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  1. best I got a free shaver post I've seen in ages. that's not sarcastic? I'm not interested in unjust enrichment, i would much rather have a sensible conversation with the seller rather than just be ignored, thats fair don't you think? and id much rather have a sensible conversation on these forums where I can find the answers, not have sneering know it alls and their mates trying to belittle me because of my lack of knowledge. I've got no interest in it. if I'm wrong, guide me, don't make pathetic comments.
  2. how fair is it that I get my money back from the faulty epilator that was sold to me as new, buy a new battery for it with the money, to continue using it as originally intended ? sounds fair to me. whats your problem? I'm new on this site, I guess I'm going to have to get used to Muppets like you with your sarcastic comments right?
  3. thanks dx100!! more useful info I will look Into. as for the other comment, well, everything hasn't been a financial fight. it's just been me, being taken advantage of with dodgy goods, far too frequently for my liking. so here I am. if the seller had responded to me and tried to help me out It could have been different. if I do manage to get my money back then yes, I'll take your advice as it's a good idea, replace the battery. thank you
  4. have spoken to my bank regarding this and can only dispute payment within last 120 days. i paid for it last may
  5. hello Stu thanks for replying I'm looking at it now but there's nothing! I can't remember what it said upon my initial search, but definitely would t have bought a used one. I'll message ebay to see if they can find out.
  6. I cant remember exactly but im sure it was new other, i wouldnt have bought a used epilator. It was 79.99. Thanks for replying, im sick of getting mugged off!! (whats a DCA?) gav
  7. how do I pursue him under the cra? I don't actually know how to take action .
  8. andy, very have replied telling me they will not refund, and will hold for 6 weeks before disposing of. If i allow the 6 weeks to elapse then send my faulty item template letter from which, where would i stand? as apparently i am only entitled to a repair or replacment. thanks
  9. hello guys. Last may, i bought my mrs an epilator as new from ebay. This may, the battery capacity has diminished to , well, zero. Paypal are unable to help as it is outside the 180 day window. Ebay wont help, and the seller has not responded. Is there anything i can do? Thanks for your time. gavin
  10. Andy, how can I go about telling them? I've not done this before. i just dont know what to say to them
  11. that's great Andy I'll give it a shot. thank you
  12. hello Andy. yes, it was bought online. in March I think. thanks for replying
  13. hello. first time posting so apologies if I do or say anything wrong. I bought a kettle from very, and the day it came the name brand badge fell off. and it was in my opinion very fragile and poor quality. i returned it, and was charged delivery and admin fees for them to refuse and return it to me as they said they cannot find anything wrong with it. I sent a message telling them the badge had fallen off and i wasnt happy paying £70 them something like that, and have they not noticed?? "should i glue it back on?" i asked during the return to me, they seemed to have chipped and cracked the plug. so I told them about this, and returned it again. the badge has fallen off, they have cracked and chipped the plug, but they are refusing to refund it as they say it is not eligible to refund!!! is there anything I can do? thanks for any replies gavin
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