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  1. They didn’t call the police at the time but what if they send them a list with details of alleged shoplifters like monthly or something
  2. I’m sorry, I must sound so annoying. I am just too scared. I know it’s a good sign that the police was not called in but still scared what if they pass on the incident details to the police?
  3. So the police will have what happened In their database even tho they’ were not called in?
  4. Thank you. This database has nothing to do with dbs checks? And when I fill out forms about any crimes and records etc or even civil issues I still say None?
  5. Thank you very much for this helpful reply. If there is such database is still very bad because if I refuse my employer to access it makes me guilty of hiding something! I just feel horrible and I was thinking to reapply for a new enhanced dbs check to check if there will be something. How long can I wait to do it? And if it does show something, can I contact a lawyer or someone to make it go away? Is that even an option?
  6. Thanks for the advice but I think I will pay it because I’m too scared! But you mentioned that there is a chance for it to be recorded in the enhanced disclosure? Or do you mean if the police was involved only? So scared! I really can’t have it show on the enhanced!
  7. Hi all, I was caught shoplifting a couple of cheap basics from primark. Technically I hadn’t left the store when they called me in to their little room, I was still in the premises but instead of arguing I was going to pay I just said I was sorry. I saw that the guy wasn’t going to believe anything I say! So I just begged him not to call the police and he didn’t. They took a copy of my ID and gave me the notice of intended civil recovery letter which I keep reading about on the forum to ignore once I get it. But I am afraid to ignore it and willing to pay the fine. I have 3 main questions: 1. If I do pay the fine, is it considered an admittance of guilt? 2. From the store they told me if I don’t receive the letter to follow up and phone that company - should I? Or just leave it and wait? 3. About criminal record and dbs. I work as a teacher so I always need an enhanced DBS certificate. Would it show on it? If so, I would lose my teaching job so it’s very important To prevent this. How? And since the police was never called it means I was notCharged so why would it snow on the enhanced DBS? Please help!
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