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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, any help much appreciated. I had agreed a bathroom to be installed to be completed by a sole trader who was at the time an approved fitter by a very large, prestigious (?) well known limited company. I agreed on a quote for around 10k to install the bathroom, this was provisionally agreed and as per his quote 10% deposit £1000 was transferred to his personal account. It would the follow to appear that the aforementioned installer had a falling out with the limited company, and become no longer an approved fitter for the ltd company. Now the whole point of me hiring him to install my bathroom was that he was approved by a much larger company, so his work would be guaranteed by them, thus there was less chance of him a) walking away from the job half done or b) should any problems arise after the installation the ltd co. would arrange for them to be rectified, basically the job would be underwritten/ guaranteed by the larger ltd company. So once I received the email from the Ltd company and confirmation from the installer stating that he is no longer on their approved list of fitters and his work would not be guaranteed by the limited company, I changed my mind and decided not to go with him and his quote. The only problem is that i have already paid £1000 deposit and as per his quote it states: Payment terms: 10% non-refundable deposit, to be paid to secure booking prior to commencement of works I have already spoken with the installer through email correspondence and whilst he has not said specifically he will not return my deposit, he is insisting that the deposit is non refundable. Do I have any chance of getting my deposit back? As I no longer want him to install my bathroom as his workl will not be guaranteed. Is this a breach of contract as the implied terms of the contract (ie being underwritten by a larger ltd company) are no longer part of the contract. Also his details were passed to me through the ltd company so there is no doubt he came through them, even though he was carrying out the job as a sole trader. Hope this all makes sense and would love to hear back from any knowledgable members. Best wishes BB
  2. Without going into the full scale of the problem my daughter contracted a bathroom fitter to replace her tiny bathroom. Two weeks on, and two men the bathroom is only half completed and it is a right shambles..from the tiling, leaking toilet which is also coming off the wall, leaking sink which has flooded the new units and ruined them, and also the new flooring, damage to the shower profiles so that the shower cubicle will not fit...the plumbing is all wrong, plus exensive damage to areas of her property. There is a long extensive list of problems. She asked him to stop work a week ago and has managed to get three quotes to re-do the work. Each new plumber has stated how appalling the work is and it all has to be started again, with the tiles taken off and taken back to the basic plumbing. Meanwhile, he sent her an invoice - by hand on the Monday, and initiated court proceedings on the Wednesday two days later without any discussion regarding the remedial works. Firstly, I understand that a business cannot issue proceeding against an individual until they have followed the new Pre Action Protocol (PAP) which came into being on the 1st October 2017, which is quite a lengthy list and the first one is giving the debtor at least 30 days to discuss the debt. Secondly, and a bit more importantly, he has started the action in his personal christian name and not the name of his business. She had a contract with his business, not him personally...surely this is wrong and would fail in court? She is trying to get an appointment with a Solicitor who deals in civil matters but it is proving difficult . If anyone could enlighten her on the two question/issues I have posed, that would be most helpful. Thanks
  3. At the start of the year we had a new bathroom fitted. We purchased all the furnishings so the quote was for labour only. Due to my wife being allergic to dust it was agreed that the fitting would take place whilst we was on holiday. 75% of the labour charge has been paid to him to date On our return home we was shocked to see our new bathroom. The quality of work in our opinion is below standard, fittings haven't been fitted correctly, damaged has occured to several furnishings, we have had a leak going through our living room ceiling and a second leak on the outside wall due to incorrect exterior pipe work being fitted. The bathroom is dangerous in parts. The fitter says he doesn't have personal liability insurance and was too busy to come back for a while to deal with any of the issues. Several months on we are still in the same position. The fitter believes his work is to a high standard. He admits breaking fittings and admits parts of the bathroom are dangerous but thinks the 25% remainder of the balance will cover it, but it doesn't. We have had 8 different companies come to look at the bathroom and everyone of them says it isn't fitted correctly and the bathroom needs pulling out and starting again. I have had no choice but to take this matter to a small claims court. Initially the fitter replied to us when I made our intentions known and said he was willing to resolve issues and the reason for not being able to contact him for 6 months is because he had phone problems. I believe he was deliberately avoiding us. When I have told him about the leaks etc he has said he is happy to proceed down the small claims court route. I am wanting an independent assessor to come take a look at the bathroom and provide me with a report that will support my claim. How do I go about this? Thanks in advance for any help
  4. In early January we started looking for a bathroom installer who could refit our bathroom for us. We found a guy who talked very knowledgeably and gave a great impression, we agreed a price, a start date in mid-February, and agreed it would take up to two weeks for the work. He worked on the bathroom for one week and one day, at which point he had removed the old bathroom, rerouted some plumbing, installed some insulation on an external wall, installed a shower tray, and fitted the first six tiles. Since then we have not seen him. It appears that he decided that the tiles we wanted (large format porcelain) were too much hassle for him, and he didn't want to finish the job. We paid him 50% of the fee for the work, and all materials as we went. We also procured the tiles, shower tray, and other big ticket items before he started. Since he abandoned the project, we found many problems with the work he did. The shower tray was not correctly sealed to the wall, the plumbing was very unsafe, the plaster work was flaking from the wall, the insulation was uneven and poorly fixed, and the tiles were barely holding to the wall. Basically the only thing he did correctly was removing the old bathroom, which was (at most) one day of work. We have since found other people to complete the work, but the bathroom is still incomplete. This has been a huge source stress, since it is our only bathroom and we have been without a shower and sink (except for kitchen sink) since this began six weeks ago today. We wrote a letter asking that he return to the site and complete the work agreed with due care and attention. This got us some promises but no action. We wrote another letter demanding that he reimburse us for work not completed, or not completed with due care and attention, and for materials wasted; this was basically everything we had paid for labour, minus 200 for the one day of actual work done. This got an angry phone call in response, along with a very low offer (around 1/7th what we asked for). Last week we sent a letter before action, which got a response by text this morning (offering less than 1/3rd what we asked for). We rejected that offer, also by text message, and he responded with "See you in court then". He is a sole trader, working under a business name (not a limited company). I want to know if there is anything we should do right away, or should we wait for 30 days before commencing court action. We gave 28 days for him to respond to the letter, but I am not sure if his text message constitutes this response. Finally, can we do anything to strengthen our case, we have numerous photographs and so on of the work. We have kept a log of what work was carried out and when, and when he has been on site. Lastly, there are now several reviews of this trader online which tell a similar story of incompetent and incomplete work. Many thanks. C
  5. Dear Forum members, I’m new here, so please be gentle. I need some help/advice re dealings with a large bathroom supply company. They prepared some drawings for me and my wife for several bathrooms we needed. They were having a sale, and the salesperson said that if I put down some money, they would hold their sale prices for us after the sale. I put down £3000.00 on my credit card as a goodwill gesture and to secure the offer she had made. Later she gave us a quotation with a list of products they hoped I’d buy from them. My wife told the salesperson that she didn’t particularly like the selection of products made for us, and we would look into alternatives. She went to work on it and decided the drawings prepared weren’t to our taste and we went back to her own drawings done before we visited said company. The selections of products likewise, we could get better prices anyway from other local suppliers and on the internet. We had made no orders or purchases, or agreed any items. The salesperson wrote several emails asking for a deposit which we didn’t respond to as there was nothing on the quotation we wanted to order. My wife informed the salesperson we were changing the designs. There was no good reason to stick with this company for designs or product supply, so I notified the salesperson I would like my money refunded. The salesperson refused and said that on the back of their quotation were Terms and Conditions and they weren’t going to refund my money (I understand from this that they consider that I was/am in a contract with them). This was the first I had noticed of their T&Cs, and they had not been pointed out to me/us or even referred to in the meetings - but I hadn’t placed any order anyway, nor have I signed anything. Their T&Cs state that “no order submitted by the buyer shall be deemed to be accepted by the seller unless and until confirmed in writing by the seller”. The T&Cs also state: “Quotations are subject to withdrawal at any time before receipt of an unqualified order and shall be deemed to be withdrawn unless accepted within 30 days of their date”. The quote was in July 2016 and I still haven’t accepted it or ordered anything from the quote, or from the company. Further: "The Buyer may not cancel the Contract without the consent of the Seller which, if given, shall be deemed to be on the express condition that the buyer shall pay the seller for all reasonable loss, damage, claims or actions arising out of such cancellation unless otherwise agreed in writing”. Have I unwittingly entered in to a Contract without accepting the quotation, without having ordered any goods, without having signed anything and without having been shown the T&Cs (although they were printed on the back of the quotation)? Am I in a position to get my money back from them, or will I have to order goods to the value of the £3000.00 I am in credit with them? Am I under any legal obligations under these T&Cs or under any other consumer legislation?
  6. Hi, Just looking to gain some advice from you knowledgeable people. We got a bathroom fitter around to give us a quote to strip and install a new bathroom. This is what we asked for: Strip out old bathroom Plaster walls and ceiling Lay a granite floor Install new sink and toilet Build and install a new bath/shower Install downlights This is the bath/shower unit we purchased. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200881630500 We showed this to the bathroom fitter and also gave him a copy of the instruction manual when he came to give us a quote. He looked through and saw that it required 2 x 13amp plug sockets and he said he would include this in the quote. He said he had built similar units in the past, so that made us sway towards booking him. This is the quote he sent through to us: We agreed the quote and on Monday 23rd July he came round with his team and cleared the bathroom. On the same afternoon the plasterers arrived and plastered the walls and ceiling. Due to the time it took for the plaster to dry and for us to mist coat and paint it, he then came back with his team on Thursday 3rd July. Thursday morning the arrived and laid the granite floor, cut the holes in the ceiling for the new lights, installed the sink and toilet and began to build the bath/shower unit. At about 1715hrs he said that they had sent the wrong screws to construct the very first part of the unit. We said to him that we would pop upto B&Q and get same screws and he said "I wouldnt bother now, were finished for the day. "We'll be back on Monday. As those screws were missing, we'll probably have more problems and may have to charge you extra days" Before he left, he said that the toilet was leaking and he had to put paper towels down underneath. Said this was a quick fix and would sort it on Monday. He also said he mis calculated one of the ceiling lights and made a hole in the wrong place. He said he would also sort this on Monday. He also hadnt tiled around this sink, when we mentioned this he said he hadnt brought any of the stuff with him to do this and would do it Monday. After he left we checked the bathroom and not only was the toilet leaking, when you flushed it, it continued to flush until you took the top of and re-adjusted the stop !!!!. Anyway, went to B&Q and got the screws and managed to build the part he was having problems with. Infact I didnt stop there, I built the entire unit over the course of two days and had the father in law round to help plumb it in. The FIL also sorted out the issue of the non stop flushing toilet. The only thing we couldnt do properly was the waste - the way the fitter had put the waste pipe was too high, at too great an angle and would need some of the granite tiles taking for it all to be adjusted. Fast forward to this morning - fitter turns up and charged an extra £55 for coming out to finish the work. Unfortunately im away for work, left this morning so wasnt able to assist. The missus told him we had been quoted for the bathroom to be fitted - not for a certain amount off days work. Its luckily I actually built the bath and plumbed it in, otherwise he would have charged at least another full days labour. Im pretty shocked and quite cross by this!There was no way all this work would have been completed in a day. Cant believe he is charging extra on top of what he already quoted. Ive asked the missus to email him asking for a full breakdown of the quote, ie what each part cost and what the £55 was for this morning. Ive got a few solutions in mind, however just wondered if anyone knew where we stood.
  7. Hi everyone, Many thanks for any advice you can give on the following. This is posted on behalf of my parents (both OAPs)... They purchased bathroom supplies from a high street store (not a big chain) and after a few months one of the taps failed (apparently the valve inside - due to limescale, or so the supplier said). They took the tap back and were given another one foc (but obviously incurred more plumbing charges). Fast forward approx. ten months and the tap fails again, with the same fault. This time they buy a tap from B&Q and have it fitted (more plumbing charges). After attempting to return the two faulty taps to the original supplier, they were told that the valves inside are only guaranteed for six months (the taps are guaranteed for five years) and they therefore couldn't have a refund. They were also told that due to the tap manufacturer going bankrupt the supplier had another reason not to give a refund, because he wouldn't be able to get his money back! Any advice on what they should do / what their rights are here? With the cost of the extra taps and visits from a plumber it has cost them approx. £300 and a lot of stress, which they really don't need. Thanks!
  8. I have recently had a new bathroom, completed 12/12/13. The company that we used provided us with a verbal quote of £1400 to install a new bathroom suite, tile the walls, and install the flooring. We did not receive a written quote. We were asked to purchase the bathroom suite (toilet, sink, bath, towel rail, electric shower, shower curtain, toilet roll holder, waste pipes x 2), the tiles, and the flooring. We paid the final invoice (£1400. Full invoice details: "Labour only to install new bathroom suite and associated tiling") despite our reservations regarding the quality of the work, but just wanting them out of our house after 3 weeks to do a "5 day job". We then got a call from the electrician (19/12/13) who fitted the electric shower asking for £220. We understood that the bathroom fitters were sub-contracting the shower fitting and that it was included in the price, minus the cost of parts. Myself and my partner remember at least two occasions when the installation of the shower was discussed with the bathroom fitters and they had said that it was included. I personally spoke with them as we had considered using an electrician that we knew but we agreed that it would be easier to use their electrician as it was already included within the original quote. We hadn't been present whilst the electrician was in the house but he explained the cost of the cabling and came to the house and showed us the required parts that he had had to install onto the main circuit board in order to make the installation safe. We were surprised to be facing further costs but paid the electrician for the 'parts' element of the invoice (£120) as we understood that we had agreed to the initial verbal quote for the labour costs of installing the bathroom and hence already paid for the labour involved in the installation of the shower but did owe for the parts. Today we have received an email from the bathroom fitters threatening us with court action if we do not pay the £100 labour fee for the electricians work. Where do we stand regarding this? Any advice would be gratefully received.
  9. I strongly advise all not to use this online retailer of TC bathrrom products even though they are the cheapest. I paid for several thousand pounds of goods in May and am still awaiting delivery on two items. Additionally after taking my money for my order and confirming all goods were available and agreeing a delivery date, when the goods arrived I found some of the goods I ordered were discontinued!! I had to settle for replacement goods as I already had my installers on-site (even first promised delivery date missed by a week and goods only arrived as I chased each day) and had no choice. A shower screen I ordered turned out to be part of an entire batch manufactured incorrectly and NOT to size specification in the catalogue - TC Bathrooms admitted this as soon as I phoned them, but they were still despatching this item if ordered!!! In order to use the shower, I had to purchase another make quickly as my installers would have had to charge extra if they had to come back to install at another time - I ended up paying £300 extra to have one that was available for next day delivery & of the specification I needed. In summary, though this company was the cheapest, they have actually ended up costed me more than negiating a deal with a "bricks & motar" retailer. They are not even answering my emails now chasing undelivered goods, and I am probably going to have to take them to court to get my money back for undelivered goods. TC Bathrooms themselves who delivered all goods to me on their vans with their delivery notes will NOT accept any responsibilty for failure of one of their distributors
  10. Hi there, I'll try and keep this short and sweet. Bathroom had a few cracks in floor when we first moved in, after 5 months it got so bad the tiles and grout are cracking off the floor, almost no grout left between the tiles. We reported it nearly 3 months ago but still it is not fixed. We have a 3 month old son and walking on the bathroom floor is not safe, and it's damp, smelly and mouldy. Someone came to assess it after about 2 weeks but we are now told (when we chase it up and can actually get in touch with someone with half a brain!) that the landlord refuses to pay for it, as it was fixed about a year before we moved in for the same thing, and that the insurance company who originally fixed it should pay. So the argument lies between the landlord and his insurer as to who should pay, and this has been going on 3 months, but still our bathroom is getting worse and wetter and smellier and damper! What rights do I have and is there anytihng I can say or do to get it done quicker? We continue to pay full rent and I am not happy! Can we request a temporary reduction in the rent or something? ANY advice welcome, thanks!
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