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Found 21 results

  1. From the Guardian. Some people omitted to notify a change of address, but it seems the NHS has made mistakes. I know people here have been affected. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/10/nhs-falsely-accuses-thousands-patients-prescription-fraud
  2. Help – falsely accused! I have received ESA (contribution based) since 2011. After years of only receiving awards letters that notified of payment rates, I received an Interview Under Caution (IUC) a few months back, which led to me realising that having claimed my pensions early for medical reasons last year, that I should have informed the DWP. I honestly did not know this, because none of the awards letters ever mentioned mention this, the last time I went on the .gov website regarding ESA was back around 2011/2012 when claiming my pensions was the last thing on my mind. Since 2011/12 my health has worsened and I went through a difficult divorce, the reasons why I claimed my pensions early. I went to the IUC and cooperated stating that I honestly did not know I needed to inform them when being on ‘contributions based’ ESA none of my x-wife’s earnings or savings dividends etc were ever taken into account. I expected to have to pay the overpayment back AND “off recording” the DWP Officer said it was very unlikely I would be prosecuted. I paid the overpayment when the letter confirmed how much I owed. HOWEVER, imagine my shock horror when I received a letter last week asking me to pay 50% of the overpayment (with loss of benefits for a month) OR face going to court to be prosecuted and get a criminal record?! – surely this is here to target benefit fraudsters NOT those who have acted in all innocence in a way that most people would understand in the circumstances?. At the moment I cannot afford a solicitor I feel that this is very unfair and am considering going to court and representing myself to clear my name, since I understand that even paying the Administrative Penalty is an admission of guilt I do not agree that I have committed an offence, let alone ‘knowingly’ withheld information without ‘reasonable excuse’. I also now understand that the amounts of money involved are below what the DWP would normally process this way and why they did not go down the civil investigation route I don’t know? (this apparently normally ends with a Civil Penalty of £50 instead of an Administrative penalty of £700+.....). With the stress of all this, on top of worsening health, and still coming to terms post divorce where the main factor was my poor health, any tips information recommendations would be great fully appreciated. THANK YOU.
  3. [/HMRC are claiming that a "further information" box was ticked but there was no further information included on a child tax credit form from five years ago when my daughter was attending college and now want the payments back. I know for a fact I hadn't ticked this box as there wasn't any additional information. Could I please have suggestions as to how to deal with this?
  4. A bit about myself: I live in Scotland, am a middle aged divorcee with Multiple Sclerosis who has (or had, before now) a completely clean record. Last week I came home find a card through my door from the police informing me that they had called to speak to me and would I please contact PC Thingumajig to arrange a time to talk regarding 'an ongoing investigation'. I had no idea what this could be about and my medical condition leaves me embarrassingly prone to panic reactions in even the most innocuous out-of-the-norm situations. I immediately started panicking that I had done something illegal to warrant the police at my door but after talking it out with a friend we concluded that perhaps I had witnessed something that the police were investigating as I don't live in the best area. I phoned the PC and arranged to come in the next day to see him but completely spaced on asking why he needed to speak with me. When I got to the police station I was taken into a small room with only a table and three chairs, PC Thingumajig asked me to sit down and as he sat in front of me and pulled out his notebook a second PC came in behind him and closed the door. I started to get a little shaky as it was quite intimidating (this second PC was vaguely familiar to me as one that had treated a friend of mine particularly badly last year). I was shocked and stunned when I was told that I had been accused by the local Boots of shoplifting a mascara the previous week. I told them that I had not but as I was in full panic mode at this point I could not really digest the information they were giving me. They told me that they had witnesses who had seen me take it and had followed me out of the store and through the shopping mall, as well as CCTV footage of the incident. They were quite frankly not interested in any explanation I had for what had occurred on the two occasions that I recalled being in the store over recent weeks. When I told them of my medical condition and its effect on my memory (particularly in stressful situations) as the reason why I could not remember the day in question, the intimidating one immediately latched on to this as an explanation for my thieving ways and would not let it go. My record was checked and since it was clean I was told they could issue an official police warning or if I wanted to contest they would charge me and send it to the PF who would decide whether to take it to court or not. By this time I was so distressed and confused I was beginning to doubt my OWN honesty so I agreed to the warning in order to avoid the stress and pressure of the long drawn out legal procedure which could have had devastating consequences for my health. The warning was issued as well as a ban from Boots stores (I will never be darkening their doorstep again in any event - physically or digitally). Since that time I have been so stressed I have had panic attacks when I enter the shopping mall where I do volunteer work once a week, am prone to crying uncontrollably, have been unwilling to leave my home and unable to socialise with my friends. The stress has also had a deleterious effect on my health by worsening the symptoms of my MS. I have only recently been able to look at the warning notice and comprehend the date of the alleged incident which was almost exactly a week prior and, now that I can ponder it with a clear head, I DO recollect the day in question as I was re-starting art classes on that date. I DID enter the store more than once (a point they made repeatedly) as I had wanted to print a photo from my phone and, because their machine's USB was not recognising my device, I used the USB from my portable charger and accidentally left it in their machine. I had returned a couple of hours later to retrieve it. Since the photo printer is at the opposite end of the store from the make-up section I have no idea why they think I pocketed a mascara but since I was nowhere near that area of the shop (except to enter and leave) I have no idea why I have been accused of this crime - the only thing I pocketed in the store was my own property! Is there any way I can get the store to at least apologise for humiliating me and can I get the police to rescind the warning? Do they not have to stop me AT THE TIME instead of waiting a week to apprehend? Should I be worried as to how the police got my name and address? The only way I can think is to have accessed my prescription history at the pharmacy. They wouldn't let me see the CCTV footage either when I asked and I'm pretty sure the Data Protection Act gives me that right. I would really appreciate any advice I can get.
  5. Please help !!! I hired NIFTYLIFT ACCESS PLATFORM for a couple of hours on the 25th of May and on the 1st of June I have a email that returned machine is broken and they asking me to pay over 1,000 as a cost repair. Its a nonsense!! Equipment has been collected from site by the driver from hss and was on the same condition as taken. The Driver/ collection person didn't say anything that is something wrong and didn't give me as well any paper work to signed stating faults or damages, I didn't get anything, now they want me to pay . Please let me have a template letter as I dont know how to respond - I am shocked !!!! Please help:mad2:
  6. Last month I had reported to HR my colleague who accused me of tampering with my holidays and taking more that I was supposed to. The investigation showed that I was entitled to every single holiday I took and apparently the accuser got a disciplinary action. In the final decision meeting with the HR , I was told the accuser would receive 3 or 6 months record on his file . I read today the HR policy and it states 6 months on file for a normal first level (out of 5) verbal warning. According to the whispers , he only got 3 months My questions are: - Should have I received a formal letter with the investigation outcome? - This letter should tell me exactly what the disciplinary action was and how long would it be on file? - Has the time gone by now for me to request further information? Should I just ignore this? Thank you
  7. On 2nd May this year I received a letter from Rossendales, dated 30th April 2015, at my parent's address. The letter was concerning council tax owing Liverpool City Council from July 2014 for an address I moved out of. I'm guessing the council tax is covering the short period between that last month's council tax I paid and the date I moved out of the residence. I thought I notified the council of my forwarding address (my parent's) but can't find evidence of this and they told me this past month that I never. This correspondence was the first of any kind I have received via phone, email or mail from both the council and Rossendales. I called Rossendales 2 weeks ago on my lunch break (after attempting (and failing) to contact them via email and their website contact form) questioning the enforcement fee and previous correspondence this letter refers to, to which they replied that they were sending letters to my old address, the one passed to them by the council. My question to them is, if they had my parent's address why is it only now, almost 1 year later are they sending mail there. No enforcement agent has been to my parent's address. No mail has been sent to my parent's address. I paid the man on the phone (Rossendales) the council tax fee of 54.80 making sure I stated that it was only for the initial debt and that I am disputing the enforcement costs [calls are recorded, right?]. My question is, has this been seen before where they are claiming correspondence that has not taken place? and/or know if I can argue these so called charges? I have contacted the Council on several occasions over the past month and they've just told me I need to contact Rossendales while the man I spoke to at Rossendales told me I need to get the council to dispute those extra enforcement charges. I've never had to deal with anything like this before and have a spotless credit rating, I'm scared that I'm going to be screwed when looking to buy my first house next year for the sake of a stupid 50 quid :'( but I also can't afford to pay those costs. Council Tax due: 54.80 Enforcement Costs incurred: 310 Paid: 54.80
  8. Please only read this if you can provide useful help. I am just a small cog, in a huge manufacturing plant that has its own site security who man the gates checking lorries leaving. This morning I had to leave night shift early due to a private hospital appointment. This was pre-planned, and accepted by my boss, and I also had the proof letter. There are 2 lanes to exit, with retractable bollards, and safety barriers that can also be raised. As there was a long que of lorries in the left hand lane, I chose to use the open right hand lane as the first set of bollards & barriers were open. This is something we always do when usually leaving after a shift. As I approached, the security lady waved her right arm backward and forwards as if to indicate me to move forwards. She then turned around and started shouting to my surprise. I was by now past the first lowered bollards, and in the 'security box'. Ahead the 2nd barriers were raised, but the 2nd bollards up. She shouted, " I told you to stop, you need to reverse and go to the back" I told her don't be stupid it is dark and raining, and would she open the barriers. She got the hump and made threats to 'report' me for calling her stupid. I said, do whatever you need to, but can I just get home now as I have permission for my appointment, and I am in my own time. She refused, and then took my name & reg, and asked for my company ID, which I gave her. I told her again I needed to go and moved the car an inch. She stood in front of my car and stopped me there while she shouted to the other guard to close the other barrier preventing my exit. She now has my reg, ID and name, and still is refusing to let me go home. I said, and I quote "Look, you have my details, lets just deal with this Monday" She said "You wont have a job on Monday" I said "Well we'll see won't we" ...she carried on the radio for a few minutes when I just told her "look, I have permission to leave this site for a medical reason for which I will hold you responsible" She lowered the bollard and I left. Now this was 5 mins of my time I won't get back, and I do not appreciate being threatened by a hitler security guard on my way out of a very physical job. There are 2 lanes to exit. I did not think it was unreasonable as the left hand lane was full of commercial lorries being checked, for me as an employee who works hard, to use the right hand lane which was open. I did not appreciate having my ID taken, and kept against my will. I did not commit a criminal offence. This is all on CCTV as she told me. Great, I would like to see that as everything I have said happened they will see. Can I SAR them for the footage of me by any chance? It is data, and do they have to comply? What I would also like help with please is if any, is what workplace offences she, or I may have committed, as my workplace uses a kangaroo court style justice system where they trump up charges to boost their own ego. I have been through a tribunal myself, which I won, and I know that there has to be proof of EVERYTHING for things to stick legally. They cannot take one side over the other, which is what they will do anyway, as they like to get one over us on the shop floor by 'doing someone' regularly to show their superiority. Also, was I falsely imprisoned, threatened unfairly etc.. It is now 7am, 2 hours after I left work, and I cannot sleep due to this stressing me out, and I have to be up for the hospital at 12pm. Thanks for reading.
  9. I stopped in a loading bay at Hammersmith to load items in my car, their traffic management Order states clearly that "if you are disabled or are injured you can stop for as long as it takes to set down or pick up with your bags/luggage, no time limit. The council lied at the tribunal and refused to give a copy of this traffic management Order. The tribunal Judge referred the decision to the council who still wanted the money from me. The tribunal is aware that they lied but will not do anything about it, I tried judicial review but they said the tribunal had no case to answer so they did not deal with it. I have contacted the ombudsman but they said to write to the council again and have this investigated first before they will deal with it, but the council will not investigate because the tribunal has found in their favor so they still want this injustice to continue. They have now applied for a recovery Order again and I need to apply for a TE7 extension of time in order to have this dealt with by the ombudsman. Any one has any help and or advice? TNX
  10. On 28th July I was falsely accused of shoplifting by a very intimidating security guard at Tesco. I was marched into an office at the rear of the store and the duty manager called. I was accused of concealing a mascara under my bag in my trolley. I explained that I had place it there to stop it falling out and that I had had a long emotionally hot draining day at training and was not concentrating. They then found a birthday card and a pack of pens and some spot cream that I had also forgotten about - having paid for the rest of my shopping I offered to pay immediately and explained my lack of focus. I was told that I had already had the opportunity to pay and they had cctv to prove I had concealed the mascara. As the items were less than £10 they said that they would not involve the police. I (stupidly ?) supplied my name and address and was issued a life time ban from all stores in the UK. I received a letter from RLP saying I owe £147.50 for this "act of wrong doing". Having not read this forum at the time I replied by email stating that I would not pay as this was a genuine mistake and that I had offered to pay for the items on 2 occasions. I have now received a 2nd letter saying that I now owe £90 and that if I had paid for the items after being apprehended it would not be a deterrant to me doing this again!! 1. Should I just ignore this after stating my innocence and mistake? 2. Can I be arrested for trespass if I enter any Tesco store and petrol station ( yes I asked them this at the time! was in shock) ? Many thanks in advance - wish I had read this forum before emailing them!
  11. I recently visited a well known discounted grocery store to purchase a item that I wanted - I had with me a rucksack over my shoulder as the store doesn't give out free carrier bags . The store didn't have the product I wanted so I walked out of the store passed a empty checkout and into the car park . A few seconds later a young female member of staff came running out of the store and placed her hand on my shoulder , I had some earphones in so I took them out to see what she wanted . She said she wanted to look in my bag as I had stolen something from the store , I protested that I hadn't stolen anything from the store and had the rucksack as the company doesn't give out free carrier bags and that loads of people carry rucksacks in there store . she once again said I had stolen something from the store and demanded to look in my bag . I refused and said she couldn't as I hadn't stolen anything and the only person who had a right to look in my bag was a policeman and she was more than welcome to call the police and they could search me . she refused to call the police but still demanded to look in my bag and was shouting at me in the middle of the car park outside the store and saying I was a thief in front of customers who was going in and out of the store (unfortunately I knew some of them) , after a while of her shouting at me and calling me a thief and me saying call the police she turned round and went back in the store. I stood in the carpark for a while to calm down and recover myself from the situation . I walked back into the store to talk to a manager of the store to sort out what was going on , I first found the young girl who accused me of shoplifting and asked her if the manger was available to speak to , she said there was no manager or assistant manager and that she was incharge of the store , I asked if there was a complaint procedure I was told no and that the manager would be back tomorrow and I should speak to them , she then went on to say I had no right to complain as I was in the wrong and we had a few choice words in the store with her still calling me a shoplifter - I was wondering what rights I have and what I can do about this incident
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for your opinions on a really stressful situation I've found myself in. Any comments appreciated! I visited a used car dealership interested in a specific car. The dealer told me if I wanted it, it would be fully serviced and would have a new MOT before I took it away. The dealer provided me with a paper print off with the same details showing. I did purchase the car a week later the service light came on. I called the dealer and was told "the garage must have forgotten to reset it, bring the car in and I'll take it up to them for you". I thought this unusual as it was the dealers stamp in the book and not the garage he said had forgotten. a few days later I visited the dealer and he wanted me to leave the car with him, I insisted I came too and we drove to a mechanics garage. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, it looked like the mechanic was refusing to turn the light off initially, but eventually he came and did so, after a long conversation with the dealer. The next day it still didnt feel right to me, I visited the mechanic and he told me he had not done a service on the car at all ever, and had only carried out an MOT. I went to the dealership and the dealer became quite angry and shouty, telling me he never said he'd service it fully, and had changed the oil, which in his opinion is an 'engine service'. The advertisement clearly states 'full MOT and service before the car is driven away". He clearly falsely advertised the car and has now even had the service light reset, knowing he hadn't had a service done at all! If a dealer will act like this and the mechanic he uses is willing to reset service lights without doing the work, I'm worried if even the MOT was carried out properly! Where do I stand legally on this? What options do I have? Thank you!!
  13. Hi there, I'm about to book a holiday with a company I have used many times before, and this is in fact my fourth trip with them. I do like this company, so don't wish to appear to be putting them in a bad light. Nevertheless, I believe they are not honouring their discounting system. I will explain the situation below - I am simply asking to know what my discount for the trip should be and why. As I've mentioned, this is my fourth trip, and as such, I qualify for a customer loyalty discount (see the info below). There will be two people being booked together on this trip with myself making the actual booking: Me (fourth time booking) My girlfriend (first time booking) My question is, how much discount off the total cost of the trip should there be in this scenario? Please consider your thoughts before reading mine below - I will post mine as an additional post for impartiality. Many thanks, Adrian
  14. Last week I visited and then bought a dog on Gumtree which was advertised as "recently vet checked and in excellent health". However, when I got him home I noticed that he kept shaking his head and upon looking saw that he had an extremely serious ear infection....his poor ear was a complete mess Next day I took him to my own vet who couldn't even inspect it properly because it was so sore but started him on antibiotics. I tried to get hold of previous owner but she was not returning my calls or texts. i tracked down her vet who confimred she has taken him in 10 days previous for his ear problem and again it was so sore it could not be properly inspected. they started him on antibiotics and was due to take him back 3 days later but never did ...that is obviously when she put him up for sale. As she advertised him as recently vet checked and in "excellent health" do I have a case against her of false advertising and fraud? thanks you
  15. Default falsely accused of shoplifting I was in a shopping mall with my partner yesterday when we were approached by a security guard and asked to leave the mall as "we weren't shopping to their satisfaction." Admittedly I laughed at first and said "why is there a special way to shop?". He apologised and said it wasn't under his orders but had come from "upstairs". Of course we refused to leave until given a full explanation as to why we were asked to leave. A policeman appeared and said that I had been seen in Debenhams placing a large box of aftershave in my handbag then taking it out again because I knew I'd been "spotted". In reality the salesgirl had told us this aftershave was a limited edition with only two bottles remaining and there was also a free sample along with it. Admittedly I picked up the bottle and took a few steps away from her and spoke to my partner about what a bargain it was when a 75ml was £66 but 180ml was only £10 pounds more. My partner had recently bought a new bottle so we conversed about to buy or not. During this time I was sideways on to two salesgirls in the dior department and sideways on to the salesgirl we had just spoken to so not out of anyones sight in fact the middle of an aisle. So we decide to buy the aftershave go back to the salesgirl hand her the box and ask for the free sample which she then carries to the till and I pay for with my debenhams card. All is well with the world I thought. We then proceeded to walk the full length of the mall looking for whsmiths for my partner to buy his niece an educational gift for her birthday. I happily stared at the top book list whilst he went looking for a gift to get the call from my partner to say we were wanted outside. Now as I explained to the police and head of security I had the box at all times in the opposite hand to my handbag and at no time EVER did I try to place it in my bag. The store detective claimed I'd been seen placing it in to my handbag (would have taken ten minutes of fumbling to have done that as not large bag and as usual full of a womans junk) then "spotted" I'd been seen so took it back out of my bag and went to the salesgirl to pay for it. Does this sound like the actions of a thief would I have not just put it back on the shelf rather than shell out £76 on aftershave?? None of it made any sense when I asked to see cctv footage of this "alleged" crime I was told it wasn't on cctv but it was on cctv me going back over to the salesgirl and my transaction taking place. The store "detective" would not let the salesgirl verify that she had heard us debating over the purchase and would not allow us back in the store. However the head of security of the mall said "it was stupid" and that he was quite happy for us to carry on shopping in the rest of the mall. I opened up my bag to prove I wouldn't have got a bottle that size in my bag and offered for them to check other items and receipts for other items we'd bought but they all declined. I told them I would take this as far as I possibly could as the only explanation I could think of is that we are a mixed race couple and someone took objection to this. I'd like to know my legal rights please and how far I can take this false accusation. I felt really humiliated as all this was played out in public.
  16. Hi, I wonder if any one can advise, I have just received a message from a friend who advised she had just been barred from the local village shop which is also the post office, she said she was paying for her items with her young daughter and her mother and forgot one item as it was on the pushchair, this is a local Nisa shop, the owners son came over and accused her of stealing, despite my friends protests and she hadn't left the shop yet either, she felt intimidated, humiliated and was bullied into signing a form, I dont know what this form was, but is there anything she can do???
  17. Hi, Wanted some advice around being caught with a train ticket that had a false (future) date penciled over the original expiry of the ticket. The person has been called into a police station for voluntary questioning about this. I suspect the police will want to know the facts, then decide whether there is sufficient evidence to potentially prosecute for fraud and have a court issue a summons. This interview with the police will take place over the next couple of weeks. What are their options? To admit liability to the police? To hire a costly solicitor and maybe draft a letter to the train company to settle out of court if possible? (I know court is just a future possibility but I'd say highly likely). How "fraudulent" will this be seen by the court? No previous convictions, can provide evidence of immediately prior to this incident of paying for monthly tickets for perhaps the last 5+ years via bank statement evidence. What is the best course of action if this does go to court? Have them represent themselves, admit liability, show evidence this was truly a one-off and hope to get away with a fine + court costs?
  18. My husband and i had been in a particular Tesco store quite a few times as i had been looking for a Stylus for my Samsung phone. Different staff had helped by using various styluses including one for Samsung but none had worked. They mentioned something about having a Universal one i could try but was currently out of stock and said on 2 occasions they would give me a call when this particular one cme in. They never called. Anyway one evening last month myself and my husband had gone into the same store. We had been out for the whole day but i wanted to go to the store to get a few things for work the next day. We ended up being in the store for a long time as i was looking at clothes. Also one customer had asked me what i thought of a particular jacket that was for sale there so we hd a long chat. We were just about to go an pay for our shopping when i remembered i wanted to go and look at the Styluses. I have a multitude of medical conditions including M.E so feel very drained much of the time but i always make the mistake of pushing myself too much/far.. We went over to look at the styluses. I noticed there was one there (Universal) which was in an unopened box. When i say unopened i mean the box was not sealed, taped etc. Obviously had the box been sealed i wouldnt have dreamt of trying to open it.. I knew i needed to try it on my phone to see if it worked. As it was after 1.00am by this time and there were no staff about to ask i took the stylus from the box and tried it on my phone. As with what happens with M.E i felt by this time more drained than ever and knew i was so tired i needed to go and thought i would look at the stylus another time. I gave the stylus to my husband and said "can you put this back, i am feeling very drained i need to go" and walked away. Unbeknown to me my husband thought i was giving him one of my pens as i am always doing this eg giving him my car keys and much more so he was used to mehanding him things. We were both half asleep. He put the pen in his pocket and put the box on the shelf. We paid for our shopping which came to £70.00 and then proceeded to leave (unbeknown to me he had the pen in his pocket). As much as i can see what this perhaps looks like it was a genuine mistake on my husbands part. He may be Absent minded but he is not a thief. We of course were collared by members of staff and taken into a back room. One of the staff kept continuously saying to me "you have done nothing wrong". They wouldnt allow my husband to speak to explain what happened. We were shouted at and received the most horrendous abuse. I explained all i had done was give the pen to my husband as at the point i was completely drained. The Security guard who had previously been aware i had been looking for a stylus pushed me when i asked what i had done. he said we are accusing you of aiding and abetting.and pushed me. I said i had done nothing wrong. One of the staff searched our bag ad asked if we had stolen anything else. Of course we hadnt! They called the Police and as i have never been in trouble in my life i asked for a lawyer. One Police officer said i didnt need a lawyer as i wasnt been charged with anything. Also the member of staff who had repeatedly said i had done nothing wrong took my clubcard and i was told i was banned from the shop. When i explained i had taken the pen out the box as the box was open and not taped, sealed etc one Police Officer informed me it was still stealing. They wouldnt let him speak and one of the sraff said to him where is it? My hsuband thinking he had my pen and nothing else told them he didnt have anything. When he realized what they were talking about he took it out and said "do you mesn this? i thought it was my wifes pen" They wouldnt allow him to speak. I have never stole anything in my life let alone been in trouble and in fact all my friends say i am too honest for my own good. I have been shopping in Tesco for over 40 years and this has never happened. Neither myself or my husband have ever been in trouble. I have recently received a letter from head Office saying that after investigation the Manager of the store acted appropriately and that we had a "Pending Charge" and were also banned from the store from life. I cant sleep properly since this happened as i have not done anything wrong and am worried sick when i apply for future jobs this "Pending Charge" will show up in a Pre Employment check.especially as i work in Banking. I have spoken to a few different lawyers about this. Each one tells me something different regarding the checks. They all have also said that they may forget about it, take it to court or give us a fine. My husband had been absent minded. He is neither a thief nor stupid and why would he try to take a pen when we had all the shopping and also knew there were cameras everywhere. This has come as the icing on the cake after a serious of nightmares which have taken place since we moved here including the fact my car got broken in which incidentally the police cant do anything about.My husband didnt even get a chance to explain what had happened. After being told i wasnt being charged with anything another police officer came in after speaking to the staff in private said he was also charging me with theft. I said on what grounds what have i done? Show me the CCTV which no-one would. He said" i will save it for Court". So he had charged me but couldnt tell me why> Why would my husband try to take a pen worth a measley 10.00 when we had paid 70.00 for shopping. I am living my life wondering what is going to happen next and wondering why i am having all this bad luck as i havent done any harm to anyone in my life.
  19. Hi I am hoping some one can advise me if there is anything I can do about this. I went in to wilkinsons today to get my dog a new toy, i picked it up, walked towards the queue which was huge so decided against it just for a dog toy, i put it back on a shelf and walked out. I then a had a rather burley bloke come and tap me on the shoulder who was un uniformed, had no id or had anything showing he worked there tap me on the shoulder and asked me if i had taken anything and not paid for it, (no alarm etc had gone off) i said no and then asked if he even worked there (i genuinely thought it was just some strange man as he had no identification and was stood half messing with his phone) he said he did to which I replied he didnt look like he did, he repeated he did and asked me to go back in to the store... I looked at him wasn't sure what to believe so just said no and walked off. I went to the shop next door to buy what i went in to wilkinsons for and when i came out there was the same man with 3 or 4 other uniformed men who then pointed at me. At this point I started panicking as I wasn't sure what was going on and I was still sure they were just strange men as they all came and stood in front of me. I got a bit iratate at this point as you would as I have never stolen anything in my life and when i asked why he thought this i just kept being asked to go back in the store (by this point there was one other man there who did have a uniform on and so i knew it was legit) I turned to the main guard who was clearly on a power trip and said that I would but I was going to make him look like an idiot as I hadnt got anything and afterwards I would complain and I wouldn't let this go, to which he kept repeating 'that's not gonna happen, no you wont' and everytime i said 'oh i will' he got a bit closer and slowed down his words...pure intimidation. I went back in the store in to their back room past all the staring people (by which point i started to get upset as it was embarrassing and i was on my own) There was a lady sitting in the corner who looked like she thought it was all ridic and looked a bit embarassed, the man in uniform and one of the men un-uniformed. The un uniformed man asked me what had happened while i was in the shop, i told him. I also started saying about the fact Im a 26 year old girl on my own and the security guard had no uniform or id etc so what was i supposed to think? the uniformed man then went on to say it's something they are looking at. He kept trying to turn it all back on me saying i made a scene outside to which i said i got a bit angry as i was scared and upset and annoyed as I hadn't done anything and had had these men surrpunding me who i wasn't sure had anything to do with the store!!!.. .It went on and I said for them to look through my bag.. .he said he didn't need to do that as he was happy with what had been said. ..at which point i said i was far from and they hadnt heard the last of it and i left, again with everyone staring It really shook me up and when i got outside a lady called me over bc i started crying and said she was going to call and complain as it was bang out of order. it has really upset me and i def wont be going back in to shop mainly for the reason i am so embarrased! I am sat here feeling all bothered, the reason I went in to the shopping centre was to get anxiety medication prescription and instead got this and then forgot to get my prescription as i just wanted to go home Can anyone advise please? Thank you
  20. Hi all, Hoping somebody can help, I'm posting this on behalf of my girlfriend. Sometime last year, an ex she was seeing opened a joint account at Santander in his & her names, at her address which she only found out about recently when a cheque book, debit card (she has never used these and tore them up immediately) and paper statements started to arrive at her address. She opened the statements and discovered the account is very very badly managed, into an overdraft with charges being levied on the account regularly, she is now worried that if this guy decides to stop having his wages paid in she is going to be liable for the debt due to it being registered at her address. A while after they split, she completed a form to have her name taken off the account which this guy was meant to have handed in but clearly hasn't, and no amount of phone calls to Santander has helped, culminating today in them telling her that they cannot take her name off the account without his say so, however he no longer speaks to her and wont return any calls or messages on the issue. Can anybody advise what options she has?
  21. Hi i'm looking for some advice here i was renting a managed propery through a letting agent. at the end of the tennancy the letting agent claimed a large proportion of the (rather large) deposit for repairs to the property. The property was then re-let with a different letting agent. While the property was open for viewings with the other letting agent i viewed the property only to find out that none of the repairs to the property had been carried out. At this point i beleive i should consult with a solicitor, however my finances are somewhat limited. I beleive this is a clear case of fraud. Is there any reason i should think otherwise?
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