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  1. Hi, My mum's phone recently got damaged as the screen cracked. She took it to a mobile phone shop which offered a repair service. She told the staff what the problem was and he told her to come back in a week with her receipt to collect it once it's been repaired. No money was exchanged at this point as she was told she could pay upon repair. Now my mum is not very good at keeping receipts and she lost the receipt the shop had given her. Nevertheless, she went back a week later to find out if her phone had been repaired. The manager in the shop remembered her and told her that her phone had not been repaired as they were unable to find the correct parts for it but refused to give back her phone because she couldn't produce a receipt! They told her the only way she could get her phone back is if she gave them a copy of her passport! What nonsense! My mum was able to tell him exactly what phone it was (it's not a popular phone the brand is Alcatel I believe) and exactly what the fault was and it was obvious to the manager that the phone belonged to my mum but he still refused? Can he do this?? Surely not. My mum really would like the faulty phone back as it is still useable despite the fault with the screen. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter
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