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  1. Timeline is quite short End of August bought items/returned sept Phone call Police 2 weeks ago (end October), voluntary interview 2 wks later (Sunday just gone). I got a phone call 2 weeks ago from Police asking me to visit station, i turned up voluntarily on Sunday and had a 'chat'. Thanks to the forums, i ensured that i got advice and used a duty solicitor. The allegation is 'fraud'. I was versed by the solicitor before the interview and i left without caution. Officer advised he would contact TK Maxx, i think Audrey or Jackie (he was talking at this point to the duty solicitor). I did not know of the exact allegation until just before the interview. Incident of returning items in August, shown on CCTV footage buying an item and returning another item 10 days later. Thing is, i bought lots of clothes around that time and many did not have tags. I thought i was returning the correct items because the receipt and tags say 'mens jacket' and 'mens jeans'. Why can they not advise me of this at the till point that it is the wrong item...
  2. Refund fraud mistaken return tk maxx, bought lots of items in august, returned new jacket/jeans from my wardrobe which tk maxx claim is not theirs. Seen cctv and i have returned an item with a tag from another. I have been under a period of stress with baby/uncertain job/family member advanced cancer. It was an innocent mistake as i thought the tags belonged to those items. in actual fact, there is no distinction on the label between a jacket and another jacket. and this is the case i put forward at 'police chat' with solicitor, it was strange debating wether TK M sold 'Superdry' stuff. I left without caution. What happens after police interview? Office mentioned he will call tk maxx and have a chat. Any ideas??
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