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  1. You need to inform them that the email address is NOT to be used for any communication relating to the claim. Block their email address so that it bounces back. If they have an email address it is a known tactic to send papers at 2359 on the day of final disclosure so that you do not have time to review/absorb the information in time to rebut.
  2. Belt and braces, mail Excel with your new address also, with free proof of posting at the Post Office, so that they can't send any other communication that could affect your case to the previous address .
  3. Unfortunately for you, this is not a continuous offence. Each time you enter the prohibition lane you commit the transgression. I suggest the action recommended by Man in the middle, ie a grovelling letter
  4. Just to clarify for you, the claim has come from Northampton Bulk Claim Centre, based in St Katherine's House, Northampton, being an administrative office only, not an actual court as you might think of them with benches and chairs. As dx has mentioned, once you have submitted your brief defence, I repeat, Brief defence, that they send a direction questionnaire. Having filled it in they allocate the claim to the Small Claims track and also automatically send it to your local court; unless in the directions you have nominated a different court, for reasons of convenience to you, e
  5. dx I think that you mean, 'its not a fine and it most certainly does Not need to be blindly paid'
  6. You really are over thinking things, probably because of your previous experience! You need to preserve your position viz a viz your rights to reject, by sending a formal letter of rejection to the supplier within 30 days of purchase. You do not have to physically return the vehicle in the 30 days, but you do need to stop using it, otherwise the rejection is negated. If you do not wish to reject, but are prepared to have a repair effected, the 30 days only comes in for NOTIFYING the supplier of the fault, which you have already done. If the repair is not successful, or
  7. Ah, the mystery of the disappearing ticket! This is one pantomime that has not been affected by Covid 19 restrictions. It is a well known product of VCS and runs hand in glove with an operator type parking enforcement. As such they have sent the NTK too early to comply with the requirements of the Protection of Freedom Act 2012. The NTK should be received by the keeper NOT BEFORE 29 days of the so called infringement, nor after 56 days. This is to allow a DRIVER to pay the charge before further action, but not so long after that the matter could be forgotten. They have
  8. I can understand your frustrations at having to wait so long for a resolution of your problem, but I also have to say that I think you have done pretty well out of it. Whilst I am sure that you may be entitled to repayment of some consequential losses/costs, this would be offset against you now having a new or refurbished engine. Normally you cannot expect such betterment without payment. This is what the earlier request of £3.5 K was about and it is pretty amazing that this has been waived.. You have not told us what age of Subaru it was, or the price that you paid for it. I would
  9. As I read the signs, payment can also be made by Credit or Debit card when a ticket could be issued for display.
  10. A couple of points, you appear to have typed one of the dates incorrectly... Date of issue – 06 Nov 2020 ....... Date for AOS - 07 Nov 2020. Date to submit Defence - 21 Nov 2020 The date for acknowledgement is usually 14 days after date of issue and defence 28 days after issue (if acknowledged in time.). Please confirm which is correct.4. The driver agreed to pay within 28 days but did not. This is simply an assertion that you failed to comply with a condition on their signage which they claim created a contract that you breached. Nothing at all to do with your contacting the
  11. Under no circumstance should you play BWL's game by filling in THEIR form. Instead send a letter such as the one by ericsbrother that DX suggested which I show below. Dear BWL, I hope you don't mind me calling you this as you don't seem to be able to spell your actual name although Sean isn't that hard to write. Any debt to your client is denied, they clearly have forgotten about their ATA enforced grace period and also don't seem to comprehend that when you have bought a ticket there isn't a breach of not having one to consider. You might also like to know their paperwor
  12. Just to clarify, the offence of supplying a vehicle in an unroadworthy condition is under section 75 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988, not the Highways Act mentioned above. When taking legal action it is best to be accurate.
  13. DX is simply giving you an example of how the POSSIBLE contract that the PPC MAY have with the LANDOWNER (not a management agent) can fail to be enforceable due to failing to pay the contract fee. These claims are about contract law, not parking.
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