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  1. @ericsbrother: thanks for the response. As the freeholder is unknown (possibly long since deceased) there would be nobody for the residents committee to take the issue up with ! I guess it all hinges on the rights of the residents committee then ...
  2. Thanks again for the replies... to answer questions posed ... - this was my mother's main home - we moved her up to Leeds recently and because the housing market is slow the family clubbed together to buy her a flat so she didn't need to sell her flat first - Th residents committee have agreed that she can TEMPORARILY let her flat for up to 12 months as long as she is actively trying to sell it. So that is fine - the problem now is: - there have been several interested parties to buy the flat as a buy to let; however they have pulled out when the estate agent tells them th
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies... She is a bit forgetful and having talked to her tonight she has decided that: - all the flats are leasehold - there is a freeholder but nobody has been able to late her/him/the organisation for many years ! - the committee is a Residents Committee - the rule about letting the property is in the original deeds - interestingly, the deeds also do not allow the garages to be used to park anything except cars, however nobody s enforcing this and several residents use the garages to store boats so .... 1) Does the Residents Committee have
  4. Thanks for the replies above: - The rule is documented in meeting minutes and actions a a decision of the committee. The committee consists of some of the residents - I don't understand that you mean by "factoring" - can you explain please ? Many thanks again for taking the time to reply ...
  5. My Mum owns the freehold to her flat - one of 16. Most of the flats are owned as second homes (It is at the seaside) The management committee have a rule that the flats cannot be commercially let/ rented - they can only be occupied by the owners and their families. My question is: is such a rule enforceable ? Thank you for reading !
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