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Found 7 results

  1. this may or may not be the right place to post I apologize if so.... ive been banned from my partners work on the terms "my partner works there" it is a bar/restaurant, I have never caused damage to the property, I have never threatened, harassed, provoked any member of staff or customer, I have been completely faithful, honest and haven't been a pain the backside, is this discrimination ? I feel its a unfair and pathetic reason to ask someone not to come in. Also on the other-side of things my partner is getting sick of finishing work at 23:00 pm to 12:00am and being made to return to work at 7:30am, I understand the law is 11 hours break.
  2. My complaint sat with FOS for 2 years. The issue was false accounting by barclays who failed to credit my mortgage with several thousand pounds in overpayments. Adjudicator was inept and useless. Failed to understand facts and simply relayed whatever barclays told him back to me- eventually it went to an ombudswoman who also failed to get her head around things. Barclays consistently refused to provide answers and she got worn down so simply told me the bank had corrected my account and then closed the case. I had no idea how [edited] this organisation is so i believed her. Once the case was closed, it emerged there were NO corrections made and FOS refuses to revisit the case "because it is closed". i got the case files under a subject access request and it shows how month after month they email barclays and the bank simply failed to respond - FOS has no power to do anything. Filed a complaint with the "iNDEpendent Assessor" who sits in the same building as FOS and really is part of FOS, appointed by FOS. But first she fobbed me off 3 times. Now tells me they don't investigate incompetence, just admin failures. OK! Meanwhile my account remains incorrect 2.5 years on and there is nothing i can do about it. Barclays says "it was dealt with by FOS" and refuses to discuss it. In short - all these establishment organisations are as [edited] as each other, they collude and cover for each other. I should have known better. It is no wonder these banks behave the way they do - they are untouchable and they know it and there is not a thing you can do about it, little consumer.
  3. I am appealing for advice in this case in which Barclays has failed over a 2 year period to put right errors on my mortgage account and now refuses to abide by the binding settlement terms. To confuse matters, the Ombudsman provided misleading information which led to me agreeing the terms and the complaint being closed while the issues are unresolved. Ombudsman has now washed its hands of the case and told me I need to sue Barclays. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA 2000) makes an Ombudsman’s decision legally enforceable in court, but I can find no solicitor to take on my case on a no-win-no-fee basis and I am not in a position to incur legal fees. It is an obvious winner with loads of political mileage for any law firm. I assume I need to sue once for the statement which they were supposed to provide under the settlement terms and then again later for my losses- which I can only work out once I see the statement. The complaint relates to Barclays’ failure to credit my account with several thousand pounds of overpayments, even claiming the balance had INCREASED after said overpayments. This was my 3rd consecutive complaint regarding Barclays’ mismanagement of the same account. Under the settlement terms finalised 2 June 15 by the Financial Services Ombudsman, Barclays was to provide “a full breakdown of my (mortgage) account from June 13, showing when each overpayment was applied and a clear and accurate explanation for any amendments made to the account”. Barclays has failed to provide the above documentation, but not before lying to the Ombudsman claiming it had! A misleading letter from the Ombudsman claimed the account was now in order (Dec 14) and I thus agreed the settlement terms, which included a nominal payment (which the bank has made). However, the documentation that Barclays was to provide is obviously central to the complaint, particularly since I now have documentary evidence proving the anomalies on the account have NOT been corrected by Barclays. This may be why the bank now refuses to provide the documentation. This documentation was only made available to me by the Ombudsman AFTER I had agreed the settlement terms, believing the account to be correct, and AFTER Barclays had failed to comply. The Ombudsman provided me with documentation the bank provided to it during the course of the investigation, including a calculation (not a statement) which states “this calculation has been provided to assist with the resolution of the complaint”. This documentation does not tally with an independent audit of the account I was obliged to fund. The document makes it clear NO remedial action has been taken, ie it contains a heading “steps required to rectify the account” as opposed to “steps taken to rectify the account”. Nevertheless the Ombudsman told me in writing the account had been corrected! The document is virtually impossible for a layperson to understand and abruptly ends March 14, giving no clues to the current balance and states “the balances shown on this calculator do not represent the actual balance on the account”, so the information is of little use, hence the instruction from the Ombudsman that Barclays provide me with “a full breakdown of the account from June 13, showing when each overpayment was applied and a clear and accurate explanation for any amendments made to the account”. So I have no idea how much interest I have been and continue to be overcharged by the bank on the incorrect balance I was a diligent overpayer until Barclays mismanaged the account. Based on my previous pattern of overpayments, I have been prevented from overpaying at least 10k to date. I have written to John McFarlane CEO asking him to ensure his staff provide the documentation as per the binding settlement terms, to clearly show how much interest I have been overcharged, what steps have been taken to correct the account, and what the correct current balance is, however, it is highly unlikely I will receive a response based on the bank’s attitude thus far. The FCA said they could not assist. I wrote my MP who says he has written to them but won’t show me a copy of the letter. I made a formal complaint about the Ombudsman, but that won’t rectify the account issues. I contacted BBC watchdog and various consumer columns and got no reply. I guess no one dares take on the establishment. I have posted on Barclays FB page and would now like to post the above letter online as widely as possible – any ideas as to where and how would be appreciated. Also any advice on where to find a law firm to represent me on a no win no fee basis would be appreciated.
  4. Guys Check this out below; This truly goes to show the shady dealings that company had... I think this should be a lesson for us all. To see a company like this go under is truly a good thing! I also like how it mentions about NDR and MHB being fit about holding Credit Licenses ^__^ What id like to know is how they define the loan book as "Potentially Recoverable"
  5. I would like to request a change of my advisor at my local Job Centre in My town and make a formal complaint about him, R. He does not greet me as any other advisor does or even ask, "how is your job search going?". My last meeting with him he was immediately on the telephone trying to arrange a work placement for me, I felt this was infuriating as he did not ask how I was doing, or how my job search was was going or if I had any problems. He often seems very unhelpful and I feel that he is trying to just get rid of me. I find him to be very rude and disrespectful towards me ever since he was my advisor he has never listened to anything I say and hasn't interacted with me on a personal level or advised me on any the options that I have available to help me get back into work. When confronted with this he simply said, "I have hundreds of people to see every week yeah?", and with a slight grin stated, "They are all the same to me yeah?". Raising the question: What is he doing as a personal advisor if he doesn't bother to get to know people on a personal level? I had already made the request to change advisor to him today at the start of the meeting. He stated, "There is no other advisor who can deal with you yeah?", he put an amplified tone onto the word 'you' in sort of a derogatory manner which I found unsettling and disrespectful. I asked if I can postpone this meeting until I can be seen by someone else he replied confidently, "I have done nothing wrong, there is no reason for you to see anyone else yeah?", "I am the advisor that has been assigned to you yeah?", and then said something which I believe to be a lie: "it cant be changed". He then went on to say, "I have already decided what to do with you and you have no choice about it yeah?". I asked if there was a manager I could talk to about this, he simply replied "No". I did not accept what he said as the truth and persisted to ask if there was anyone I can talk to? In an act of desperation, I very loudly asked to speak to the manager, so that other people could hear me. I could see that some people had turned to look in our direction and I felt uneasy about the situation, that people from the other side of the room could hear what was happening but the advisor's behind and to the right of us seem oblivious to what was going on. Even the security guard who was standing literally right behind me didn't react to the fact that previously R had denied me speaking to the manager. R did however pick up his phone at this point and called N who was acting manager on that day. R informed on the phone that I was 'being difficult' and if she could 'deal with me', R was then instructed to hand the phone over to me. I requested that I see her face to face and away from the crowd of people in the job centre he simply just waved the phone at me and stated several times, "talk to her yeah?" After I had asked to see her several times I just give up on asking him again and spoke to her on the phone. I spoke to N about my intentions, that I did not feel comfortable with R as my advisor, that he wasn't helping me in the slightest and is very rude to me. As I was saying this I could see R chuckling to himself, sighing and shaking his head. N basically said that she couldn't help me but confirmed that I could volunteer to work in a Charity shop in My town but I will still need to attend the Job centre often to show my activity. I was happy with what she said and told her that is what I wanted to do. She then clearly stated that the advisor can do whatever he wants with me, informing me that he could 'make me come in twice a day if he liked'. I told her that I had no problem with doing that but I am not happy with seeing R. I was told "there is not anyone else could can 'deal with you'", "your 'only option' is to go to another office and you may need to travel there twice a day". I simply asked if I can change my advisor and if that could be done, not answering my questions she finished saying that I should come in tomorrow and talk to the Manager. R then went on to contact In Training, referring me to a work placement against my wishes and still under protest about having him as my advisor. While I was trying to talk to him he literally ignored me and just 'did his job'. As he was on the phone I called over to an advisor named S who has been helpful to me and asked her to observe him (as I had previously spoke to her about R, she assured me that she would talk to him) she stepped in and asked him why he was putting me on this, he then snapped back in quite an aggressive tone "I WANT him to do this-", interrupting himself "because it is mandatory yeah?". She politely replied despite his rudeness "is there-?", before being cut-off by R putting his hand in front of her face and muttered what sounded like, "Be quiet". I found this to be highly disrespectful and said to S "you shouldn't take that from him". S seemed slightly intimidated and backed off unable to help me any more saying to me that she has a customer waiting, then simply stated to me, "I should wait until the manager comes in tomorrow", followed by what I would call a warning, "it is up to N at the end of the day". R seemed to of ignored this and continued with the call. I feel very uncomfortable being with R and have stated this many times to several others before. If I may Quote A from In Training: "Did R not try to do anything else with you before sending you here?", I simply replied "No", but asked "why?". Adam then stated: "there is plenty of other things R could of put you on", "he seems lazy or just trying to get rid of you", "normally they would of put you on this as a last resort", "you never get anything out of this but a bit of work history for your CV". There is a few other points I wish to raise: 1. The added cost of around £30 per week for the tax payer to pay for my bus tickets to and from Leicester. It's unnecessary when I could easily walk to a charity shop in my town which is essentially doing the same thing as what R wants me to do. People that I have spoken to have generally agreed on this. This is only a problem because R wants it this way, I feel that there is a personal vendetta against me, as if he wants me to go into Leicester everyday doing something 'I have to do' instead of in My town because 'I want to' or better still giving me an opportunity to do something else. I honestly don't see why he has a problem in allowing me to work in a charity shop in My town or putting me onto a training programme that suit's my needs. 2. I had spoken to S on Friday 12th July and was asked, "Has no one ever spoken to you?". I found this to be an odd thing to say but replied "no", and questioned why she had asked me that? S then went on to say that I have 'other options', those of which R has never told me anything about. I was informed that I may volunteer to a charity shop in My town, go on an apprenticeship or various other training courses that could really benefit me. Since she had told me of these thing's I have been looking into higher education applied to Kettering College and looked into courses/night schools for a Computer training course which could benefit me greatly in the area of work that I am interested in. After the meeting I immediately went and applied to the British Heart Foundation and was told that I could start this Thursday 18th July. 3. R's logic for putting me into Mandatory work Programme. He says that I need to have something on my CV that shows that I am doing something while I'm out of work, and to get me into a working lifestyle. I agree with what he says and is the reason why I have applied to volunteer in a local charity shop. However after I had stated that his logic changed to what I believe to be his personal reasoning. Quoting R: "Well I want you to go on this because it is mandatory, yeah?" I stated that putting someone on Mandatory work is considered as a last option according to the people that I have spoken to and then asked, "why have you not tried doing anything else for me?". He replied "I think you are lazy", "If it's not mandatory you won't do it", and "I have already put you onto it now, you have no choice now yeah?", all while having a smirk on his face. 4. Although it wouldn't be uncommon for someone like me who has been out of work for so long to be known by staff at the Job Centre I feel I am known for my inability to control my anger. I often sweat heavily become red faced and lose control of what I am saying when provoked like this and feel like I am having a panic attack and the thought of getting a sanction imposed on me for the wrong reasons. I feel I have been set-up in the past to induce rage. Today showed signs of this happening, Below is a list of things that I consider to be notable: a. Usually when I go in to sign on the staff there don't need to ask for my name as they already know it. However today I was greeted by someone relatively new that asked for my name, once I confirmed she said, "oh Mr B.. now it's all flooding back to me", then laughed. b. As I entered the Job centre I did notice that R and the security guard was having a chat at his desk, there was a brief moment when they both looked at me at the same time, normally one would think that they was being talked about but maybe not. This could fit in with the fact that the security guard was standing right behind me during the entire interview listening in but not in my interest, he never stood up for any of my right's when they was being violated and apparently didn't hear anything R said to me until he was told to get rid of me. I turned around and spoke directly to the security guards face several times asking for help to which he blankly stared past me. c. When the woman at front desk walked over to R she said in a sort of strange way "Mr. Burns is here!" I found that to be odd at first and makes me feel like I'm some sort of a joke to them. d. I often feel like I am being poked and prodded into getting angry. This happens a lot and has been reported before, often have I been accused of not doing enough to look for work and they have imposed sanctions on me for weeks until a decision has been made. They know this means that I will not be able to have access to JSA until a decision is made and that can take weeks leaving me with nothing until then. I have always argued against the accusations made from the Job Centre and have proved evidence to the decision makers to which they had decided that the sanctions was wrongfully imposed on me. This doesn't mean that I had won my case, although refunded the money it doesn't help the fact that I was out of money for weeks with no food and that they can just do that to anyone they feel like. They have great power being able to impose immediate sanctions without any proof of that I haven't been looking for work and is open for abuse by anyone of them if not regulated. As I have witnessed first hand they all 'have each others back' so to say and I wouldn't put it past them to lie about what has happened today. e. I have written complaints about some of the Staff before which I handed into their office and never heard a response back from even after chasing it up with them, I was told that sometimes they won't reply. I know this to be false but I had no evidence that I had given them that form so I didn't pursue it further feeling that really there is no point if they are just going to do this. I feel that as a Personal Advisor R is not personable at all, he makes me feel bad about myself for not having a job and blames me for not being able to get a job, implying that I don't do enough to look for work. He say's plenty of people are able to get jobs everyday, Personally I think people get jobs but out of them jobs that hundreds of people are applying for only one person gets the job so it's not fair for him to say that anyone can get a job when it is just one person out of hundreds of other people who don't get a job. It's absurd for him to state that people get jobs everyday so that I should have a job. It doesn't stop me trying everyday I am desperate for a job, I just find it disappointing after putting effort into applying, being rejected by so many jobs or not getting replies to have to come to R with his negative attitude towards me. I do everything I can to apply for jobs so much so that I don't think there is anything else I can do other than get higher education and some qualifications to put into my CV which of course R has no interest to help me with. R never has listened to me and doesn't know anything about me other than I have been out of work for more than 2 years. As a personal advisor I find him to be lazy with handling his customers, for example: He had to ask me my age after I told him that S advised me to look for charity work. I replied that I am 25 but he simply just said that S doesn't deal with people under 25. I am unsure of what he was trying to say by that but he was sure that he made a valid point. At the end of the meeting when I was frustratedly trying to get advice about who I could talk to R simply called the security guard to usher me out, at first I refused to move unless I was given some sort of contact to anyone above his position that deals with abusive staff. Just as I was about to get up R said "Get out before you make me angry". I would be interested to see what happens when he gets angry but was forced out by the security guard. I was not given any advice other than to "just come in tomorrow" by the security guard. I was told just to leave the office as I am "not going to get anything done here today". As a result of my time with R I strongly feel like he is abusing his power to a certain degree by not helping where it is needed and going to 'last resort' before trying anything else. I request that his job should be put under review and that I am never to be put with him again unless supervised by someone who can monitor and observe him in my interests. Personally I feel like I could do his job much better than he can. I would like to request CCTV for this time to back up alot of what I have said if you record sound as well that would be perfect but at least the video footage could show that there was people within hearing distance that if questioned about my accusations towards R claimed not to of heard anything. I understand that what I have said will be treated as my word against his but also feel like if questioned the staff will be biased in favour of R. I request that this is not dealt by anyone from the office, that I may be given a call from someone who can help and that I am given a personal response in writing regarding the issues raised.
  6. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41494 Sign this petition and share as much as you can. The only way we can bring about any real change against the immoral conduct of the DVLA is by signatures on the petition.
  7. The 'We Hate Lloydstsb' Facebook Page is up! Anyone who wishes to share their horror story with this 'Bank' (I use the term loosely), then please 'Like' and make your post! I'm not allowed to post a link on here so just search for the above name on the facebook search.
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