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  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and support.
  2. Thanks a lot for providing me relief from stress. Police were never involved in this case. Last suggestions we are leaving UK to our home country soon does anyone at immigrations or at airport will stop us from departure? or while entering in future will someone will ask about these. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  3. Hi , Yesterday I, my wife and 10 month son went to shopping at TKMaxx argyle street Glasgow. We are not from UK and, we are from Asia. After shopping I went to pay the bill for the good purchased worth £105.0. Meanwhile my wife went in another direction in the store started watching purse worth £9.99. After I have paid the bill I found my wife is not visible in the store and kept on calling on her phone. After some time the security person came to me and told are you looking for your wife, I replied yes. He told she is being caught stealing purse. I was shocked. Then he took me to the security room and he was very rude. He force fully asked to sign the ban letter and gave two letters one TK Maxx banning letter for my wife for 12 months and another RLP letter. After we came out from the security room I asked my wife about the incident she told me yes she kept the purse in the baby's cart to show me if I agree we will purchase the purse. She generally consults me for everything she likes to purchase. She has not taken out the tags, but the security person was saying she has removed the tag and she has hidden the purse inside the baby's cart. We are threatened a lot by that security person inside the security room. We are scared as we are not from UK what will happen next . Please suggest
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