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  1. MikeW001 As you have never registered an account, it cannot be closed! All you have to do is disappear into which ever happy place you inhabit.
  2. Simple answer to your query, click on any Site Team name and it will take you to their page in which you will find a 'message' button.
  3. In the paragraph ' I have no engineering knowledge – and I sold the vehicle to you in absolute good faith. I'm glad that you have noticed that there was no engine warning light and so there was nothing to indicate to me that there might have been any faults other than the ones that I do to your attention.' I think that this should be drew
  4. Unfortunately Andyorch in Post #2 is wrong. Councils cannot issue fines, on a Court can. The council can issue Penalty Charge Notices only.
  5. I think that the final part of the last sentence should read ' then the garage will be held liable for the cost of moving the vehicle and the cost of the inspections as well as the repairs.
  6. Just to clarify, only a Court can issue a FINE. The Police cannot, they can however issue a Fixed Penalty Notice (decriminalized). Likewise the Council cannot, they issue a Penalty Charge Notice (also decriminalized) The differences are that only the Court issued Fine results in a record that can be referenced in a subsequent court case - subject to time limits.
  7. Man in the middle has clearly explained what the trial on Monday will entail, but from previous posts it seems that you may be confusing the purpose of the hearing. Irrespective of the background to the production of the NIP, the court is only interested in whether the prosecutor (the Police) can prove that YOU were guilty of the offence. You are producing a signature (historic, not recently manufactured) which can be compared with that on the form returned. You will also be able to state on oath that you do not hold and never have held a driving licence and do not know how to drive. This should be sufficient to have the case dismissed. THEN, there is every likeliness that an investigation will be ordered and your ex-boyfriend will face a criminal trial which will hopefully answer all of the questions that remain in your mind. There is every likeliness that he will face a long time in prison which may help to mitigate the harm, time wasted and stress that he has caused. Good luck.
  8. I think that you might like to change the second date in para 6 to 'on or about 25th November 2013'
  9. So being accurate when it comes to legal matters is pedantry? Well I never!
  10. Next Tuesday is 28th January. The 5th of February is a week on Tuesday.
  11. The OP is beginning to sound like a Freeman on the Land!!!
  12. lookinforinfo: There is no 'being found guilty' There is no 'fine' In the County Court the Judge finds for the claimant or for the defendant only. If the former then the sum claimed is due (or a lesser amount if the amount claimed has included non-enforceable elements). If the latter, no money is due.
  13. I think that ericsbrother might have meant to write 'processing my personal data when they had no reason etc' in the second to last line.
  14. You could have filled in the section of the S172 request with the name and address of the person to whom you sold the vehicle! The six points is to penalize anyone who thinks they can avoid a conviction for something like a speeding offence (generally only 3 points) by ignoring the request for driver identity (part of the Notice of Intended Prosecution letter) There could be many serious offence resulting from the 'hit and run' such as a)No insurance, b) no MOT, c) careless/dangerous driving. Even causing death by careless/dangerous driving. Are you getting the idea now why failing to identify is treated so seriously and the penalty is so high?
  15. The six points are not for simply 'not replying to a letter', The letter was a request to identify the driver when an offence is alleged to have been committed. This is separate from the original offence. There are few defences for this offence, but no longer being the owner is one! The fact that the 'hit and run' occurred the day before the registered owner change took place is unfortunate for you, but all the details that you amassed to show you could not have been the driver is irrelevant as it is the failure to identify that you were charged with. My local magistrates court fine £660 + £60 Victim surcharge and £85 costs in addition to the 6 point endorsement for failing to identify!. This does reinforce the mantra of ' read and re-read' any document that has a legal aspect.
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