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  1. it is ongoing. apparently simply because i *have* the meter.. im gonna phone them tomorrow. also it seems quite a hefty amount considering. i should phone them for an explanation but i hate speaking to ill educated youngsters in call centres.
  2. sorry im ignorant of this RLP **** seeing as im not a shoplifter but have had some experience in security. thanks for the info scarlet.
  3. very true sir! but u know what "fanbois" are like. not to say there are any on here of course!
  4. no operating system is safe but with the advent of these "apps" things have became extremely insecure. especially the monster that is android. no doubt i'll get flamed for that comment lol
  5. to OP - this thought came to me - sounds like a CMOS failure. the large "watch" type battery. just a thought seeing as no POST or BIOS
  6. bless you. you did a silly thing but hey - dont we all make mistakes? you are in the clear but no doubt barred from tesco's, hey theres always asda! stay calm and forget about it - its over and you are in the clear. as mentioned it costs these companies far too much to prosecute. stay cool and move on. good luck and best wishes to ya!
  7. hiya im in Scotland if that helps...... i stopped using / topping up my pay as u go gas meter 2 yrs ago as i walked miles to *local* shop , got a tenner top up, inserted in meter and it took it for debt. was very infuriating. since then the meter was capped but i am now getting harassed for 418 pounds. just for "standing charges" scottish power have made a supposed deal with me to pay 37 quid per month but i cant afford that as i am on ESA and only get 100 pounds per week. i find this VERY unfair. can anyone offer any advice on what to do? to me this a real con. i switched to EDF to see if i could "wangle" my way out of the debt and get gas back on the engineer came out thursday and told me i need to have credit in said meter to get it uncapped. he also told me he has been dealing with a lot of similar cases recently. i personally think this is totally wrong the this supposed Great Britain. just wondering what to do as its rather cold up here just now and its make my already depressed life even more miserable. thankas for reading guys.
  8. thx for the replies folks! oh a whole variety of debts. i have no intention of paying them anyhoo. just small debts, 3000 quid the largest. cheers guys. p.s sorry guys, i tried clicking the wee star to give reputation points but it says i cant so thx very much to you all, excellent advice. thx again folks!
  9. hi everyone! im just wondering what my rights are if debt collectors turn up at my house. do i have the right to tell them to get off my property as they are trespassing? im in scotland. if they refuse should i call the police? or forcefully remove them with minimum force? im just looking to know my rights, thanks everyone!
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