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  1. off it's gone and we'll wait to see what comes of it. I managed earlier to see off a CC claim by Capital/Lowells, I just bundled together bits and pieces from here I thought were relevant in a series of letters to them and they folded, nulled it. I tried the Three Letters this time to see how it went. So far, well, it's ok insofar as not being sued goes but I don't want this on my report for ever Thanks for your help peeps
  2. Send the kitchen sink back they duly did but it didn't establish anything other than they had no basis for taking me to court. It's from 2002, I gleaned from the details Cabot sent me that the SB date would be 14th December and now Cabot's actions would appear to confirm this. I can't remember now whether this is derived from the last payment date or the registered default date. I could go back through my acres of paperwork to check if you feel it's really necessary... but it does appear I'm right and now Cabot are just trying it on to be awkward. Maybe they think they can sell it in turn. I've never had a Tesco bank account so I assume this is an old RBS badged account, however, I recall getting Tesco letterheads in correspondence when I first disputed it. I'm filling in the Equifax form in the interim here, finally managed to get past their roadblocks. OK, I'm saying this: "An account is being removed from my report (Cabot). I imagine this is because it becomes statute barred on the 14th December. I note that same account is marked as reappearing on my report. Cabot are already aware this will fall away on the 14th Dec due to its 6th anniversary. I understand a default marker can only show in my file for 6 years as per the ICO guidelines... .it can't be removed then re added, which is what we seem to be seeing here." Sound ok? If Cabot want to dispute it then I suppose I will have to go back through my reams of paperwork to justify it but I reckon this'll do it. We hope
  3. It's a CC, Tesco. I three lettered Cabot, they sent the usual threatograms and that all died away... I raised a dispute via Clearscore and Cabot sent me loads of crap from which, however, I was able to determine the SB date. And now here we are. I have been trying to raise a dispute through Clearscore this morning and find I can't, their dispute procedure leads me to the Equifax complaint form which either suggests I raise the complaint first with the lender or sends me round in circles. So I can't get them to do it. That might change when it's actually on my report, I suppose...
  4. Thanks AO. Should I bother sending the standard SB letter to Cabot? I had intended to till just recently but they obviously are already aware of it anyway. I'd do this after the due date has passed and I don't think I can inform Clearscore anyway till I actually receive my next report which will be on the 20th so, again, after the SB date has passed.
  5. I got advised a few days ago by Clearscore that Cabot were removing a credit card debt from my record and that would show up in my next report, 20th December. Clearscore know this, they tell me, as it's already on my Equifax report. I'm aware it becomes SB on the 14th December so I assumed Cabot had decided to cave on that one, it's from 2002 or back then. We've been in communication about it years ago, I three-lettered them etc and it's obvious they have nothing they can go to court with so it makes sense for them just to drop it. Now though I receive info from Clearscore Cabot are adding a new credit card to my report. I don't have any new card to add so they're clearly trying to resurrect my old card somehow, to give the alleged debt life yea even after being SB. Does the team have any idea of what's going on and what I should do about it please?
  6. Hi, old Tesco CC debt been with Cabot for several years, it's for just over a grand, Statute Barred should be on 14th December this year, heard nothing from them for a year or two... yesterday out of the blue I get a communication which appears to be from Tescobank, Tescobank header, looks legit all the way through, with a cheque for rather less than a couple of tenners attached saying they got their sums wrong all those years ago (it was taken out in 2002) and they owe me a refund. How timely, I think... I'm assuming this is an attempt to get me to cash the cheque and thus make the account come live again. Is this something they do? I won't be cashing it.
  7. I just challenged it online again and this time they've accepted it. Ha! Thanks to all for their assistance and advice.
  8. A further point, they've threatened me with 'debt recovery proceedings', not debt collectors. Does this have specific legal meaning?
  9. I might add, the significant aspect here is that there's no evidence they did put the paperwork through. None at all. They offer no evidence I was anywhere near a dental practice on the date specified either (and I've been careful not to admit it either). So why am I being fined? This is a [problem] and nothing more.
  10. They did know. I know them personally there and we'd chatted about it in passing. Later on, after a couple more visits, I had to explain how an HC3 works as they're only familiar with HC2s But that's by the by, I popped in to advise other CAGgers of this https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/nhsbsa.nhs.uk
  11. Um.. point is, they admit they have no evidence they can show me. I've asked what evidence they have so I can challenge it. It seems I'm being fined, or threatened with a fine, on the basis of what they say the practice said. How do I or anyone know they aren't simply making these unsubstantiated accusations up at random? They're telling me I have to get a letter from the practice denying what they're saying the practice has already said. Er, I have no authority over the practice to compel them to do this. On top of which, it's not my job to establish my innocence, it's theirs to establish my guilt, which obviously, they can't begin to do. This appears to be a government-sanctioned revenue gathering [problem], nothing more.
  12. Are you saying there's a government agency which acts as judge and jury all by itself without any trial, and that this agency can issue its own fines?
  13. I'm not understanding what you're saying here. When you say the paper for treatment has the question on it, do you mean the form you fill in and sign when you go to the dentist? Are you saying they reduced your pension by £80pw? For how long and why? How could they do this legally? Were you taken to court? Have you taken any legal advice about this? Why do you mention an Ombudsman? Which one and what did they say or do? All they've been able to threaten me with is debt collectors. Why would they treat you differently?
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