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  1. Evening guys and Merry Xmas on a pleasant December afternoon I received a letter from TFL (PCN attached below) dated 14/12/2015 for an offence that apparently took place on 29/07/2015 in Stamford Hill (Hackney). Contravention: 46: Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway). The PCN further goes on to say that... The PCN was served by post because a Civil enforcement officer 'T' observed the vehicle identified above from 11:11 to 11.11 and had begun to prepare a PCN but the vehicle concerned was driven away from the place in which it was stationary before
  2. Sorry Ericsbrother I just saw your reply after sending my last message. In terms of NTK they sent it within 14 days to all the drivers. So I don't think there is a case against them there. I've taken onboard your advise on writing to the retail park's owner and the points to cover in my letter to POPLA. So you reckon I should just use the same letter in essence but modify it so that its addressed to POPLA?
  3. Thanks for this. They've given a POPLA code in the rejection letter. Is there a template letter that I can use to take this up with POPLA and get the charges cancelled?
  4. Hi guys... here is my situation... I work for a charity in London on a beautiful summer's day (15th July 2015) we had to offload 1,500 cakes to be delivered to donors across the city to raise money for our charitable cause. Our volunteers are our delivery agents that go door2door personally delivering these cakes. We decided to meet at a retail car park, which was dead quiet that afternoon, to quickly unload the cakes from our van onto the volunteers' cars. However due to severe delays in traffic that day the van arrived 2 hours late. However the volunteer
  5. RESULT! So I went to the court on Monday and as Conniff suggested got a letter and invoice from the garage confirming they were in possession of the vehicle at the time. I spoke to the prosecution team before the hearing and explained the situation, presented the letter from garage and voila! The prosecutor was satisfied that it was a genuine mistake and weren't going to take it any further and dropped the charges Phew!! Thank you for your helpful advise Conniff!
  6. That shouldn't be a problem. I will pop in first thing tomorrow morning to get an invoice from them. I will be asking for a letter to state that the vehicle was in their possession for repairs at the time. Does an admission from the garage implicate them in any way? Can I reassure them that its not going to haunt them?
  7. Thank you Conniff. The garage didn't know that the vehicle was SORN declared and hence didn't have red plates on. However I have receipt to show that it was in their possession at the time of it being on the road. As the summons is on Monday I am assuming its too late to call DVLA to negotiate or reach an out of court settlement, what's your best advise?
  8. Hi. I received a NO ASN required dated 7th of July 2015 to attend court on 10th August for keeping a motor vehicle on the road whilst a Statutory Off Road notification declaration was in force. My car had been towed away on 8th June 2015 after I had it recovered to a garage for repair work. At the time the vehicle was untaxed and was on SORN. The vehicle got towed whilst being in possession of the garage and going through repairs, assuming it was taken on the road for a test drive. Since the towing I paid the fine and taxed the vehicle immediately. Can you kindly advise if I can appeal th
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