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  1. Bazza and Unclebulgaria, I am aware of this which is why I added 'and very restricted other reasons.' The OP''s situation does not fall into this category, in the original post it has been stated that they are with the same insurance company so they are already aware, and they are not asking in order to make a claim. As such the OP would be breaching Data Protection legislation by asking as poster ukshane4life has recommended. In any case, the OP was simply asking whose fault the incident was!
  2. You can only obtain Insurance confirmation from askmid if you are the registered owner, drive an employers vehicle and very restricted other reasons. It is an offence for an individual to check someone else's insurance status, Please do not suggest to the OP that they can do this.
  3. Lookingforinformation, brilliant work. Just to point out a typo in point 48 point out to the Judge how unlikely it is that the WS authors never appear in Court.
  4. Should the defence not be sent 12th September? I think that the OP has miss-typed the dates. AOS should be 23rd August.
  5. You should also prepare yourself for the loss of the Private Plates if the vehicle is not recovered. Unless the plates are on retention, there does need to be a donor vehicle for the transfer. It is possible that if the garage failed to transfer the plates, that DVLA will still have them allocated to your previous vehicle, in which case you need to quickly prevent the change of keeper or again lose the PP's.
  6. Montego, you need to read and understand all of the legislation, not just a bit that you find on Google.. (2B)Subsection (1) does not apply to a vehicle if— (a)the vehicle is being neither used nor kept on a public road, and (b)the particulars and declaration required to be furnished and made by regulations under section 22(1D) have been furnished and made in accordance with the regulations and the terms of the declaration have at no time been breached.
  7. No. to have an unlicensed vehicle (not SORNed) is an administrative 'offence', to keep or use an unlicensed vehicle on a public road or place, ie subject to public upkeep is a summary offence..
  8. A Summary Offence is one that can be dealt with by summons at Magistrates Court. Perhaps you meant 'its Not a summary offence' Had it been kept or used on the public road, it would have been a summary offence.
  9. BF I think perhaps you meant .... in any event but that if there is not a reimbursement in full ..... in the third paragraph.
  10. Have you read any other threads? From your post I would think not! What makes you say no to small case track? These parking claims are all dealt with through the small claims track, it protects the defendant from excessive costs, there are strict limits within the track. The venue will automatically be your local County Court, unless you have specific reasons such as place of work to request otherwise. No to expert witness No to mediation. Yes one witness yourself. You must read other threads re VCS and airport claims in order to familiarise yourself with what is involved as the forum is a self help group of volunteers who are willing to assist free of charge, but you do need to help yourself.
  11. Items 8 and 10 should read claimant, not defendant. Haven't read all through, but cannot see square brackets anywhere.
  12. Depends on the country he wishes to export to, age of vehicle and value type, of vehicle , how long he has owned the vehicle etc. Is he going to live and use the vehicle there?
  13. Perhaps you parked outside their lines, or in a car of the wrong colour for that day? Perhaps your wheels were not straight or you left the drivers window down? I know, I am stretching the bounds of credibility with these scenario, but the point is, they MUST specify and the failure to do so will give the Judge reason to instantly dismiss the claim, IF it is pointed out in your defence witness statement. DX is a poster of long standing and well versed in destroying the claims of these fleecers. His point will be that there is unlikely to be a legitimate contract to breach and ECP will need to jump through many hoops to substantiate their claim, a big one being the details in their POC. If you read other threads on the subject you will become better able to understand what is being advised.
  14. The thread that this refers to is locked, so this comment is on your second thread. You need to check all of the terms of your comprehensive policy, because I don't think that you are in fact covered to drive the second vehicle! I am pretty sure that although you will normally be covered for third party risks, there is inevitably a caveat that it does not apply for any vehicle owned by you or hired under a hire purchase agreement to you. Whilst I know that being the registered keeper is not the same as ownership, you would be hard pressed to show that it was owned by someone else, your father, without opening a can of worms as to why he is not the registered keeper of 'his' car. Whilst not strictly 'fronting' it is looked upon in the same light by insurers.
  15. Where your driving licence is registered is neither here nor there. It is the Registered address for the vehicle that is pertinent here. What is on the V5c (log book in old money)?
  16. you need to remove the image above, prperly redact your VRN and the PCN number, before reposting.
  17. Hardly harassment if you hope that they send you another one on Friday !
  18. except claimant and defendant have been switched in two places. 1. It is denied that the Claimant entered into a contract with the Defendant, or broke any such contract Should be Defendant entered into a contract with the Claimant 5. The Defendant has added additional amounts to the claim to try to circumvent limits on legal costs in an abuse of court procedure. Should be Claimant
  19. I am afraid that you are making it more complicated than it need be, you keep repeating what he has texted and we have no definitive chronology. You have not answered my post #66 although I suspect that the £4k has NOT been paid into your bank account and he is merely stringing you along.
  20. Can you please confirm if the £4k was actually paid into your bank account, as this has not been established in your thread. Be also aware that even if funds have been transferred to you, he could attempt to get this reversed by his bank.
  21. . 50 miles = 3168000 inches per hour = 880 inches per second = 308 inches travelled in the .35 seconds. This is equivalent to 7.8232 metres
  22. Deemed consent are those signs which are accepted as being of PUBLIC/SAFETY interest, eg bus stop, exit, emergency vehicle access only etc. The signs for parking are an ADVERTISEMENT, ie offering a service (with or without cost). As such, planning permission for their erection or display is therefore a LEGAL requirement. Failure to have such consent is a breach of the Code of Practice under which members of both BPA and IPC are bound, without which they are not permitted to obtain keeper details from DVLA.
  23. apart from including a charge for 'stopping on no stopping roads, eg Airport Roads' It would appear very fair to motorists.
  24. I think the term you are seeking is 'force majeure:- unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.
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