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Found 9 results

  1. Hiya all I’m Applepie123 I’m only 16 and I went into Superdrug and wanted to just take an eye brow pencil as I had lost the one I had ACTUALLY bought so I thought I’d just take it out the box and leave the box with the barcode. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that a man was watching and if I’m being honest I didn’t care because he looked as though he was part of the general public. So I carried on and walked out the shop. As I was waiting for a friend I decided to stand by the side of the shop (which wasn’t smart) and there the man came and showed me some badge and said “can u follo
  2. I am a light sleeper and have been using ear plugs to bed for quite some time. 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend picked up some of Superdrugs own-brand earplugs, which are like a soft silicone putty. He wore a pair to a concert and gave me the remaining two pairs to use. Despite the box saying they are suitable for sleeping in, after the third night of wearing them, I found that I couldn't remove one of them. It turns out that the squishy silicone softened so much with my body heat that it slipped down into my ear canal, and adhered to my ear drum. It is nigh on impossible to get rid of due to it
  3. Hi... I dont know if anyone can help with this, but today I was out shopping with my partner whom I am a carer for. To cut a long story short, I briefly left my partner sat down somewhere to nip into Superdrug for their £1 eyebrow wax strips. I always find it quite stressful leaving my partner as they are disabled and quite vulnerable, but on this occasion it was agreed between us. Being a saturday, it was busy and when I eventually found them, the first box I picked seemed empty, so I very very briefly checked and couldnt see anything inside, so I noticed the next box along
  4. Hello, went in to get a prescription filled On my way out had a browse of things! I was reading some stuff on an information leaflet from inside the box, put everything back and went to leave, I was stopped by security (non uniformed) He told me he had been watching me etc. told me he knew I was trying to shoplift (I wasn't) said he had seen me put stuff in my bag, which was my prescription! Called the manager over, checked my bags etc. did all of this in the middle of the store! In the end I was let go and told I was banned from the store,
  5. i took some small items from Superdrug. the total cost of them all would have been £10 or less. It was really stupid and my first offence. The security guard saw me and took me to a room, and asked if i had taken anything else. she then asked to see some ID (i used my provisional licence). She filled out 1 piece of paper. She told me that i would be getting a letter in the mail telling me about a fine i will have to pay between £50 and £150 (will the envelopes be obviously a fine from the outside? How many letters will they send? i don't want
  6. Hi, I made the biggest mistake of my life and I'm not proud of what I have done. I'm under 16 and was caught shoplifting from Superdrug today. The two products were worth about £13. As I was walking out of the store with a friend, a security guard, who wasn't in uniform, stopped us and asked us to go into the back room. We went with him and was told to empty out our handbags. Both of the items were returned and my friend was let go but I had to stay. This was the first time I had ever shoplifted and been caught, also I had never been involved with t
  7. I was caught shoplifting £27 worth of goods from a superdrug store. It was a moment of madness. EXTREMELY out of character and I'm deeply ashamed. I gave the goods back to the store and it was my first offence. The police were called and they did an identity check but that's it. I was handed a civil recovery form and told I am going to get a fine from RLP in the next few weeks. After reading various threads they all say to ignore the letters. As I am moving out of the address I gave in a few months is this still a wise thing to do? I'm tempted to just pay it and
  8. Hi there, I'm not sure if my problem is relevant to this site but I don't know who else to contact, so here's hoping someone can help. This week I got questioned by the police about shoplifting in Superdrug last week. I was very confused as I didn't really get what the police officer was saying at first. I thought he was asking me if I had seen someone shoplifting. It turns out he was asking me if Ihad shoplifted. I was astounded and asked him why he thought I had done it. He then produced still images of me in Superdrug and asked me if I recognised the person in the photo. It was a lit
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if any of you can help me. My sister is usually of good character, has no criminal record and has never been in trouble with the police before. Yesterday she was caught stealing approximately £50 worth of cosmetics/perfume from Superdrug. The police were not called or even notified, store security took her name, address, contact telephone number, photo and N.I number. I do not condone her behaviour but she is in a state and realises it was a stupid stupid stupid thing to do. Superdrug have banned her for life from their stores and the shopping centre it happe
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