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  1. I just challenged it online again and this time they've accepted it. Ha! Thanks to all for their assistance and advice.
  2. A further point, they've threatened me with 'debt recovery proceedings', not debt collectors. Does this have specific legal meaning?
  3. I might add, the significant aspect here is that there's no evidence they did put the paperwork through. None at all. They offer no evidence I was anywhere near a dental practice on the date specified either (and I've been careful not to admit it either). So why am I being fined? This is a [problem] and nothing more.
  4. They did know. I know them personally there and we'd chatted about it in passing. Later on, after a couple more visits, I had to explain how an HC3 works as they're only familiar with HC2s But that's by the by, I popped in to advise other CAGgers of this https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/nhsbsa.nhs.uk
  5. Um.. point is, they admit they have no evidence they can show me. I've asked what evidence they have so I can challenge it. It seems I'm being fined, or threatened with a fine, on the basis of what they say the practice said. How do I or anyone know they aren't simply making these unsubstantiated accusations up at random? They're telling me I have to get a letter from the practice denying what they're saying the practice has already said. Er, I have no authority over the practice to compel them to do this. On top of which, it's not my job to establish my innocence, it's theirs to establish my guilt, which obviously, they can't begin to do. This appears to be a government-sanctioned revenue gathering [problem], nothing more.
  6. Are you saying there's a government agency which acts as judge and jury all by itself without any trial, and that this agency can issue its own fines?
  7. I'm not understanding what you're saying here. When you say the paper for treatment has the question on it, do you mean the form you fill in and sign when you go to the dentist? Are you saying they reduced your pension by £80pw? For how long and why? How could they do this legally? Were you taken to court? Have you taken any legal advice about this? Why do you mention an Ombudsman? Which one and what did they say or do? All they've been able to threaten me with is debt collectors. Why would they treat you differently?
  8. I had an inspection at the dentist a few months back which I wasn't charged for. I never gave it a thought, it was the first or second time I'd been there since I became a pensioner and came off pension credits. I didn't know then I'm supposed to be charged for everything. Later, along comes a fine. I should have paid, they said. I wasn't charged, I said. I should have been and I should have been aware of how much I should have been charged, they said. Well... that's risible so we know these people are idiots straight away. They are saying the practice told them I signed to say I was exempt. That's not how I remember it at all. I asked for evidence. Can I see a copy of this form, I asked, assuming they must have a copy. They say they have nothing they can show me as they were informed digitally. I wish them well in taking me to court then, or indeed anyone else they're trying to blag money from without having any evidence to support their claim. I suspect this may well be why we hear of no-one being taken to court.
  9. First thing you need to do is get a 'No Income' form from the council, fill it in and give it back to them. That will get your rent paid again. Second thing you should do is write to your MP and tell them about this and ask for their assistance in regaining your benefits. They might help, they might not so you need to apply for what's known as a Mandatory Reconsideration. This means you're asking the DWP to look again at their decision. I forget how you do that exactly, someone will be along in a minute to explain further I imagine. When that fails, if it does, you can then appeal against the original decision, the one you've just had, and once your appeal is underway you should start getting ESA at the basic rate again to keep you going. The problem you're going to have right now is you've been declared fit to work so they'll be expecting you to be visiting the job centre to sign and and probably doing job search or courses or all sorts of other unsavoury pursuits you are clearly unable to do. To get round that you need to apply for an 'extended period of sickness'. There's more on that here https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=opera&q=90+days+extended+sickness&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#q=extended+sickness+jsa I know you'll read the govt stopped this, and they did, but it's been started again. I know as I've just recently had to look into this for a friend of mine. Basically, for a period of three months I think it is, you can go sick while on JSA and not have to do any of the usual nonsense you have to do with JSA. This should easily see you through the waiting period for your mandatory reconsideration, and when that comes you can appeal and go back on normal basic ESA. HTH!
  10. There's no service charge. Thanks for both your responses. It's a regulated tenancy, both parties (landlords/council) are now agreed on what's been paid, however landlords are saying it's correct and council are saying it's been overpaid. There'll be no need for me to SAR them now it's recognised there's mutual agreement about what's been paid. You know how it works with a regulated tenancy? Rent Officer makes a determination, tells landlords, me, landlords give me paperwork for council, I tell council, they pay. Few years later, Rent Officer makes new determination, tells landlords, me, landlords give me paperwork for council, council points out it has different figure on it from what they've been paying. Hilarity ensues . The landlords have explained but council refuse to accept explanation. Council have asked me to go in for a chat, I've said no (because what do I know?) and agreed council can communicate direct with landlords because rent goes direct anyway but obvs I want to be ccd on all comms. I've been over the explanatory email landlords (biggest private landlords in the country) sent to council and I confess, I can't understand it either. Why two different figures for the weekly rent? I wrote to my MP initially about this as I've had trouble with council talking out their arse before, but they've written back and made me look like I don't understand it. Well, at the moment, they're right, I don't I'm concerned for my tenancy now
  11. Hi, I'm in a regulated tenancy. The rent's just gone up. The council, who pay my rent (I was on ESA in the SG long term, now I'm on GPC), are now complaining they overpaid on the old rent. They are threatening to suspend my HB claim or get the alleged overpayments back, presumably by underpaying the existing rent till they think we're square. They aren't offering any evidence of overpayment, however. My landlords, who have contacted them about this by email and ccd me on it, say the council always have been and are paying the correct rent, and have briefly broken down how the rent is arrived at for them. The council refuse to accept their figures and insist they've been overpaying. I want to see evidence of what they've been paying so I'd like to do a SAR; to whom should I address it please? I have the details of the head of housing benefit and they'd seem to be the right person. Perhaps you could either confirm that or make a better suggestion? Many thanks, SWLABR
  12. In lay terms, kind of, Crap1 can't do anything because they can't prove you ever had any lawful agreement with them. I'll stress that lawful bit, by which I mean something which can be taken to a court of law. Because of the age of the agreement, they've probably only got a photocopy of the front of it, instead of having the whole thing which they'd need to have in order to take you to court. they threaten you for a while, hoping to bluff you in to paying, then when that doesn't work, they sell the alleged debt to Lowell, who then carry on in the same vein. When this happened to me I asked Lowell for copies of the relevant paperwork, ie copy of the agreement etc, which of course they couldn't provide so they dropped it, zeroed it in fact. Over 4k It's gone from my credit record too But you ignored Lowell just like you ignored Crap1 so that's opened the door for them to try taking you to court. Your defence, I believe, is going to be Lowell can't produce any paperwork to establish you ever had any agreement with Crap1 or anybody. I imagine when you enter that, they'll fold. Listen to DX and Citizen B as they've been here a good long while and they know what they're doing. Ignore anyone who talks about paying these people, they're [problem]mers. That's my advice
  13. No doubt they know this and that's why you're getting these silly letters. If they could really do anything, they'd be doing it now, wouldn't they? Sounds like they're run out of road to me.
  14. When you say you've followed the procedure, might we know, specifically, which procedure you're referring to here? Thanks
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