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  1. My wife has been trying to get Capital One repay all the PPI that she is owed over the past 6+ years but they refuse . We have gone to the financial ombudsman who were as much use as a chocolate fireguard, and we even went to somebody who said they could get the PPI refunded even though we had tried ourselves, but to no avail. I am beginning to think that the only way to get this sorted is to go to court. Has anyone got any ideas
  2. Today, 13/02/15 I received a letter from DWP stating " Dear Mr. X, WHY WE ARE CONTACTING YOU I am conducting an investigation in alleged criminal offences in relation to a claim to benefit. This is a very serious matter which I need to discuss with you urgently. An interview has been scheduled for you to attend at XXXXXXXX Jobcentre Office, XXXXXXXX Lane, on the 23rd of February,2015. Yes, I did apply for pension credit, and yes I did tell the DWP that my wife was working and the she gets a small stat pension but at no time have I tried to defraud them. When them (DWP) not
  3. Greetings dx, yes I did get a final response in March 2012 from Cap 1, because of ill health, I didn't get hold of the FOS until August 2013. I realise that it was well over the 6 months there was little I could do. FOS made a half hearted attempt to do something Cap 1 objected to FOS looking at our complaint. This was because they (Cap1) said that the complaint was referred to the FOS too late. FOS said that they could occasionally look into complaints made out of time - but only if there are exceptional circumstances that
  4. Hi dx100uk, thank you for your comments. Is there anyway of finding out if Cap1 did have pre ticked boxes or would not let us progress if PPI box wasn't ticked?
  5. Yes filrobbo, the last letter we got was dated 16 March 2012. The letter states " Following a complete investigation into your complaint we are confident that the policy was sold appropriately. During your internet application you clearly indicated that you wanted to purchase the policy and from the information you provided, you were eligible to do so". It then goes on As this is the case I will not be looking to refund any of the premiums or associated interest charged to your account". It then tells us to contact the FOS within 6
  6. We have been chasing Capital One since March 2012 trying to get PPI money back but to date no success. Because of my ill health and poor postal service in my area, even the FOS has decided not to help us Everything was down to time limits and when I got ill, all timings got put aside. Now, Neither Cap One or FOS want to help. Cap One have been charging us PPI since 2002. Has anyone got any good ideas or should I just forget the whole thing
  7. Greetings. Am I to understand that Link are now using another company, Link Outsourcing instead of the old company to collect debts? If this is the case, should the new company inform us that they now own the debt, not the original Link Financial Ltd. Who, exactly do we owe moneys to? I get the impression that they are trying all sorts of devious tricks. I have just received a letter from Link Outsourcing stating that "ignoring this notice will not make this debt go away" . I think that if everyone wrote to their MP and tried to get a bill passed stopping debts from being passed o
  8. Hi, Managed to copy and paste the letter content for you to read. Hope it makes sense! Re: Arrow Global Limited Original Creditor: HBOS, Our Ref: Halifax Credit Card Account No: Date: 09 August 2012 Balance: £ Dear, We refer to our previous letter to you and note that we have not received any or any sufficient response. The above balance therefore remains unpaid and as we informed you in our previous letter, we are now obliged to report this to our client with regards to further action we must now take. It had been our genuine intention to avoid referring the
  9. Hi good folks, We have now received a letter from ARC and I would like to show the edited edition to you all but have no idea how to post it on here. Can anyone give me a couple of hints? Thanks
  10. Hi, my wife has received several calls from ARC wanting to discuss a debt she has. When we asked for a letter explaining them- selves we were told that a letter was sent out last month (around the 26th). She has now asked for a new letter before we will have any further communication with them. Has anybody heard of ARC Europe?
  11. Like Delta-Charlie, my wife has also received a similar letter. It is addressed to her but it starts Dear Sir/Madam. It looks like Link the Stink is trying to confused all concerned. It is about time their licence was taken away. There is no way we will be contacting Link or Instant Silver yet!!
  12. A damp summer greetings to all! My wife has been chased by Fredrickson/Bryan Carter since the 3rd of March,2011, re a debt owed to Arrow Global Limited. Back in November 2009, we wrote to our creditor (Halifax Card Services) and advised them that because of certain reasons the collection of the balance of the account was unenforcable. We heard nothing from Halifax again but instead, Fredrickson International raised its ugly head and we are trying to find out if indeed Arrow has purchased the debt, and if so, why haven't them (Arrow) contacted us and asked for the money. Can anyone help ?
  13. Greetings Hacked Off. No, you are not being unreasonable. I have had a couple of letters from Buchanan Clark & Wells stating that they are acting on behalf of Link Finance and they are unable to grasp the fact that although Link supplied a copy of my CCA with MBNA, it was well outside the time limit (CCA requested 05/05/08) when I received the copy (20/10/08) but I am still being hounded. I sent a letter from the library which stated that section 78(6) states that if the creditor fails to comply with section (1). I have told Buchanan Clark & Wells that I do ot acknowledge any debt
  14. Greetings! Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, POP, another creature from the swamp of DCAs appears. Moorcroft have sent my wife a letter concerning a loan we took out a while back with Tesco Personal Finance. The funny thing is that we have never had any notification from Tesco or the previous DCA that the debt had been passed on to Moorcroft. Does anyone have any good ideas? Your feedback would be most welcome.8-)
  15. Hi Bazooka Boo, We asked for a CCA request last year and they sent back something that looks like a piece of scrap paper with hand written back-dated dates. I took it in to my local CAB and was told that it was perfectly legal! I am of a mind to be really sarcastic but I fear that Mrs S Chambers (the letter writer) might not appreciate it. One further point, can I get them for damaging my health. Since all this has been going on, I have had to see a Cardiologist at my local hospital and recently was referred to a High Blood Pressure Specialist at Barts, in London. Thanks to Link I now
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