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  1. Update: The bank complied with my request and sent me a refund for payments made after the 12 month period. I am receiving calls almost daily from CRS, but have yet to actually speak to them. should I answer or just ignore? Thanks Craig
  2. Thanks DX and slick123 for your response. As much as I would like all the money back I accept that I did sign up for 12 months, even if I wasn't fully familiar with when it would start. I will get in touch with my bank and ask for a refund from the end of the 12 months and let you know how it goes. Thanks Craig
  3. I am hoping I can get some advice on my xercise4less membership. Summary of my story: Signed up at my University campus October 2015. I thought the payments would start after an induction at the gym and I never attended. Noticed I was paying and put a cancellation request in in march 2016, as I still had not attended the gym. Cancellation was rejected as I was in a 12 month contract. Forgot about this and was reminded when I noticed a payment on the 2/1/17. Gave notice again on 3/1/17. Cancelled DD as payments are made in advance. As my notice fell into a new billing month, by 1 day, xercise4less want another full months payment. I feel this is really unfair as I never even stepped on the premises of the gym and paid them 16 months. Spoke to their finance team and they didn't want to know and advised me to speak to the branch manager of the gym. I phoned the local gym and the manager was not in, so I left my details and was advised I would be called back. This was 2 months ago and I never heard back. I now have demands from harlands and CPS for £171.47 Any advice? Thanks Craig
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