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  1. My wife has recently received a claim form from Restons on behalf of Cabot for an old HBOS credit card debt. We will be defending the claim because we're pretty certain that they're not going to be able to get a signed agreement with the acct number on it. I've sent an Acknowledgement of Service, and have filled out the questionaire below. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue – 05 June 2017 What is the claim for – The Claimant Claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the
  2. Name of the Claimant ? Arrow global Guernsey Ltd Date of issue – 24/10/16 Date to submit defence = 4pm 25/11/16 What is the claim for – 1.The claimant claims the payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract between the defendents and hbos dated on or around Jan 17 2002 and assigned to the claimant on Oct 11 2006 Particulars a/c no - XXXX Date Item Value 11/12/2015 default balance 2000 Post Refri Cr NIL TOTAL 2000 Wh
  3. Dear Everyone, I am going to submit a PPI claim for a Ford car loan I got from a ford dealer in 2007. The ford sales man said the PPI was compulsory to get the loan. It was my first car loan. I have a print out of all the payments made, and the final balance being cleared which HBOS provided me. However, the monthly payments are the aggregate of the loan repayment + the PPI. I don't know how much the PPI component was and don't have the original documentation or loan agreement, but have proof of the loan and it being paid back. My question is: Do I need to kn
  4. Hi, Had a letter today from DLC regarding an outstanding CCJ, in that letter they are stating that it is currently being enforced by way of a charging order. Now I've done a bit of research and it appears that they are stating they have a charging order against my property. The thing is I live in rented accomodation and havent had a mortgaged property of any sort since 2009, this is now owned by the local council who bought it following repossesion. My question is, are DLC being fraudulent by claiming a charging order exists or does one still exist at my old property.
  5. Hi, I am really stressed. I have received claim forms for the County Court for a HBOS debt being claimed by Lowell/Bryan Carter. The claim is for £740. I did have a Halifax account a few years ago and it went into arrears for around £150. Is there anyway I can ask the court for them to make Bryan Carter provide full information for the amount claimed as I am not certain it is this debt and can't work out how it has gotten to so much? TIA
  6. HI Wonder if anyone can help been served a stat demand through door today ,when not it is this legal. Also asked my neighbour if I lived here! Now its 14 days to demand an old CC I had not sure if its stat barred Can anyone give me advice on what I need to do please, thank you in advance
  7. Morning All . Have started looking into the packaged account /fee paying account i had a few years ago . It was from Bank of Scotland . Looking through the info pack they sent to me i see that part of the monthly fee was for Card protection insurance .there are a few other insurances such as basic travel ,emergency home repair etc ,rac / aa road side assist . my question is as it was a single fee for a number of different products and one of these bundled products have being ruled to be fraudulent (card protection ) would that be sufficient grounds to reclaim the premiums paid as ultim
  8. Hi all Been very quiet on here for quite a while, due to no DCA's trying to contact me about the usual. Today however, I have received a letter from a company called Drydens Fairfax. There is perhaps one debt I have that COULD still be enforceable - mortgage shortfall, sadly! All the others to the best of my knowledge, Statute barred. Any idea who the clients of this outfit could be?? The letter is the DCA's usual, "Are you XXX? Do you know where XXX is?? If you are not XXX, please accept our apologies........." and so on and so forth. Obviousl
  9. Hello, Any advice and help on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated. I received the attached county court claim today at an address i have not lived at for a number of years. It is for an old debt with HBOS. I'm not sure how old the debt is and i'm not quite sure how i can find out. I have not had any contact with HBOS for a number of years or with Lowell at all. I am assuming Lowell has bought the debt from HBOS and is now chasing me for it. I never entered into a contract with Lowell nor have I ever had contact with them so do I
  10. I have a joint Halifax account with my ex which is still open but not used. I have highlighted £100's of charges in my statements (mostly missed DDs), going back to 2006. Can I reclaim these without his consent? If awarded a claim I would lodge the cheque in this account. Also, we separated 2 years ago, have 4 kids , and £1,000s in debt in credit cards (paying an agreed £50 per month) , and unsecured loans (which are in my name). He contributes nothing to the upbringing of his kids, and I am left to pay the mortgage and insurance etc. do I state these reasons of "Financial hards
  11. Hi Everyone, I 'am looking for some advice if anyone can help i have been in mortgage arrears for a considerable time and on a number of occasions which have resulted in HBOS seeking possession through the courts. In the latest court case the HALIFAX were successful in gaining an eviction. However with the Bailiffs arriving in the house my sister paid a substantial payment in agreement with the HALIFAX to avoid an eviction. I have recently received a letter from the Halifax stating that the solicitors Charges will be £2340.00 which has been debited
  12. Just on the news, Paul Lewis from BBC Moneybox says that HBOS have been referred by the Northern Ireland Attorney General to the Police, for possible fraud. This relates to double accounting on mortgage arrears, which the Attorney General believes it is possible that a fraudulent act has taken place. Because this relates to an ongoing Police enquiry, people should be careful what they say when replying to this thread. We would not wish to prejudice any potential prosecution. But it is interesting, because if HBOS are proved to have mortgage accounting processess which are not legal
  13. In June 2002 I applied for and duly received a marbles c/c, then issued by HFC Bank Limited. Attached is a redacted copy of the agreement which I received following an SAR to HBOS, the now owners of marbles. As far as I'm aware the agreement was a single sheet, as here, although it's possible there might have been a separately enclosed sheet or there might have been some information on the reverse of this sheet. However, I'm pretty certain that I signed only on the face, in the box just above the HFC rep's signature, bottom right, and neither initialed nor sign
  14. Hi My PPI claim for a Halifax credit card has now been with the ombudsman for FOUR years and counting, seemingly without an end in sight. Only 11 months of that was spent waiting for my case to reach the front of the FOS queue to be assessed. The remaining 3+ years has been purely down to delaying tactics, stonewalling, and worse by the bank. I apologise for the long post, but to provide some detail: In March 2010 HBOS agreed, in writing, that I was due a refund & that this should be calculated according to the FOS guidelines, as this was "the only fair and reasonable wa
  15. Dear Members, Decided to check my credit report today and found that on May 1st this year a CCJ for just under £10k was registered against me, details given are for an old address of mine. My intention is to contest this, apologies but the details are patchy as the matter relates to a very old account. Judgement 02 May 2013 Northampton CCBC Default recorded Dec 2008 (HBOS Credit Card) just under £7k - so they are claiming £3k of interest/costs No notice of assignment received from IND No paperwork received in relation to the CCJ as I do not live at the address on the cl
  16. Hi all. Lowells have purchased a debt from HBOS, which I am presuming is an old unsecured loan, which had around £500? or so left to pay from a £10k loan. Due to personal stuff going on (don't we all have it) the debt was not cleared. Lowell's solicitors BW Legal have issued a claim for an amount that does not make any sense to me. The 'amount claimed' section states they are claiming £9xx. then court fee/solicitors fees are added. However, in the particulars of the claim, the amount they state I owe is £12xx 'being monies due from the defendant to the
  17. Hello, In 2008, HBOS repossessed a house. This happened because: 1. HBOS did not follow my instructions to make direct debit adjustments to my personal bank account and neither did they update my address (to a property not mortgaged by themselves). 2. Mortgage monthly payments were not made in respect of two houses. 3. Because of the failing in #1 above, I did not receive any communication that there was a problem. I only found out about the problem after a tenant called me saying that she had received a 'Notice of Eviction' from the court. I contacted the bank by way
  18. t is ridiculous the amount of power Banks and Credit Agencies have over our lives. We have a joint account with Halifax and not used since 2010. I wrote a cheque that took me £4.71 over. I could not find my HSBC chequebook at the time. Now applying for mortgage I am shocked that for £4.71 reported by the Halifax as unpaid is stopping me getting anywhere near a mortgage application. Since it is a joint account it is the same for my wife. It has taken me a week to get documents together so that my account can be updated at the HSBC to prove I have cleared the £4.71. So as yet the HSBC underwrite
  19. Hi Guys, I am in a similar position with Lowells again (Another thread on the go where Bryan Carter has already taken me to court). I need to know whether to wait and defend the impending claim form, or possibly a Stat Demand, or to do as one of the stickie advises - Contact Lowell immediately and request all relevant paperwork. I am sure this HBOS debt relates to a credit card, last used 07 I think. (The card expired 07). The latest letter from them confirms I am a homeowner and it states that there are more options available to them to recover the debt. Eithe
  20. Hi I have a debt dating back quite some time now for HBOS WHICH HAS BEEN PASSED TO LOWELL 03/09/2008 (Account opened date, according to Noddle Credit). It was a premium halifax account with only a £100 Interest FREE OVERDRAFT ON IT. I asked for a extension before i went away on holidays, they REPLIED FIRMLY NO. I had a good time on hols but spent a bit to much ££££ and when i got back i desperately needed some petrol to put in the car to get us back home! I Had only £10 Cash left on me so i thought i would try my Halifax card Just incase they might honor
  21. Need help and advice please. Rec'd letter dated 06Frb14 - Bryan Carter claiming issued litigation proceedings with breakdown. Issue Dtae of Claim form 07 Feb 2014 - Overall figures match but breakdown of costs different eg court fee etc Tues 18th Feb - sent email (all attached) asking for credit agreement. Could you help me pleaseeeeee
  22. Hi All, Received my first response to my CCA request from HBOS card services. The card was taken out in July 1999 and was defaulted in 04/2009. I guess this will be removed from my cra file on 14/04/2015...fingers x. Paying them through Blair Oliver & Scott at £60 per month I have received a reconstituted copy of the t+c, apr etc for the card above. The copy simply states my new name and address and the current terms. Apparently this conforms to s78 of the CCA 1974 so as far as they are concerned this is enforceable so this is the end of the story
  23. Hi All Been on these forums for years, now need advice please. I had a halifax credit card I defaulted on in Sept 2005 for £3500 (although I as far as I can remember I never saw a default notice issued), this was handed over to BOS, with whom I agreed tp pay £10 a month. I kept this up right up to Dec 2012. I missed a few payments and called up BOS, who said they would need to review the case and would get back to me. Around sept I started getting calls/txts from Capquest which I never picked up or responded. They had sent letters to an old address from which I had mo
  24. Greetings all. I had a Halifax account which had an overdraft facility of £1,000. I decided that after they were not considering my circumstances very fairly, that I would force them to accept a repayment arrangement and close the account. I stopped paying all money into and out of the account and made preparations to send in a SAR Request. As I believe they have levied some unenforceable charges on my account over the years. There are also occasions where they have caused me considerable inconvenience and charged me on about 4 occasions for Unauthorized Overdraft Fees
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