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Found 8 results

  1. A few years ago my local town centre car park was covered in snow and the bay markings were covered. People parked in an orderly manner but when the snow melted most people found they had been ticketed because they were not parked in marked bays, fortunately I was not one of them. However last week I found out that the car park is actually private land but the District Councils civil enforcement officer patrols it and issues tickets. My question is what status do the tickets have, private parking charges or council issued fines?
  2. I called in at my local Tescos with one of their new 10p carrier bags which is meant to be reused, had some price marked PG tea bags with a large price mark on it I'd brought from a local shop in this bag. I was shopping around and I had a basket, I went to the till, handed the bag over to be filled and without consent the person serving me took these tea bags out of my bag and had held them up even though they had the yellow price on them and said loudly "Are you paying for these?" I was gobsmacked the fact not only did she go into my bag without consent but pretty much accused me by saying I'd got them from there... I turned around and there was a queue, I felt everyone's eyes on me. I got no apology although I pointed out the fact they had a price mark within the packaging. I'm self employed and I live local to Tescos and so do my 400 customers, Tescos is a place where I often see my customers and I've even been paid by customers in this store when I'm shopping. The staff seem to do nothing but spy on me when I'm using the self option till or they are either on crafty ciggy breaks or patting customers puppies. I've requested cctv footage but was told it would be £10 then was told I could not access it. I was hoping on your advices as I'm thinking about legal advice, especially if any my customers was in the queue. Thanks.
  3. Hi, First post here out of desperation. We took out a home secured loan around 6 years ago(possibly more ) for £10K to do some home improvements. (initially through south pacific ,is a secured loan the same as a mortgage ?) we are on very low income . I work self emplyed for a pittance and my wife is now claiming state pension. We missed two payments of just over £120 each a few years back, which we initially were going to pay but they quickly added to the total with arrears management fees etc. we have plodded on despite a drop in income and never missed a payment since. They have sent an advisor out 2-3 times without us agreeing and charging us £90.00 a time. The last time we agreed with the advisor to pay an extra £10.00 a month to help clear the arrears which we have done despite Acendon not acknowledging this offer or agreeing to it. This we have done now for over 12 months. They continue to add a £70.00 arrears management fee on plus a £5 fee for alternative payment method (we were advised by the advisor to pay through the bank faster payments system,which we have been doing. We received a letter today stating that the arrears is now almost £3K and due to the level of arreas they now intend to pass the matter to solicitors unless we pay the whole amount of arrears. Do charges count as arrears in a court??? We have missed two payments totaling less than £250 and they have us now owing almost £3K. This matter is worrying me sick . I have to look after my wife who has a couple of illnesses ,but was refused any form of benefit,and i have to work around this,every day. Any advice would be great ful on how to deal with these people. I refuse to talk to them on the phone any longer and only deal with them by letter. Thanks very much Bob
  4. Only just seen this from Parking News Dec 2014; http://portfolio.cpl.co.uk/Parking-News/337/1/ Some friend... This also from Dec 2014, BPA website, latest news; Private parking can confuse motorists - is it time to regulate? 24 December 2014 Citizens Advice recently announced it has experienced an increase in motorists seeking advice on parking on private land and the legalities of enforcement. However, the BPA says it receives referrals from them to advise motorists on all types of parking, but that it was very rare to receive cases to investigate. Patrick Troy, CEO of the BPA said: “Unfortunately Citizens Advice fails to mention in their advice that if a motorist’s appeal is rejected by a parking operator in the BPA's Approved Operator Scheme they can take their appeal to POPLA, an independent appeals service for motorists in receipt of parking tickets issued on private land. Over 50,000 motorists have done this since 1st October 2012 when it was introduced. It is a free and simple process and the decision is binding on the operator, but not on the motorist. http://www.britishparking.co.uk/News/private-parking-can-confuse-motorists-is-it-time-to-regulate
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27927842 The memos say that ESA "is not delivering more positive outcomes for claimants" than incapacity benefit did. That might be because 750,000 potential positive outcomes are stuck waiting assessment and others have been scared off the system entirely The payment's costs are expected to rise by £13bn by 2018/19, the documents say, warning the increase is "one of the largest fiscal risks currently facing the government". Id be more inclined to say corperate tax evasion is a bigger fiscal risk.... The benefit is becoming a "long-term destination" for too many people, it says, and more people than expected are becoming eligible for it. Maybe that is something to do with how the disabled and unemployed are treated by the job center...... This is thought to be partly due to restrictions on jobseeker's allowance leading to an increase in ESA claimants DWP not fit for purpose
  6. I currently have three credit cards which I currently owe in the region of £35k in total on. I have recently been unable to make the minimum payments on them in the last 3 months due to work drying up, and not looking much better in the forseeable future. One of which is with BC. I wrote to them saying that I am having trouble paying, and they gave me 30 days to sort out a plan and that they will freeze the interest for one month and that I should send them an Income and Expenditure breakdown asap so that they can sort out a payment plan. What I really want to find out is what I should do next, seeing that I can't pay them the amounts that they want in the near future, but I would really like to pay off the amounts in the future, but not sure when that would be. Therefore, I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide me, as I really want to take control of this situation, from a process perspective and a financial perspective. Thanks Ed
  7. I am currently doing research for the debt management program i am making, and had a wow omg moment there are over 550 Debt Collection Agency across the UK and my list is still growing. Maybe i shouldn't have been surprised but it did take me aback.
  8. I've lost the plot somewhere, can someone point me to the Rule/Regulation that allows a Bailiff to clamp for an unpaid PCN.
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