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  1. Ok then. I'll bear this all in mind, thanks again.
  2. Sorry. A claim has been issued for the cost of the labour of the installation of the turbo. It was defended. I have returned the DQ. My van has been in to the new garage I use and the water pump needs to be replaced at a cost of £220, this being after it was replaced along with the turbo that was blown during the initial work Dec 2019
  3. So my van has been back for an MOT. (At the new garage i use which was responsible for repairing the turbo) and they have had to replace the water pump (which was replaced with the turbo at the garage I am taking to court) How can I add this to my current case, or is it too late, please advise on what I should do. Thank you
  4. Hello guys. Sorry for the gap between updates. I have been completely wiped out with Corona virus. The last thing I done was posted off the n180 and I am waiting for a response. Also, I registered with the mediation service and have heard from them on email. Thank you
  5. iI've printed off all the emails that were swapped between us. one of which is a photo of the faults list from ford but no conversation. one of which is me mentioning to them that they asked me to take my van to fords to find the faults as they couldnt manage it. one of which is the invoice from the independent garage for the repair to turbo. i have the parts which were removed during the repair, one of which is burnt. i am waiting for the letter from the independent garage to add. so i print X3 copies of DQ? and serve copies on all o
  6. i have the mechanics mobile number that repaired the turbo. i messaged him, and called him. he has not responded. i called the garage. the secretary said to me, most of the information is on the invoice. i did say i need a written statement for court ands she is prepared to do so and has sent it through the post on headed paper. not going to manage a written statement from the mechanic unfortunately. i do have emails, not many. most of the corresponding was done via phone unfortunately, i didn't know it would come to this. the court is 10 mins walk from my house. t
  7. There was more phone conversation than emails. I do have the defects report from ford which I sent via email to the garage. But not anything from the garage telling me they cannot find a problem I have 2-4 emails sent to the garage saying that there is a screaming noise and how could you give it back to me like that, I need it looked at asap pls. At the time I didn't know the turbo was blown. They have also said In their defence how they asked me to contact head office and was asked to furnish them with evidence of having been to an independent
  8. hello. i received the DQ today and with it, a copy of the defence. the defence is as follows: the defence was dated 7th dec 2020. the info on my claim history is: A bar was put in place for roadstar autocentre on 10/12/2020 roadstar autocentre filed a defence on 10/12/2020 DQ sent to roadstar autocentre on 10/12/2020 the vehicle we're actually talking about is a van. a large red van. the high pitched screaming was apparent from the moment i drove way from the garage, due to
  9. hello there am i waiting to receive paperwork from the court? i don't want to waste time.
  10. hi bank fodder. I'm looking through the guidance at the moment. It states the onus is on me to advise the court on how i want to proceed once the defendant has filed a response (Defence) im looking at my claim online and there is no further information, i cannot view the defendants defence. what should i do now, do i wait for the DQ to come back from the defendant? its a little bit stressful. i feel a little out of my depth, not having done this before. Although i believe im right.
  11. A bar was put in place for roadstar autocentre on 10/12/2020 roadstar autocentre filed a defence on 10/12/2020 DQ sent to roadstar autocentre on 10/12/2020
  12. Ive received a notice of issue from the court. The claim was issued on the 2nd december. the court sent it 1st class post to the defendant and it will be deemed to be served on the 7th december. the defendant has until the 21st december to reply.
  13. i already have read the guidance, but i think ill need to read a it a few times! thanks again old chap. ill report back asap
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