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  1. I have a few more questions if I may 1) The repayments were meant to start with our benefit which was paid today. They deducted £2.20 from our benefits today. The weird thing is we got a letter first of all saying they were going to take £1.10 per week. This is in line with what we have been reduced by. We also got another letter the following day saying they were going to take £11.20 per week. I'm just a bit confused as to which one is right and wanted to get your opinions before I chased it up. 2) The 4 weeks we aren't going to get benefit (we've decided to accept the adpen after much consideration) we've sorted out how we are going to get by. I'm also a bit confused by the wording of this too (I get confused a lot) What is the definition of 4 weeks in this sense? Is it two payments as we get paid fortnightly or 4 payments? Interview is on Thursday so I could ask then but I wanted to get the opinion of you all. Thank you very much for all your help!
  2. Yes that's a massive worry too! I think I'll accept it and apply for hardship. They can only say no. Thanks a lot for all your help. Sorry for being mean to you a couple of days ago. My anxiety was massively high having just received the letter. I really appreciate all of your help.
  3. Well it will be £44 a month off our benefits starting on the 16th of this month. We struggle to live now but we get by somehow. If I decline the adpen then it gets taken to court and I'm prosecuted I could go to prison. I just couldn't risk that. I really don't know what to do. I have an interview on the 14th where they are going to explain the situation to me. I was going to send them a letter stating that they really haven't looked at my case and my mitigating circumstances before making a decision and that I don't think in the eyes of the law that is fair. I think it's heartless because I have mental health problems. Why should I become a statistic just to make their quota when I had no intentions of defrauding the DWP and that it was simply due to my mitigating circumstances which are on tape. I don't think there's much point sending that letter now after everything everyone has said. I always want to follow the law and if accepting this adpen means not going to jail I'll do it. This is seriously affecting my mental health. I've hardly been able to sleep since receiving this. My depression and anxiety have both gone sky high. My partner who is also mentally unwell has been affected too.
  4. So it's a bit of a lottery really as to whether if I decline it they'll take me to court and it'll be a lot worse or I just accept it and lose 4 weeks benefit I seriously don't know what to do.
  5. No I think they mean 4 weeks immediately So just so I've got this straight During the 4 weeks that they will sanction us - the £44 a month would be paid automatically as part of the sanction? There would be nothing in my bank account to pay it otherwise.
  6. I'm the least likely person to be in a gang ever. I've never even been in a court. Or a police station. Or anything like that. That way of life just isn't for me. I want this over with. Is this not a conviction? I feel so sick that I'm not even sure
  7. I see... Well that's a relief. Thank you. It says reduced also. Is there a chance it could be reduced not stopped for 4 weeks?
  8. This wasn't organised at all. It was neglect at best. I would never knowingly deceive the DWP. Just my mental health deteriorated so I didn't chase up the payslips as I had bigger fish to fry. I don't know if £1500 is a high value overpayment or not....
  9. Now I'm reading that it's 14 weeks sanction for a first offence.... I'm so confused There was no deceit in this at all
  10. I don't understand still. So we won't have all of the money taken off us? Please can someone clear it up?
  11. I've accepted that the overpayment will happen. It starts on the 16th June. I don't understand. We are paying the overpayment at £44 a month from 16th June.
  12. The thing I'm MOST worried about is having NO money for four weeks. We won't be able to pay bills or the overpayment. They can give me a criminal record for being neglectful in chasing it up due to mental health and other things I won't go into? Well they are heartless then.
  13. £1500 - £44 a month paid from our benefits starting June 16th How do they expect to get this overpayment if they are going to take away all of our benefits for 4 weeks?
  14. Then you can understand why I'm worried they are going to leave us with no money then can't you? Be careful before you start banding the term criminal or criminal record around. I'm not a criminal. Never have been. Never will be.
  15. I did notify them. Because of my mitigating circumstances which you can't judge because you don't know what they are I didn't CHASE IT UP! I've ALWAYS sent payslips off. ALWAYS!!! You are talking like I'm a criminal. Like I've killed several people.
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