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  1. thanks to you all for the info. I knew the company and about the vacancy before the agency contacted me. Not sure why the client didn't come direct to me - but they didn't sadly. I guess they will have signed the contact which I assume will restrict their ability to deal with me directly as you say. I already had them remove a clause that restricts my dealing with the company after the contract is over - again something that they are not really allowed to do but most agencies have it in the t&cs. The worry is not that they wouldn't pay for work done - this is illegal, but that they can ter
  2. Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone has any advice. I have been offered a contract with a client via an agency. The agency terms and conditions are very heavily weighted in their direction. The specific term that I wish to have removed is that they or the client can cancel the contract without any notice and not owe me any money. The client can cancel without any notice period and the agency will not owe me any money. The client can claim my work is not suitable and cancel without any notice and give no evidence as to why the work is unsatisfactory. I am a Ltd business but it's just me
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