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  1. I have just been contacted by Capital Resolve saying I owe Speed Credit £600 from 2012, I told them I know nothing about it and asked them to provide proof that the account exists, they said that the law states that they don't have to as this would not be regulated and therefore no contract exists, also it was signed up for online so they would have an eSigniture and that's good enough for any court. So how can I be banged to rights for an account I know nothing about and a electronic tick in a box on a contract that doesn't have to exist ???
  2. They said that the loan company told them that I had taken the loan out and never made any payments on it, therefore they had every right to take the money from my account to cover their original loan and interest/charges, Barclays agreed with them and released the money (which wasn't even mine) even though I had sent the form back saying it wasn't authorised by myself, I had no idea who these people were and as far as I was concerned this was fraud. The thing is as well that if I made 4 payments online with my debit card it was stopped until Barclays phoned me and verified the transactions - yet in one go they allowed one company to take £526 in 21 online transactions 20 of £25 and one of £26 and never once thought it odd - or am I missing a point there?
  3. Yeah all charges were removed, again though it was only them that benefitted from that! Basically I am just annoyed that I had to fight for 13 months to get justice, by their own admission they knew the details were wrong but still ruled against me, reported incorrect details to my credit file which had/and still has an affect on me in both my personal and business life and after 13 months what do I have to show for it - default still registered and an empty account. Please don't get me wrong I am not a greedy person but I just feel that they should have been made to do more than just pay themselves back - if that makes sense? So in answer to your question - I want to make them pay for the hassle they put me though, £500 odd pounds might not be a lot to everyone but it was to me
  4. yeah, I just wanted to say things but didn't really want to put them on a public forum where people from Barclays might have read them, nothing really nasty or anything just wanted to say where I was coming from if you catch my drift
  5. I tried to send you a PM but it said your mailbox was full
  6. I asked myself that exact same question today, I actually joined for a different matter and was going through my bookmarks today when I noticed the site and dropped in.
  7. The problem is I didn't really know what to do next which is why I contacted the FOS in the first place, I spoke to someone on the phone and then filled out their complaint form outlining the problem but I suppose I just stuck to the facts I knew and that was that, hence the reason I am not really happy with the way things turned out even though I got the decision. I am a self employed IT Consultant, I had a couple of accounts with my suppliers and both of them were withdrawn due to adverse information on my credit file, I was actually told this was the case in person from my account manager - the only thing that had changed was the Barclays information, this makes taking new work on difficult as I need to pay upfront which on a £1300 job is more than I would ever have laying around. RBS won't give me an overdraft because of adverse information etc yet before the Barclays shambles I didn't have a lot of problems.
  8. I knew I should never have gotten rid of that scanner How's that ?
  9. I didn't raise it on the initial complaint as, at that point I hadn't checked the file for ages, I used to use experian and equifax but hated paying for them, then I found out about Noddle and signed up for that, that's when I saw the entry. The money was taken from me in November 2013 and returned in January 2015 The entry has been on file since December 2013 No matter what I apply for I am turned down so I would say it has had an adverse affect
  10. Hi BankFodder, Yes I have all the letters between Barclays and Myself and Also the FOS and myself, I asked about the credit file after the decision and they are looking into it now but haven't come back to me yet, I was planning on chasing it up tomorrow. My credit file wasn't great but wasn't that bad either, I will scan the decision letter after lunch and post it on here
  11. in November of 2013 I had friend contacted and asked if I would purchase a computer for them as I am in the trade and get a better deal, they transferred the money to my Barclays account, I checked it was there and logged on to my supplier portal to purchase the PC. After selecting the model my friend wanted I entered my debit card details and was surprised when it was declined! I logged back onto the bank app and my account was empty, I phoned Barclays and asked what had happened and they said that there was a number of debit card transactions on my account taking all of the money, I complained and the money was returned to my account and I purchased the PC. A week later I received a letter from Barclays with a form to fill in on whether or not this was fraud, apparently the money was taken by a Payday loan company I have never dealt with for a loan I never had, I filled the form in and sent it back. A week later the money was again taken from my account. I contacted Barclays again and they said the Payday company had contacted them and said that their records were correct and therefore they were entitled to the money - so Barclays gave them it. I raised a complaint with Barclays and received a case number, I was told this would be handled and I would receive a reply within 28 days, 28 days later I received a letter saying it would be another 28 days and 28 days later another letter saying another 28 days. Eventually Barclays wrote to me and informed me that they had examined the complaint and ruled against me, I then contacted the FOS who took the case on, they contacted the payday loan company and Barclays and found that the loan was taken out but the address, DOB, full name and various other details were incorrect, the Payday loan company had passed these details to Barclays who checked them and found the details to be incorrect but STILL found in the Payday loan companies favor! At this point I had already changed banks to RBS (no better) and Barclays had put a default on my credit file as I was overdrawn by the £536 stolen from me. The FOS found in my favor yet Barclays asked for it to be escalated to an Ombudsman who found in my favor and ordered Barclays to put it right within 30 days, 30 days later Barclays returned the £536 to my account and that was that. This has left me very annoyed that they have gotten away so easily when I have had to fight for 13 months to get a result, is there anything else I can now do? Barclays are refusing to remove the credit file information and don't have to reimburse me for anything. They continued to say they were right all this time even when, by their own admission they knew the details were wrong! Can Anyone advise? Jayce
  12. My cousin, who is in the process of becoming a barrister is helping with everything, think I'm in a decent position
  13. To be honest I came on here for advice and it seemed to break down into an argument between a few people so I stopped checking back, since the initial visit I have found out much more information and am in a much stronger position now, it seems all of this was pushed through without my knowing to hide illegal activities by the landlord and management company, I have submitted an N245 to the court offering £5 per month, as I am on JSA this is all I can afford but I have also submitted many other court papers through the landlord not covering my deposit in a goverment scheme as required by law, not contacting me within 10 days to ask what I was doing with the deposit, breaking many aspects of the tenancy agreement etc. I have the deposit of £1200 sitting there and the maximum court fine for the 'theft' of the deposit is 3 x £1200 combined they would pay the whole debt off plus the other cases I have submitted with relavent case law and precidents should see this settled pretty quickly
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