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  1. Thanks, Do they just print it off or does it take a period of time ?
  2. Thanks, the police station is out of the way for me. Do you know if they is a way i can request one online and sent to me from them ?
  3. I think it was a fine but i am un-sure and i had to pay Tk-Maxx the money, so it must of been through them
  4. When i was 14 years old, i got caught shop lifting from tk maxx. They took me into a back room and took down my name, address and other details. The police well called and dropped me outside of my home with a document explaining what had happened. Then i got a letter in the post for a £40 fine, i paid it and nothing else has happened. A couple of years later ( now ) i was thinking will this be on my record and stop me from getting a job ?
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