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  1. Thanks for the reply and help, puts my mind at ease. I've had a recent similar thing with Ebay charging me £26 for being a seller on Ebay, however I'm not a seller. They sent a letter which was less threatening than this just asking for payment and provided me with some stuff to read. After they had shown me the proof I had paid the £26. I refused to even consider paying this company until they reply to my original request. Thanks again
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted a little help about this apparent debt I have from a company called JUICE PLUS who have passed on the debt to OCC(Options Credit Consultants). The back story: A friend was selling JUICE PLUS weight loss packs and I thought I'd try one out, the deal was £20 for a month of supplies which are given all in one go. And it was a locked in 3 month contract. However I never used the stuff, my friend had been fired for a ridiculous reason, I pursued Juice Plus asking them to cancel the contract and never ever received a reply. I received one letter for them stating I owe them £60 (Even though I paid £20 upfront). I replied to them via email saying that unless I receive a breakdown of the cost of it in writing and why they never replied to my first enquiry then I will not be paying and I'm happy to return the goods unopened. They never replied. ..two weeks later I received a letter from OCC, who said I had now owed £65. I replied via email, stating that JUICE PLUS had never proven I'd taken out a contract (Which I had asked them in the email I sent) nor have they sent me a breakdown or even tried to resolve the issue with myself. They never replied.... I now receive this letter (I've written it below the bottom post as I cannot post links to photos for some reason) Now I've NEVER received a letter in my life stating immediate court action, and I have a general understanding that most of the time this would be a scare tactic to make you pay. I've only ever received letters asking to pay now or etc etc but never a letter like this. But what worries me is the statutory interest at 8% a day which has no end date would leave myself in a hell of a debt. Also noting they also saying I will be responsible for the court fees and also that they will get a levy execution on my property, which for me is great because I don't own anything and I've always had my parents keep receipts of everything in the house so it's their property not mine. Just wanted some advice on what to do next, I have a short temper and was literally going to call them and give them a mouth full but, I was hoping for some advice, as that is probably the smartest thing to do. Thanks
  3. I would just like to add that when purchasing a game online, if it is a game that has a Online and Singleplayer option to it, doesn't that entitle myself to the full game example valve is wrong in this case to suspend these other games online capabilities?
  4. Hello, First of all, if this is in the wrong section, a kind redirect would be helpful. I've been an avid gamer for years, and recently I had a fall out with my father. Unfortunately because of this fallout, he had asked for all payments made to Valve to be charged back, this also included Paypal payments. So I have a quick question, In the UK, for a online digital product/game that is linked to an account, I know that they Valve has legal right to suspend the games/items that the charged back money was used on but do they have any legal right to permanently block any online gaming with this account because of the charge back for a completely different item? The items in question are three games, worth 150 pound. However Paypal took the money of Valve/Steam not the bank. These games have been removed for my account and my account has been restricted. Restricted in terms that ALL my other 1000 pound + games I purchased with my own card, I am blocked from playing online. In some of these games, Online is the ONLY game mode. I just wanted some advice, before sending steam a ticket. I've read here that they can only suspend and remove games that was charged back, not your whole account(However in other countries I hear their legal system doesn't support this, only in the UK are they restricted to taking back what was purchased rather than the whole account). So in short terms, My account is worth over 1150 pounds, 150 pounds was charged back from Paypal, from my fathers bank. They have ONLY taken what was bought with that 150 pounds BUT have restricted all use of my account other than playing single player games. I would think I would have a case against them wouldn't I? As these games that have been restricted were purchased as a Online and Singleplayer game. And before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am 24 years old, living in my own place with my own job. The money my father gave to me was when I was out of employment over a year ago. We had a falling out a few weeks ago which lead to him cutting all communications from myself, and then charging back everything I had borrowed from him. I have spoken to Paypal and they acknowledge this, and am currently waiting for a reply from them. What laws are relevant to this situation ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the replies, puts my mind at ease. Glad I found these forums. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply, helps me a be a little bit more comfortable for the moment. If I remain in no contact with them is it true that after 5 years the debt will no longer exist? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forums, but if this is in the wrong place then could you let me know and I will re-create the thread. I was living in Australia for 16 years(I was born in the UK and moved to Aus when I was 6). I had a rough time and didn't have a job until I was 20. I never had credit before. I opened a bank account in Australia and got offered a credit card, which I accepted. I then applied for a online course, which was a monthly payment of 60 AUD. Once signed up I had realised this course that this company heavily advertised was a [problem]. It was the same course a student in a free study College could do in his spare time on the internet. I had disputed with them about leaving, however they said that I would have to pay the outstanding amount of 4695.00 AUD. From that point I had stopped communication with them. My father passed away in February last 2014 and my mother and I moved back to the UK. I had left an outstanding balance of 500(Maxed out) credit card from the bank and I also did not pay the company who was chasing me for 4695.00 AUD. I've received plenty of emails from this company recently, I had no communication or emails from them since July 2014 and in the last two weeks I've had 24 emails and unfortunately a phone call. They tracked me down. Apparently this company AusDebt has been in contact with me(They have not). I first received an email 2 weeks ago stating that "As per the request of Open Colleges we have come to a conclusion and you are now only required to pay 1408.63". I then received the same email 2 times a day for a week, I will attach this with the post. It states that "As per my request" they are willing to settle with the amount mentioned above, which I think is being used as their tactics? because I haven't been in contact with them at all I assume as I've read online after 5 years the debt gets statue barred? I received a phone call yesterday asking for me, I said no I don't know anyone by that name that lives here and the lady said "That's funny since we've checked records and it seems only yesterday you applied for a loan and we also know who you bank with and that you drive a ford focus". How are they getting this info? She then went on to say "We will be getting that money back off you very soon, my associates look forward to seeing you in person have a nice day" and hung up. Does this mean that they have transferred the debt to a UK company? can they actually do that ? Any advice on this? More facts about the account, I had only logged into the online portal twice, and not even attempted the work because I had found out I could of just went to a local free college and got the course for free. Yet when trying to cancel they blocked access to the online portal and demanded payment off me.. s there any way I can fight this? Thanks P.s I am living in the UK now.
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