion hou
  14. i have been dealing with housing options as well. this is about my landlord misleading me from the start with fraudulent tenancies. ie 1 making me pay a bond and months total £600 for my own tenancy in a two tenancy house 2 making me sign and witness the other tenants tenancy and £600 when, in actual fact, he had not paid a bond or months rent at all. i was told this three months later by the landlord in a recorded meeting 3 the landlord did not protect my bond and as a result of this, I am in a horrendous position 4 the landlord returned my bond 2 months after i paid it and then c
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