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  1. I was visiting my friends last week, she has a sorned vehicle on her drive which she had sold two days before, the new owner was due to collect it the same night A white van appears on her drive and a man knocks on the door, My friend thinks its a delivery for the neighbour, my friend opens the bedroom window, and has a conversation with the Gentleman on the door, he says he is a bailiff and he has come to collect 392.00 for an unpaid parking ticket, I can honestly stay my friend was stunned, she did not know anything about it, she contacted the Local council, they could not tell her anything as the system was down, she went on the Councils web site and checked there was a ticket for 82.00 which she paid immediately. She has two grown up children, she knows one of them has probably had the ticket. there are two men on the drive in a white van, they proceed to clamp the sold vehicle, my friend explains that the car has been sold and the owner is coming to collect it today. The man says he doesn't care, the white van remains parked on the drive for 30 mins during this time, my friend asks where is the court order to clamp the car, the reply was the chap showed he half a piece of paper with a line of text on the paper saying mentioning a court in Northampton which she knows nothing about, she has never received any documents from a court in Northampton. The white van leaves and returns about 1 hour later stating they are towing the vehicle away at 17.15hrs unless she pays up, she explains she doesn't get paid until next week and asks what is the hurry to tow a clamped vehicle the chap explains by the end of the evening she will be paying him £1,000 pound, and asks her for her log book and keys -- which she no longer has. My friend telephones her son who is due home from work (she does not live at the property anymore) her son and his girlfriend actually live there, she lives with her partner, her son pulls up and beeps at the van , one of the occupants gets out and asks her son where he lives he says he lives next door , they then ask him to park as close to the house as possible as they are going to tow a vehicle. He then proceeds to park his car at the top of his drive the white van cannot get onto the drive, eventually the white van leaves after threatening to call the police, my friend did call the Police, they told her not to pay and gave her a reference number the officer said it sounded like extortion The new owner of the vehicle arrived later that night arranged her boyfriends pick up truck and took her car away stating no one had any right to clamp her car and of the bailiffs want the clamp back they can pay for it. What will happen to my friend, will she be arrested, shes very upset by the whole thing, I have known her for twenty years she would not ignore a parking ticket
  2. I am writing my response as we speak - type , with reference to the original offence of speeding - this is not mentioned anywhere on previous court / police documents ? I'm going to address that first an then move onto due process, which I have not been given
  3. please put them back, I'm not worried about the reference numbers thanks
  4. Hi, I don't have that car registration anymore- no one does it was written off , can you put my letters back
  5. the letters are attached 1 the first letter dated 22/06/2016 is the first letter I received 2 the court letter let me know what you think caroline Epson_04052016191741.pdf Epson_04052016191847.pdf
  6. please find one of the letters Epson_04052016191847.pdf
  7. I was probably speeding, and I should take that punishment, but should i not be obliged to due process,
  8. I have made it very very clear I did not receive any letter, reminder, or a threat of court action,and not under any circumstance would i plead guilty to failure to provide,the court has a copy of all the documents i sent to the police, i feel like.....they know i have not had the documents but will settle for any prosecution
  9. I don't agree to the substitution, It should never have got to court in the first place , I probably need to speak to a solicitor and get some legal advice
  10. Hi I got a copy of the picture with the court documents, nothing before hand the paperwork I received from court states Notice of a new date of hearing Reasons the matter has been adjourned because : 1 the police would accept a guilty plea to the original offence of speeding instead of the notice offence please respond to the court before the next hearing personally I did not know they could do that , as speeding is not on the summons the original letter I received 22/06/2015 was a type written letter - white headed paper , white envelope - I have to admit , I thought the letter had been sent by one of my colleagues playing a prank from the alleged incident date 22/02/2015 to 22/06/2015 I received nothing from Sheffield Police - no request , not even the - if you do not respond - we will take you to court , absolutely nothing I have 10 years no claims and a clean licence - 3 points would cost me 6 pound increase insurance a year for three years - a speed awareness course would cost whatever they cost I did not try to avoid either of these punishments , it would be pointless and no benefit to myself
  11. Hi Ford, the court got my reply pleading not guilty , the have adjourned the case until May , then wrote to me stating the police would accept a guilty plea to speeding instead of failure to provide Speeding Is not a charge listed in the summons what I would like to happen is that the police let me take a speed awareness course and be done with it which is what should have happened in the first place
  12. no not at all, Ive lived here for 10 years, On the court summons I asked that Sheffield Police provide proof of postage,
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