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  1. Hi Silverfox, Thank you for your advise - today I went back explained as per above that there must have been a mistake as only one pair was scanned, the lady said I could keep them!? As it was their mistake, to which I said no I insist I pay for them. She then scanned them, turns out the items went into a 1/2 price sale today so technically I have paid for both and they had no way to charge me the full price I took them back to do the right thing and turns out I didn’t have to pay for them after all! Which makes me feel even dafter! But huge relief, lesson wel
  2. Thanks for your speedy response - I feel so stupid and careless, what sort of example is that setting for my child. I have decided I will take them back to the store tomorrow and pay for them, I may just say when I got home I realised only one pair on receipt but I wanted to pay for two so came back to pay for them... I know it’s all rather silly but it will make me feel better at least. I’ve felt like I need to speak to my dr for a while - I have the anxiety mentioned and I had a difficult time with the birth of my daughter and am really struggling to cope with it but I wou
  3. Hi all Today I had a moment of insanity, wanted to buy some pants for my daughter, thought £5 was a bit pricey for one pair of pants for a baby and added another pair to the hanger, went to the checkout with my other items paid (only for 1 pair of pants as store operative did not realise what I had done) then left the shop. On leaving the shop saw the security guard and a staff member speaking to him who then immediately looked at me - but no one tried to stop me.. I immediately regret what I did and can honestly say it will never happen again. I would happily go
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