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  1. So I've been hit with these because I get tax credits. Stupid me didn't realise it's only if you get child tax credits you get free scripts, (I only get working). Should have read the form properly I know but there we go. I've called them and they will extend the payment dates but there's no way I'll be able to meet their demands, (approx £50 a month). I am able to offer £20 a month. Will they still be able to enforce a DEA if I am offering to make reasonable payments?
  2. Drafted the below a couple of days ago. Upon reflection it maybe too much but hey, if you don't ask right? Thank you for your letter of 30th November in which you finally acknowledge that ‘you have sufficient evidence’ to suggest that I DID NOT apply for the budgeting loan nor receive any payment that you have been referring to for so many years. You further apologise for any distress this may have caused me and hope this draws the matter to a conclusion? I respectfully suggest your simple letter does not. You wrongly deducted the full alleged amount from my September salary which left me in immense financial hardship as you were unable to find and refund the undue payment until early November. This matter has also caused significant emotional distress as my partner of twelve years and now my wife quite understandably has been in doubt about my past given the reason this falsely alleged loan was for bunkbeds? An item you must agree would only be for children of which I have previously had none before we met. Furthermore, I have invested a significant amount of time calling and writing to finally get this issue resolved over a number of years. I don’t believe a compensation payment is unreasonable considering the points above? I suggest a sum of £1518 which I calculate as 8% simple interest per year on £262.08 (the alleged loan) in 1993 totalling £759 plus an equal amount for my time and distress. I look forward to your prompt reply in advance of taking legal advice.
  3. Thanks Honeybee! I notice at the end of their letter is says 'I apologise for any distress this may have caused you and I hope this now draws the matter to a conclusion'? Well, to be fair, I'm not sure it does? They wrongly deducted £255 from my salary in September and it took them well over a month to refund it. That caused me immense financial hardship not to mention the related emotional stress. Plus the fact they have been hounding me on and off for about three years over this. I would welcome the forum's thoughts on whether to not just accept their apology and ask for some kind of compensation as they have been hounding me for years for something that is nothing to do with me?
  4. Can I get a whoop!? :-D:-D:-D:-D DWP031216.pdf
  5. ***UPDATE*** Small win? Got a call from a nice lady at the DWP this evening that has personally taken on my case and has called a few times even if to say there's no news. Well, today she told me they have now registered the payment that was wrongly taken and a refund will be issued! Not totally out of the woods yet. I'm still waiting for a reply from the 'dispute' dept after pointing out their glaring error re dates but it's a step in the right direction.
  6. Sorry, but just noticed another error in their correspondence. QUOTE 'We have checked your Tax contributions and Credits record, it shows you were in receipt of benefits in 1992 for 52 weeks continuing into 1993 for another 5 weeks' So that takes us up to early February. Alleged SF payment 21st April?
  7. The date of alleged repayment sixteen days before payout confirmed in the attached. payments_EDIT.pdf
  8. Well, here's an update for you and I'm almost at the end of my tether with these clowns! How do they keep their jobs? Quick recap: At time of alleged SF loan I was 22, single, living in a bedsit and this was supposedly for 'bunkbeds'! Attachment of earnings order was sent to my my employer in mid August (too late for that month's payroll). As I may have mentioned before I called DWP and they said they would send a 'stop' letter to payroll whilst this was investigated in exchange for me setting up a payment plan of £44 per month starting 17th Oct. (I foolishly thought they would see sense and this would have been resolved by then)! Payroll claimed to have not received letter and FULL payment was deducted from September (23rd) salary! As of yesterday (21st Oct) DWP still claim payment has not been received by them!? So now FULL amount has WRONGLY been deducted from salary but DWP have no record of receiving it! Now I get the attached letter today with the 'results' of their investigation. Absolute load of rubbish, not just my opinion, read it! Loan awarded 21.04.1993, repayments made total £6.72 05.04.1993. SIXTEEN DAYS BEFORE ALLEGED LOAN AWARDED???? I will be writing back to them pointing out this glaring error and for the first time copying in my MP. Other than that does anyone suggest anything further? As always many thanks for reading and any advice offered. TC DWP_221016_EDIT.pdf
  9. No form, no agreement, no signature. Who do I speak to to get this written off?
  10. SAR back today. The computer system full print was just a load of gumpf alleging this rubbish. Couldn't scan as printed on an old A3 dotmatrix printer! Then we have the bit 'unable to obtain clerical records'? Where do I go from here? DWP_090916Edit.pdf
  11. Thanks DX. I kinda think I'm delaying the inevitable though. If they've done what they've done so far with no evidence, (and how can there be? Being 1993 they would have destroyed records by now) I think they will just steamroller this farce through eventually even when they can't find anything
  12. Kinda broke the golden rule by giving them a call, (In my defence they're not a DCA) just to make sure they got the letter and what they're going to do about it really. Actually got through to a really helpful bloke who, after I explained the supposed reasons for said alleged Social Fund loan, (to recap, 1993, I would have been 22, single, living in a bedsit and it was for bunk-beds) he agreed that something didn't seem right. We came to an arrangement that involves him forward dating to October and him sending me a bank giro bill for £44. This will put a stop on the AOE order and give them time to investigate. If nothing else it's stalled for a couple of months and I'll wait and see what, if any proof DWP will provide.
  13. 'Prove it' letter (CC company payroll dept) plus SAR to DWP all ready to be sent off Monday morning. Any suggestions for wording to send to payroll (I can easily email) to make sure it's stalled until resolved? TIA
  14. Well, two years on I get this today?! Can they do this without any signed evidence of proof for a 23 year old alleged debt that I have no recollection of? DEA_Letter_Raw Edit.pdf
  15. Nope everything green on file and also on voters. I have a score of 573 which shows as between poor & fair. Average is apparently 616. Very odd.
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