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  1. Me thinks that a pair of handcuffs may be used against the defendants! You could ask the court manager to have the 'discontinuation form' checked by the local Force's forensics team as it would appear that a very serious criminal offence has been committed. You should mention this attempted deception in your Witness Statement.
  2. ericsbrother was asking for the time and date of the event, as shown on the NTK, not the date that it was issued.
  3. By clicking on your user name it uncovers your posts in 2016. I am sure that ericsbrother will read them and re-familiarise himself with the thread and give you advice.
  4. Read plenty of similar threads here to familiarize yourself with the system.
  5. You should remove the Notice number from your last post
  6. Re-read HoneyBee's post #5 again. Fill out the stickie posted by DX and give the experienced on the forum a chance to advise properly. You should also read other threads to familiarise yourself with the subject. Remember, these Private Parking Companies are not honest in their dealings and just as you would not willingly give up your hard earned to a mugger, why allow a paper mugger do the same?
  7. I think that what brassnecked was asking in the above post, was your mother the registered owner of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence in 2014. Not that it makes much difference to the recommendations to ignore until a letter before claim is received, it is asked to rationalize the fact that no previous correspondence has been received.
  8. No wriggle room there then. You need to take Man in the Middle's advice to mitigate the penalty.
  9. Just a point for others reading the thread, any vehicle that is showing substantial damage and parked for a length of time can be at risk of being 'cloned'. My advice would always be to remove the front and rear number plates to avoid this, although of course it is too late for the OP. This is a situation where the quickest solution could be to write - not appeal - enclosing one of the photographs shown here and possibly a statement from a neighbour to the fact that the vehicle has not moved from your driveway since the date in December 2018.
  10. ParkingBill2018 thank you for pointing out my typo. I am struggling at the moment as the screen on my laptop has failed and until I have the replacement, I have connected a 10 metre HDMI cable to my television to act as a monitor. Unfortunately it is not showing full screen and my eyesight is not too good at the moment. As for the 'regulator, the DVLA can call them what they want, unless parliament APPOINT them, they are not regulators, but as previously mentioned, boys clubs set up paid for and run by the member PPC's and in the case of the IPC, Will and John of Gladstones.
  11. The BPA and IPC are NOT regulators. They are clubs to which Private Parking Companies belong and pay for the running. They don't have bars to serve drinks, but by pulling the wool over the eyes of the DVLA (and the parliamentary sub committee who formulated the POFA in 2015, they create a benefit to the members by allowing them electronic access to Registered Keeper details.
  12. You really need to read other threads on the subject of Private Parking so that you understand the process . They require planning permission for their signs. If they are small enough to not require PP, they are too small for the POFA.
  13. Except that unless ReasonableRon is a qualified lawyer, solicitor or barrister, his is just another opinion. He is omitting to acknowledge that the 30 day right to reject is different to the 'reverse onus' that he mentions. What is 'it is common knowledge?' Likewise you consistently fail to add a citation (King12345 has pointed to the law, but you fail to follow through) which has been several times asked of you.
  14. Verso owner, you do realize that ringing the Consumer Helpline is a bit of a lottery? The 'advisers' are well meaning volunteers who may or may not have any real understanding of the law about which they are giving advice! You need to make an appointment with them to have a chance of getting advice from a solicitor who again may or may not have an expertise with the CRA 2015 There have been many instances on this forum when Citizens Advice (who run Consumer helpline) got things wrong in law - private parking springs to mind. Lawgistics may claim to be the UK's No1 motoring lawyers but as that claim is directed at the motor trade who purchase a subscription from them, as dx (and before him Christine Keeler) said 'well they would, wouldn't they'.
  15. Having read the thread, I personally would reply to the insurance company pointing out that the major collision occurred BEFORE your minor touch, not afterwards and that either the clip holders were damaged in that collision, or were sufficiently weakened that your subsequent touch, which ordinarily would have had no deleterious effect resulted in that prior damage becoming evident. As such you do not feel responsible and would be pleased to defend any court action that they take.
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