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  1. Hi DX Equifax just says Credit card from Aktiv Kapital, it just shows the current balance as stated above, credit limit as £0, start and default date as sept 07 and oct 09, with the only entry in the payment history being the default entry in oct 2009. She is adamant that although she did have debts, never had a card with these people!
  2. Hi, Hopefully this is posted in the right area. My girlfriend has received a few letters from BCW chasing her for an outstanding debt of 8K from Aktiv Kapitol (think that's how you spell it, haven't got the letters with me!) Firstly the letters are in her married name. She has been divorced nearly 2 years and has been using her maiden name again for the last 3-4 years. She has never had a credit card/agreement with Aktiv Kapitol, so has ignored these letters. After looking through these forums, i now believe they have probably taken over the debt from someone else.
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