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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, Where to begin.. The misses won a free photo shoot with one free photo. we had the shoot done and the guy came round a week later to show us the pictures on his laptop. He then managed to convince me to buy the DVD which included 5 photos plus 1 free photo for £375. I chose the photos that I wanted and the guy filled out the "order form." Then I signed it. Now, I told him that there is no way I can pay that much out in one go so we agreed verbally a repayment plan, nothing in writing. A couple of days before the first payment was due after some discussion; my misses and I agreed that we really just cannot afford this kind of expense, so I got in touch with the guy who pointed me towards the order form saying that I signed a contract.. At no stage during the order process was I told that I was entering a contract, or was I pointed towards the Terms and Conditions which were printed in a pale blue on the reverse of the order form. Nor did it say on the order form that by signing I am agreeing to terms and conditions. This guy is now threatening me with legal action and debt collection for being in breach of contract. I guess the reason I'm here is, do I have any legal right to defend myself as I wasn't shown the terms and conditions and I wasn't directed to them before signing and wasn't told that I was entering a contract. Any help and/or advise would be really appreciated. Chris.
  2. Hello All, thank you all for the advice that follows; My car has been photographed at the above station and issued with a PCN in the early evening but that PCN has an incorrect reg on it. I, like many others, just want assurance that the PCN is invalid due to the incorrect details being taken down and not to do anything with the PCN nor write to NCP. I always pay my parking, all the time, including this day pay by phone but I did this just before leaving London some 2 hours after the PCN was issued but by the time I got back to my car the dreaded sticky envelope was on my windscreen. This is a company vehicle which both myself and my wife are allowed to drive. If any more information is needed please let me know. Thank you all once again. NCPSucker
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-34402322 A car park operator has been disciplined after some of its employees altered photographic evidence to unfairly impose parking charges. UK Parking Control, which operates more than 1,400 car parks, previously admitted some timestamps were changed to make it appear cars had overstayed. The company has been given eight sanction points by the British Parking Association (BPA). It could be expelled from the scheme if it gets more points. If this happens it will not be able to get vehicle keeper details from the DVLA, meaning it cannot pursue drivers for money. However, the matter is not being sent to a police force for investigation. An Action Fraud spokesperson said: "Contact has been made by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau with UKPC who have implemented their own internal measures to resolve the situation." The DVLA is still investigating UKPC and has stopped providing vehicle keeper details to the company while its inquiry is under way. A DVLA spokesperson said: "I can confirm that UK Parking Control has been suspended while we carry out our investigation. "We take our responsibility to protect information seriously. If it is brought to our attention that a company requesting vehicle keeper information may not be meeting the necessary standards, we will investigate."
  4. We have a leased car and received a PCN from Excel in September via our leasing company. The supposed contravention date was 08.09.15 the notice was issued 22.09.15 and date stamped by the leasing company as 28.09.15. We then received directly from Excel the same notice issued on 06.11.15 for the same contravention date 08.09.15. Unable to confirm that we hadn't bought a ticket in the car park (my son was driving) and against my better judgment, my husband paid the £60 fee. Today we have again received a PCN from Excel with the contravention date of 16.10.15 issued on 30.10.15 and dated stamped as received by the leasing company on 03.11.15. The 3cm x 3cm photographs on this notice are identical to the photographs on the first notice, although poor quality you can see the same outlines, shadows, clouds, reflections etc on them. On the date in question we were at work and can't have even been in the car park. What do we do now? Do they now see us as some sort of soft touch as we paid the first notice? Can we complain to anyone about this obvious fraud? Are we to expect a notice from them every month for the foreseeable future? Do they have longer to issue the notice as it's a lease car and they have to contact both the DVLA and the leasing company for our details. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  5. Hi, So I rented a car from SIXT. I took photos of every panel when in the car park before leaving. There were already 8 pieces of reported damage on the vehicle, so identifying anything new was tricky, hence the photos. Upon return, a "new" piece of damage was found (very small - less than 3mmx10mm surface paint scratch, looking like a bit of dirt), and indeed the panel it was on wasn't listed on the pre-hire damage form. I looked back at my photos, and, while quite blurry, they do show the damage pre-hire. So my question is, do the photos take away my liability, or am I still liable for the previous renters damage because I didn't report it at the start of the hire?
  6. Hi guys. I have a laptop with a broken screen, and I need to recover personal stuff (photo's etc) from the old hard drive, and then transfer them to the new laptop. Can you tell me what the easiest way is please? Thanks SOD'EM
  7. Good evening everyone, Not a major issue but wondered what the position is.... Niece is 4 weeks old and had a professional baby photo shoot of 8 photos which were paid for by the parents. The photographer posted ALL of the pictures on her public page and tagged the parents in them, so they contacted her and said and her response which was quote grumpy " . Is that correct?! My understanding was that for someone under 18 they would have to have authority from the parents to widely publicise photos? Can anyone clarify? NB the parents are only annoyed really because everyone has now seen the photos that they took for gifts but wanted to check that she can as she says take the photos and quote "do what I like with them".
  8. Although this relates to photos taken in a car park, it is not a parking related issue, it has already been discussed din the parking forum, it is specifically the Data Protection aspect I am interested in. So please don't move to Traffic forum Local supermarket used to use ANPR cameras to control parking and anyone staying over 2 hours was sent a "fine". New system, customers are given a code at checkout which they need to use on machine outside store to "cancel" parking charges, by entering registration number and code - thus proving they made a purchase in store. But the relevant bit: The system requires users to enter the last 3 digits of reg plate, system then shows image of cars that match along with registration, potentially face of driver and time of arrival. It uses a bit of fuzzy logic to show other vehicles it thinks you might mean, eg type in ABC it also shows A8C etc. So my question, the camera on the gate is essentially CCTV, those images are therefore protected surely, and allowing others to see the images taken of me, my car and the details of when I arrived are surely not permissible? I haven't been "caught out" by the system and the discussion in the traffic forum suggests its a totally unenforceable "invoice" anyway, but interested to see what others think in the DP aspect of it?
  9. I have a bit of a conundrum with regards to a missing PCN and NTO, plus their website showing the wrong car. I will give you the run down, please be patient I have a motability car and I have a designated driver to ferry me about when Im not well enough to drive it myself, They take the car home which they are allowed to do with in a few certain radius which is ok. This particular driver lives in a permit zone, so he calls up Parking Partners and lets them know, they tell him that its fine to use his own permit and that they will inform the local Traffic enforcement team that this is permitted. No problems, I am now able to drive myself so the car is back with me. I get an NTO yesterday basically telling me that I now owe £50. Im a little confused at this as I wasnt aware and neither was the driver aware that a PCN was placed on the car, this was in the road where the driver lives and was issued at the time the driver had the car. I can make representation with regards to this NTO on line via their website, so I did. It shows photo of the car and where the contravention happened. When I looked at the photos, it wasnt my car, the reg was no where near what mine is and the car, although the same colour as mine is a totally different make, plus the car is parked in a different road, two roads down to where my car was parked. It showed the tax disc of this car, plus a CD on the dash and a photo showing that a PCN had been placed on the car. There are about 7 photos and one is of the sign stating it is a permit area, but this was also in a different road to where my car is parked. However the last photo is my car but taken at a distance where a permit can barely been seen in the front screen on the drivers side where it is meant to be. No PCN on the car showing at all. The car was not parked there unlawfully. I have made the representation, but Im not quite sure if they can make me pay the PCN at the £50 or if at all based on them showing the wrong photos. Can anyone throw any light on this please. This parking company is council run and not a private firm, however they have been making many mistakes lately.
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