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  1. Hi guys, received my letter today - tried to attach a photo but not sure if it's worked. 100% okay to ignore? Thanks
  2. Thanks for this - I know I'll never be doing it again. There's no excuse for it. I will ignore RLP going forward and will let you know if the police do contact me. I thought that it might have been an empty threat as they didn't show up at the time, but if I get invited down then I'll just be honest with them. Thanks again
  3. I stole from primark, stupid choice and will never happen again. The goods totalled to £53 and I was told that, because of this, the police had been notified but will not show up today. This leads me to believe I will hear from them - will this happen? Regarding RLP, everyone has said to ignore the letters which is exactly what I'll do. My only concern is the debt collectors - will they show up at my house? Or just letters? The security guard took my passport and photocopied it with my address and mobile number. The local mall security also showed up and took my details. I know I'm
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