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  1. hello guys, im getting bit frustrated! bought a very expensive bosch washer/dryer a year and 4 months ago, and the lock mechanism has failed. luckily enough, id registered it for the 2 year warranty so the repair, after waiting 8 days for the part to be delivered , was free. but i was fuming to be without a washing machine full stop. the machine is now displaying a fault code again, the same fault code, and again ive booked an engineer visit. After it failed the first time, i contacted appliance world (as i was so angry) and he just told me to use the warranty. Im not that interested in the machine now, it looks like its going to be an ongoing problem, and yes ok it is under a 2 year warranty but its the 2nd time its failed in quick succession. After having paid so much money i expected more from the machine. when i complained to bosch initially they said that out of the thousands of machines they produce, one or 2 are bound to play up. Im just not happy. What would you do?
  2. hello there. a reminder of my upcoming court case vs roadstar auto centre. it is ordered that there will be a dispute resolution hearing which will take place by telephone on 7th october 2021 at 10am
  3. hello. yet another update for the case vs roadstar. ive had a notice of transfer of proceedings on the 12th february. the small claims team has arranged for my case to be transferred to a hearing centre as they were not able to arrange mediation at this time. the problem that im having is that i cannot get any garage mechanic to help me, or write statements, or basically get involved. i guess it will be my statement alone?
  4. hello so just reminding you of where we are with this mediation against the local garage that made an offer of the cost of the repair of the turbo, and court costs. which i refused. i will take this to court, and follow your advice. i will provide updates as they come. thank you for your time
  5. Just got off the phone to the mediator again. She was very nice actually. But she is saying, the garage have said the only loss I've suffered is the 185. They disputed the poor installation. I have the screws and the burnt gasket. the judge will ask me to prove my loss of £480. As I have have had a new turbo fitted. I cannot get a statement from the independent garage to prove the poor fitting. if they are liable for the consequences following from the poor fitting, will that entitle me to a full refund? Bearing in mind that I did have a turbo fitted. or just the refund of 185 SHe has given me another 24 hours to mull it over. although I think I will proceed considering you will support me. I Did tell her I was happy to proceed and she did seem to be gently persuading me not to.
  6. Unfortunately the garage manager, helpful as he is, doesn't want to be drawn into court cases etc. So would rather not make a statement. He said they have basically installed the turbo using the wrong screws. So it has worked it's way loose causing damage to the gasket. I have the gasket and the screws. It was refitted using correct screws from ford. They have said iv have driven my van for 6 months before complaining. I had no choice and was complaining in the meantime and being fobbed off. There was also a short period when the screaming stopped. So obviously I just let it go, as I was very busy at work. So In between being fobbed off, being busy at work, inconvenient times, short period of no screaming, and realising that I need to take action and what I was going to do about it, 6 months elapsed. Is the 185.01 my only loss? Mediator says they have said its my only loss as the 480 I'm claiming for paid for the installation of the turbo. And this would of had to be done anyway
  7. I've just spoken to the independent garage who repaired the turbo. The told me the turbo was poorly fitted resulting in the gasket burning. So the initial installation was poor. It's not about the money, it's about the principal. I don't really need the money - or the stress of a court case. But they have handled me poorly and I'm very unhappy about it. I think I will proceed.
  8. Hello guys how are you. I have just got off the phone to the mediator. The garage who initially changed the turbo are saying that I haven't suffered a loss of £480. (Cost of labour to renew turbo) The only loss I have suffered is the £185.01 I had to pay the independent garage to repair the turbo. They said a gasket can go at any time. ( In this case almost immediately after I drove away after the repair) and that I didn't follow the complaints procedure. Mediator says if it goes to court I have to prove a loss. And the £185.01 is the only loss... The initial garage said they would pay the 185.01 and my court fee, I'm not sure what to do, this is what I wanted in the first place but I've had to come here to get it.
  9. I can ask the secretary. The mechanic does not wish to talk outside discussing work to be done.
  10. I'm sure, yes. The mechanic was very methodical and had the whole engine area stripped out and cleaned down (from soot and oil that had been leaking and blowing all over the engine) he then showed me the parts. The gasket is actually burnt.
  11. I'm not sure youve asked me the name of the garage I'm suing - I don't believe you have. I may have stated it In previous posts. Would you like to know it? Is my photo of the letter on headed paper from the garage that re- fitted the turbo ok? I purposely left out their details.
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