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  1. Solicitor has had a reply from letting agent and they are still saying everything has been stolen so I sent solicitor a bit of the video and I have been told to attend police station and show them the reply and video as 1 min he is saying it all got stolen So hopefully they will listen now as the oic has not contacted me or replied to me even thou I have said I have evidence of him lying and a witness who saw them removing property and the la it seems has also lied on the police statement
  2. I did go to police station before hand at approx 5pm and told them I was going there Not once did I go on to his property or raise my voice The PC was fine with me until he heard my surname and realised who my bro was I have spoke to a ds today about my bro and he is passing another message on to the OIC so hopefully I will be meeting him tonight when he starts duty to show him the videos I recorded When i told the ds about the letting agent saying everything got stolen he burst out laughing and said he had never heard of that and he has been in the job for nearly 20 years Like I said earlier the solicitor has emailed the LA and once they reply he will let me know
  3. The council have phoned him and he has said my brother can return and they have not evicted him so the council are just taking his word for it
  4. I've got no intention of going to the office again I have Also spoke to the trade body who were very interested in the emails so they now have a copy of them As the police officer took there side and wouldn't listen or act I'm thinking of putting in a complaint about him I'm also ringing the council again to try and get them to take action against them I'm doing everything I can at the moment to have Quinn & co of bmouth
  5. Update Went to Quinn and co. to try and get the personal property back I didnt enter and martin Quinn called police Police wouldn't listen to me and backed him and i was told if I go back il be arrested Called 101 and reported theft of property now waiting for police to contact me as I have him on video saying it's in storage but he is telling police it's all been stolen yet I have a witness that saw the contents of the property being removed on the Monday daytime I have also informed the solicitor who is going to write to him about the property
  6. I always film when I'm there so there is no dispute as I know the police would side with the rich letting agent
  7. Complaint filed with RLA Solicitor is also writing to them and I'm going down this eve as he will call the police so once they are there I will push for him to be arrested for theft
  8. Omg you cant make this up This is an email Martin Quinn the owner of Quinn and co sent me Bear in mind I have a signed letter from my bro giving me permission to get his personal property but martin Quinn wont let me You can’t evict someone who isn’t there? I told you we will not deal with you or your family so you have no need or right to attend our office and if you do the police will be called and they have already been notified of your intended visit. If you are unhappy with the way we are dealing with this I recommend you contact a solicitor. Bear in mind that we are not dealing with this property anymore so your solicitor should contact the landlord. Please do not contact me again, I will not respond as I have nothing further to say
  9. Thanks for the replies The letting agent is Quinn and co owned by Martin Quinn A report has been made to the police and I'm now waiting for them to contact me I am also in contact with the council for the illegal eviction and I've looked at the list of HMOs and it doesn't seem to appear on it so I've asked the council and they are looking in to it I went in the letting agents yesterday and video recorded everything and he admits that he cleared it out so he can rent it out as its losing money and one min he saying everything got stolen the he admits it's in storage but still insists the electrical goods have been stolen but they did not inform me or the police
  10. Hi guys My brother got arrested and remanded and I have been dragged into sorting his stuff out The letting agent has been round to the HMO and taken everything out first they said the room had been burgled They said the burglary had been discovered when the maintenance man had gone round to change the lock yet they were the only people to have a key When pushed they admitted they had taken all the property and put it in storage so they could re let the room but they still insist all the electrical stuff had been stolen and they had reported it to police they then called police to have me removed from the letting agents The police told me no burglary had been reported the letting agent then said they didnt report it as they couldnt get through to them They had my phone number but didnt ring they then said they had lost it but he had written it in his diary Where does my brother stand as the TV was mine which I lent him and his xbox ps4 ect has all gone missing The pic is of the lock that was on the door
  11. She said it was about 5 months ago im trying to get more details but she has depression so im taking it slowly to get all the details What im more concerned about is B&Q keeping the goods when the manager made them pay then keeping the goods
  12. Yes that is what i have been told She is going to dig out the letters i belive RLP were involved From what i can make out they had to pay fir the goods which bnq kept and a invoice from RLP
  13. Hi guys My girlfriend and her daughter (21) got caught shoplifting at B&Q They got taken into an office and police were called and they did nothing Someone who i presume was the assistant manager came to deal with it but as he knew my girlfriends daughter as she had worked there and he knew her he got the manager who shouted ect at them then security handed them a letter with what she said was a fine which they paid They told me that they also had to pay for the goods which B&Q kept they also had their pics taken and told they were banned from every bnq i also belive the pics were shared with the shopping centre staff i have only just found out What can i do ??? Incidentally the manager treated the younger staff as if they were her own personal slaves by making them go and get her lunch from subway
  14. They put a default on my credit file a while ago then removed it
  15. 1- I need a car to see my kids and get to work and it has a lot of service history with it and only 2 owners from new and for their price I paid it was a good deal 2-turns out his mechanic over tightened the belt and it snapped and my garage have done me a written report about it 3- I can take his to court to get the money back I spent getting it repaired Which I think I'd prefer to do as then atleast I can get over to see my kids as I'm not a deadbeat dad and they come above everything else and I don't have to wait for a court hearing to force him to give my money back 4- the bloke could drop dead anytime as he is 81 then I would have to get it repaired anyway
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