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  1. Hi again, I have not had any contact with crs since my last post but i have received a call from zinc.I didn't answer but they left me a voice message asking me to call them back. Ignor as normal ? Thanks
  2. Sorry i mean will they eventually stop contacting me ? or will they continue with the emails and texts?
  3. Thanks What do you think the outcome will be with this?
  4. Little update,they are now offering me 20% discount - Hello Chris IMPORTANT - PLEASE CALL US TODAY ON 01444 449165 - 20% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE In an attempt to try and help you resolve your account, we are able to offer you a 20% discount if you are able to settle the remaining balance owed. Our office is open between 08:30am and 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. Your reference number again is 8507982. If you would prefer us to call you, please confirm a suitable number to reach you on. Many thanks, Rob Avery CRS Collections Manager Just thought i would add th
  5. Hi again, Just a update from these clowns.Threatening me now with Zing Group Ltd. We regret that despite our attempts to reach an amicable resolution to your account, you remain in arrears to Xercise 4 Less. We must therefore give notice that failing to reply to this letter within the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd, one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions. WE WOULD STILL LIKE TO RESOLVE THIS MATTER We're still happy to listen to your reasons for not paying and will do whatever we can to reach
  6. Thanks very much i will look into it.
  7. Just a quick one. How would go about putting in a harassment complaint about them? I just want them off my back really don't need the hassle anymore. I can bounce their emails, but they still have my mobile number and home address. Thanks
  8. Thanks slik all hot air from them then.Is there any chance that they would take me to court over this? Thanks again
  9. Hi again, I have just received another email from CRS this is what is says. Re: CRS Ref No: Xercise 4 Less Ref. No: Following our initial letter, we are disappointed that your account with Xercise 4 Less is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid. We would still like to reach an amicable resolution to this, however, if you fail to respond to this letter, we will have no option but to commence further action to recover the monies owed. The options available to us are: 1. LEGAL ACTION We believe you are in breach of a legally binding contract with Xercise 4
  10. Just to update you i have just had a text from CRS this morning telling me to contact them ASAP. Saying they sent me a letter last week and would like to dicuse it with me. They are really starting to annoy me now they shouldn't be able to get away with this harassment.
  11. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me and appreciate you sending me the template letter. I will keep you updated.
  12. I am hoping I can get some advice on my Xercise4Less membership. I signed up with them in 2014 and did attend the gym for 2 years. When i signed up the person who i spoke with told me that there would be no contract and that i could cancel my membership whenever i wanted which seemed to me like a good reason to join just incase i needed to cancel. i finally cancelled the membership May last year due to me and the wife having a baby and not being able to attend anymore so i didn't step foot in there for 2 years. I called in at my local gym and spoke with girl at the front desk
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