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  1. i would like to Thanks everyone from bottom of my heart, everybody has given me advice without judging me, i wish had people like you around me in real life rather than on internet. i was in extreme tensions and felt so compelled to do it, i thought that after getting these things i may be able to improve things for me a little bit. i never thought about consequences, and now after the incident i have been even so more tensed and depressed that i have been sitting outside my house for most of the time as i dont want police knocking on the door and my relative find out about it. so
  2. yes they did, i was so desperate and frustrated with my life, i needed somethings and there was no way i cud have bought these. so i just picked those, put them in my bag , i didnt care if someone was watching me, and i just walked out, i didnt remove no tags no damage to anything, obviously, soon as i walked out, security alarm beeped and they stopped me and took me into a room, where they got everything from my bag, absolutely in sell-able condition.
  3. will i go to prison or get a fine. or get a caution? . i am very very stressed and dont know what to do. can someone please please put some light on this.........
  4. Hi, was caught shoplifting in boots, picked up 4 items nearlly worth £700 (as per Boots). security staff took all my details, called police, and i had to wait until police turn up, but nobody came. security staff called police 4 times, they were given a log no. but were getting told that no police officers are free at the moment to attend. after 4 hours of waiting, i was let go, as the store had been closed and they waited over an hour for police even after the store was closed. i was escorted out , i was given banned notice and RLP recovery letter.
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