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  1. Thanks for your response dx100uk. Would this still be the case even though the incident will be 3 years in November? My daughter has just started Uni and i really don't want this following her (or us!!) around. I know that we'd do best to ignore the letters, but you'd think after three years they'd give it a bloody rest haha
  2. Hi there, seen a lot of people able to help out others in sticky situations as this one, so here goes! My daughter, now 20 received a letter (maybe 2nd/3rd letter? she can't remember) from the RLP stating she must pay the £150 owed 'where it is alleged you were involved in a wrongful act and were apprehended as a result of your actions' at a TK MAXX store in 2012. When this first came to my attention and I looked over forums like this, I was told that letters from the RLP are all threat and no action, and was advised to ignore them as they tend to disappear within 9-18 months. She said she was taken into the security room, and held for 5-10mins, police weren't called and the goods that she took her were returned. Should we be worried that it's now three years on, and they're still writing to her? Will my address be marked/blacklisted because of this as she still lives at home, as her home address is my home address. Thanks in advance!
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