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  1. The only thing is that as previously stated, if they took other action involving police, they've left it too late by now so it's nothing to worry about, but what if they had done shortly after I was caught but I didn't get the mail? But I am sure if that's the case they would have tried to contact me again through another method rather than sending more mail and leaving it this long
  2. Thank you silverfox, my apologies but my license actually says my apartment and the number for it, but the building and NOT the building number. However, the post code is shared with every apartment in this building though so as confusing as it is, can still be checked to match my flat. Seems like the confusion possibly had the postman sending it in someone else's mail. Funnily enough, the letter I sent to head office they actually wrote back and was the only letter I recieved, had the full address details and my phone and email.
  3. Thank you, I have actually just checked my drivers licence, which they actually wrote down my address from. It has the number of the building, but not the flat number (when I moved in I didn't know because the flat number is the same as the building number) so I might have actually been getting letters and not known. The fact that they only wrote my address down and told me to expect a letter and not ask for any other personal details like my phone number to contact me through, makes it seem like I'd only be expecting loss prevention letters. I doubt it now, but if they did get a small claims court or police investigation and contacted me through mail, I would've thought they'd tried other methods to contact me if I have been ignoring their mail for over 3 months.
  4. Pics were never a concern since they weren't taken, unless you're referring stills taken from cctv, but cheers
  5. I had a hunch the grovelling worked. the security guard didn't say how long I was banned for, just banned without a banning letter or form as I didn't sign anything. Not like I want to go back in there though, I was quite shaken up after that.
  6. I'm well aware of what the civil recovery process is. What I meant to say is, because Tesco have NOT resorted to getting them involved to send those intimidating letters,whereas other people in this situation have nothing to worry about since they only got the letters, I am stressing over the possibility Tesco have decided to persue the matter with the police instead.
  7. Hmmm... that sounds like I'd be kept held waiting for a long time before something happens? But how are you certain nothing else would happen?
  8. I'm actually worried about not getting the letters because I'm scared they're pursuing further action, but the responses have been quite relieving but I don't know what makes you all so sure nothing further is to happen
  9. Thanks, that's what I've been trying to do, but it's strange how everyone who has been caught have been sent these letters apart from me, do they not issue these to every person involved in these?
  10. This happened on June 19th, I was caught abusing a loophole in the self checkout where I scanned cheaper items to put in heavier, more expensive items down. I had being doing this for a while quite often, but didn't take anything of high value, just food on my lunch breaks. When I was caught, they said they were on to me for the past couple months. I had visited the Tesco only 2 to 3 times a week and at odd times during lunch (could be from 12pm to 2pm) and not everytime I did this, sometimes paying for a bag of crisps, etc. The thing is, the security guard didn't even pull me into their office, he took me to the side and gotten my personal details and didn't even bother calling the police because what I took that day was such a low value. Told me I would receive a letter telling me what action they will take in 2 weeks or so. Just got down my details from my drivers license, paid for what I had taken on that occasion, didn't take a photo of me and said I'm banned from the store. Did not mention civil recovery action. He said it's likely the head office will review the CCTV footage of previous times I went in and will probably take it to the police. I immediately wrote a letter to the store manager and head office, showing deep remorse and apologised, in which the customer service manager replied with a letter thanking me, but not saying what actions the head office will take due to data privacy laws. Not heard anything from the store itself. I was expecting this to trigger a DWF letter to pressure fines on me, but it has almost been 3 months and haven't heard anything else, other than that one letter so it's making me so anxious and worried. If it's taking so long, is it likely the are building a case and the police are getting involved? Or were they pressuring me into not going in again and have just left it at that? Or should I expect a late DWF letter and nothing else? Does it take multiple months to see one of these letters? People have said they're letting me sweat it: it's too much time to sit through hours of CCTV to see what I had took of relatively low value and it would not be cost effective to involve the police, but still a possibility, or it could have even been forgotten about. I have been told it might be sitting in a pile with others, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have received DWF / RLP letters relatively quick. Someone else had even told me there won't be any complicated background police investigation and my punishment would be very minor if I was to receive one, but I am still unsure and very very worried about it still, I stress about it often. I had also been told waiting this long could have potentially harmed any chances of a case, since it would have been proceeded with sooner after the incident? Would they still hold onto CCTV from April to June?
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