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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've recently received a Parking Charge Notice from Park With Ease Ltd (PWE) and I'm looking for some advice. On the 30th December I parked at Ferry Meadows in Peterborough for about 50 minutes and completely forgot to pay my parking fee... that was until yesterday when I received a parking charge letter (dated Thursday 15th February 2018) from PWE - see attached pdf titled "Park With Ease PCN Letter". I've had a little browse at other cases and something that keeps getting mentioned is that they have to send the letter to me within 14 days of the 'offence'. Am I correct in thinking that I would have a good chance of a successful appeal (perhaps with the Independent Appeals Service rather than the initial PWE appeal) based solely on the fact that the letter is dated 33 working days after the 'offence'? Just looking to get some advice before I decide whether or not to appeal the charge. I have no real defence as I completely forgot to pay, so I'm just curious as to whether the 14 day notice period means I don't have to pay. Thanks in advance for any help/advice. Mike. Park With Ease PCN Letter.pdf
  2. 1 Date of the infringement.( 05/07/18 ) 2 Date on the NTK [24/07/18] 3 Date received ( 27/07/18 ) 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [no] 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? ( no ) 6 Have you appealed? {no] 7 Who is the parking company? ( Park with Ease ) 8. Where exactly [Whitlingham Country Park, Norwich, Norfolk ] For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IPC A member of my family who is foreign, drove into Whitlingham Country Park in Norfolk stopped for 20 minutes to see what boating facilities there were then left, my family member drove out through the entrance by mistake, we are now incurring charges and threatening court letters. Any advice would be gratefully received
  3. I have just had my independent appeal dismissed by the IAS over a £50 parking charge charged to me by Park With Ease. I visited Nene Park Ferry Meadows on 10th February 2018, and on attempting to pay for my parking, the machine did not recognise my number plate . It came up with a random fee of £6, and as I had parked for just under an hour , knew this was incorrect. I tried the machine beside it , only to get the same result. There was no screen displayed, which gave me the option to choose how long I had been there, I didn’t want to overpay for my stay so left the parking recognition system was faulty, hadn’t got my details, hence nothing to pay. Bearing in mind over the past year I had visited and paid correctly some 19 other times and this one , time I had a problem . Then 6 weeks later on 24th March, I received a letter ( dated 22nd March) for a £50 charge for non payment. I emailed PWE, who dismissed my explanation , demanding payment or to appeal to the IAS, which I have unsuccessfully just done. The park say there is nothing they can do because i went through IAS ( but that’s what they tell you to do)! And whilst I was appealing PWE were still sending letters to me, threatening legal action. Do I have any rights, to prevent paying this awful company. I have until Monday 4th June , to decide where to go with it??
  4. Good morning, I hope you can help. I have been looking through the forum and have had a brilliant time taking in advice from people who have had similar experiences to what i have had, however none have been exactly the same. Now on the 16th of April my wife received a notice to keeper letter from park with ease, im sure youre all familiar with these notices. Basically my wifes car was parked at one of their sites on the 6th of April for about an hour and a quarter. The site in which it was parked at is one of those ANPR sites that detect your plate in and then out. When the driver was leaving the site they were in a queue to pay at the machine, the lady infront of them had issues paying, as the machine declined the payment, however the payment made for my wifes car was successful and the lady re-attempted to pay for hers and it then was successful, so I can only assume there was a technical fault with the machine. These machines do not issue tickets nor receipts of payment so I have no tangible evidence to confirm payment had been made. The payment was showing as pending on the payers bank account statement (online) however according to the bank, if the payee does not accept/process the payment within 7 days it 'drops off' the statement, so i dont have that as evidence of payment either (the bank do not hold any information of past pending payments) Basically the payment wasnt collected by park with ease. Basically my wife does not have a leg to stand on as there is no evidence of payment. As far as the driver was concerned payment was made. I can not think of any other way to get out of paying the extortionate fee they have presented her with for something that was not within her powers to prevent. The letter was sent/received within the 14 days theyre allowed. Im in the middle of writing a letter/email to them but am kind of stumped on what to put without them just laughing at me and telling me to cough up. Any advice/help will be very much appreciated.
  5. I have just recieved a "Parking charge - final reminder" from Park with Ease. It refers to a period of parking dated July 2014 (3 years and 5 months ago) I ignored their begging letters back then and have heard nothing from them for over 3 years. Can they pursue this after all this time?
  6. Hi, has anyone heard of this company Park With Ease? I am asking on behalf of a family member, I did google the name and it said the company were a s c a m company? Family member got a letter from them yesterday saying they had not paid for a ticket while parked in a car park in Cornwall, August 2017, so it has taken them this long to write! The car park was one where there is a camera ( I believe) that takes car numbers and when you leave you go to a machine to pay. The day they were there they and several other people were not able to pay as the machine was not working, they asked others there what to do and several said they had never paid there! The letter says the fine is £60 but if paid in 14 days it is £30, the place is Maidencombe Beach Any advice most welcome Sandy xx
  7. Hello guys, So this morning I had a letter through the post stating the following: PARKING CHARGE - NOTICE TO KEEPER Vehicle Registration: redacted Vehicle Make / Model: redacted Site Name: Ferry Meadows Period of Parking: Sunday 11 Jun 2017 18:06:52 to Sunday 11 Jun 2017 19:16:24 Reason for Issue: None Payment of Parking Amount of Charge: £50.00 reduced to £25.00 if paid within 14 days Driver Liability The driver of the above vehicle is liable for a Parking Charge in the above amount which, at the date of this notice, remains unpaid in full. The charge having been incurred for the reason as stated above and liability for the same having been brought to the attention of the driver by clear signage in and around the site at the time of parking. Register Keeper At the time of this notice the creditor does not know both the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver and as the registered keeper of the vehicle YOU ARE NOW INVITED TO (i) Pay the unpaid Parking Charge; or (ii) If you were not the driver of the vehicle, to notify us of the name of the driver and a current address for service for the driver AND pass this Notice on to the driver Appeal In the event that you wish to dispute liability for this Parking Charge, within 21 days, (beginning with the day after that on which this notice is given, please provide your full name and address, vehicle registration number and the Parking Reference at the top of this Notice providing your full reasons. Appeals should be sent to (insert email) or by post to Appeals Dept, Unit F the Court, Kestrel Road, Manchester, M17 1SF Appeal decisions should be provided within 28 days. In the event that your appeal is unsuccessful then we will provide you with appropriate details enabling you to lodge an appeal to an Independent Appeals Service. Details of the appeal procedure can be found at www the IPC info Payment Payment should be made at parkwithease co uk, or by sending a cheque to the address above quoting your reference Cheques SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO PARK WITH EASE Today after receiving the notice, I returned to look for the signs, on leaving there is 3, however very small. and often just a P with a £ under it. There is also no signs showing that its CCTV monitored. The time I was there is also incorrect, at the time it states is actually when my car was parked on my drive. - After checking I don't know if this is true. I thought this was issued in July. Looks like I am going to get 2 tickets coming! I would appreciate if someone will let me know what my rights are and if I should appeal. On a side note, if I do decide to pay, there website is not HTTPS protected and who does cheques anymore, so will probably have to call them anyway. Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi, I wonder if someone can advise. My wife received two parkinig charge letters from Parking With Ease both due to their machines constantly failing to recognise the registration number when attempting to make payment. On one occasion we worked out we could enter the reg number manually but it then failed to recognise the debit card and just sat there forever. We then decided to leave it as we were unsure if payment had been taken. both of these letters were sent and received way outside of the 14 days Notice to Keeper period as stated here http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2012/9/schedule/4/enacted I informed them of this on my wife's behalf via their appeals email address and also mentioned the POFA and that the NTK was outside of this period and that they were therefore unable to pursue the registered owner of the vehicle (my wife) for the penalty charge. I also stated that I would report them to the IPC, DVLA if they pursued this further and they came back and said:- "We have not claimed to and are not seeking to use POFA 2012 to pursue the matter, therefore we have no requirement to issue any letters within 14 days." Can someone advise on the next course of action. Do we send them everything in writing? They said that we are free to contact the IAS and lodge an appeal with them within 21 days. Just a bit confused on their response and the next step for us to take. Thanks for any advice. Rob
  9. Hi everyone, It's been many many years since I last had a parking ticket (probably 30), but that all changed when a 'Parking Charge - Notice to Keeper letter' popped through my letterbox this morning from 'Parking With Ease'. Given the circumstances around this charge I thought it best to seek some advice from anyone on here that understands the legalities of a charge like this. Here's the background to how I received it: I took a trip to the Lake District a few weeks ago. Parking charges in the LD, for anyone who doesn't know, are both extortionate and EVERYWHERE. Most come in the form of the regular Pay and Display type. However, this one car park we went to had something I'd never seen before - a camera captures your number plate when you enter and you key your plate number into a machine when you leave. The machine then tells you how much you owe based on the time it recorded you entering. we wandered off to walk the dogs and I didn't take note of the time. When we came back I went over to the machine and keyed in my number plate. The machine then informed me that it couldn't find my plate in its records. I tried again, and again. Still no joy. The machine then prompted me to enter my plate details along with how long I'd been there so that it could work out my parking fee. I must admit this got my back up - what's the point in having an 'intelligent' parking system if it doesn't work and the customer has to try and remember when they arrived. Having already paid £70+ during the week at other car parks I thought "sod it" and drove away. This happened on the 17th of Aug. today, the 10th Sept, the letter arrives. On the letter it states that I parked at 15:37:40 and left at 16:50:30 (hrs:min:sec). That may be correct, I don't know... and I'm not sure how they'd know either seeing as their machine said it had no record of my arrival. I can understand how they got my plate leaving, but if they knew what time I entered why didn't the machine bring it up? They don't provide any photographic evidence of my arrival or departure, I have no way of telling if their claim is true. What I'd like to know from any experts on here who can help is where do I stand legally on this? Do they have sufficient grounds to make this demand? Do I have sufficient grounds to request photographic confirmation of my arrival/departure times? Should I just pay the fine and put this down to experience? I've attached a copy of the letter I received to this post, front and back pages. I know I probably shouldn't have left without paying something, but after a week of rip-off parking (machines that only let you park for a minimum of two hours, that won't give change, that will happily accept overpayment but won't tag on the time for it) I'd just about had enough. The whole parking experience is enough to put me off going to the Lake District ever again! Any help/guidance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Out of the blue yesterday my daughter received a letter and court papers from Park with Ease . Apparently she had parked at a car park - White Moss in the lake district on the 9th October 2014. This was the first time that she had received anything from them. My daughter moved in June 2014 and had informed the DVLA etc that she had moved. We have never had any letters from them otherwise this would have been dealt with before now. When we she showed us this letter today I immediately got in touch with them to stop the action whilst we sorted it out. But their response has been really quite rude. We have explained that our daughter does no longer live at this address there response is "The address that has been used is the same as that on the court papers. We therefore have served these letters on you at the address provided by the DVLA. It is your responsibility to update your details with them when changing address. We have no control over this. " We have no control of the DVLA have not amended the address as she asked them to. They also say "We would suggest that you comply with the direction within the document that you have received as action will not be halted due to your contact with us. " ""As stated in our previous email, the court claim has now started and you therefore should follow the driections of that document. We cannot issue advise on this matter and would suggest you obtain independent legal advice "" Is this correct? I can see by previous CAG postings that to contact POPLA the landowner and my MP. I have emailed my MP and also The National Parks. Do we just pay it as she did park there for 1hr 10 minutes? But she genuinely did not receive any letters advising of the parking ticket. Has it just gone to far? As it stands today she owes £184.64 with court costs and legal costs. Thank you.
  11. I received a NTK from Park with ease (PWE) 24 days after the parking event they refer to in the NTK (attached) titled Parking charge - notice to Keeper [ATTACH=CONFIG]58730[/ATTACH] I researched on various forums and responded as below: they came back with the below reply: I am pretty sure they do not have any legislature to fall back on... any advice would be highly valued... thanks in advance for your time...
  12. Hi all I have been reading this forum to try and get some advice for appealing a penalty notice I received for parking in a car park in the Lake District by Park With Ease. I did park in the car park, but the machine was not working and we had no internet access in order to make the payment within the next 48 hours. I parked in the car park on 11 September 2014 but did not receive the 'Penalty charge -Notice to Keeper' letter until 8 October. I have read threads on this forum and seemed to find the fact that PWE had 14 days in order to issue the penalty to the keeper of the vehicle as they do not know who the driver was. Therefore I sent an email to PWE appealing the penalty stating (after reading other threads on this forum): PWE have therefore misrepresented themselves to the DVLA in obtaining the keeper details as the notice was dated after the 14 day time limit. Therefore, I should be grateful if you would confirm that the penalty is cancelled. If not, I will be complaining to the DVLA that PWE have breached the conditions contained in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 in obtaining the keeper details. They have now responded saying that I am wrong and they await my complaint to the DVLA as they have complied with all regulations. Now I am not sure if I have not understood the other threads correctly and would appreciate some advice.
  13. My mother in law received a letter for her car not being paid for at a car park looked after by park with ease. 2 cars went and both cars were paid for. by the time parking was done and we both left one of the cars had overstayed by 1 and a half minutes longer than an hour. Received an invoice on her car dated 28 days later it actually arrived 29/30 days later. I appealed saying This ticket was not issued within 14 days. The date of the offence was 15th July 2014. the date of issue was 12th August 2014. The prescribed fee was paid and the claim against you is utterly refuted as being without foundation or just cause. We paid for an hours parking from when we parked up, left the car and checked the fees for the car park. the fine is for overstaying the hour by less than one minute thirty seconds. PWE replied " Thank you for your email We have no requirement to issued parking charge notices within 14 days. There are no payments for your registration or anything similar, therefore you failed to pay for the parking that was due at the time of parking or up to 48 hours following your departure and so the parking charge notice has been issued correctly. You can pay your parking charge notice online at or by sending a cheque or postal order to Park with Ease Ltd, Unit F2, The Court, Kestrel Road, Trafford Park, Manchester, M17 1SF If you believe this decision is incorrect, you are entitled to appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS). In order to appeal the IAS will need your parking charge number, your vehicle registration and the date the charge was originally issued. Appeals must be submitted to the IAS within 21 days of the date of this letter. For further information please visit www I then appealed using the above information to the IAS but must have input the date wrong about when i received the letter as the claim was dismissed and the IAS said "The Appellant challenges on the ground that the notice requirements under PoFA have not been complied with and they paid. The Operator is not seeking keeper liability under PoFA and therefore the notice requirements are not relevant, although the Appellant is incorrect about the notice period in any event and claims that they received a letter on a day that has not arrived yet. There is no evidence from the Appellant that they paid. They have a witness but have provided no evidence from that witness. The Operator has provided clear evidence that they have not paid. Even giving the Appellant the benefit of the doubt on this the Appellant accepts not paying for the time that they actually parked for." please tell me i do not have to pay the 25 or maybe even 50 pounds they are trying to charge me as that is ridiculous it was parked at.. ..for example 1:05pm and recorded leaving at 2:06 and 28seconds
  14. Hi I received the attached PCN from Park With Ease after a visit to Brockholes, Preston. I was aware of the free initial 20 minutes and did not think we had exceeded this. The 'offence' occurred on 01/10/14. The PCN is dated 04/11/14 (34 days later) The PCN arrived in my post on 07/11/14 (37 days after the offence). The charge seems excessive to me. Before I do something stupid, can thgis be enforced, and would I win an appeal?
  15. Hi,I am opening a new thread as my existing one, is old and very long, plus most is irrelvant now and i think the length is putting people off commenting on my recent develpmets - here is old thread for reference http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?240860-Park-Motor-Finance-Default-Notice I took car finance out, paid over a third but missed one payment. I was never informed of this missed payment, but then received a DN. The default notice was faulty and they terminated the agreement. It went to court, was adjourned and whilst waiting for the next hearing, the car was stolen. The finance company was paid by the insurance, plus they had sold me gap insurance, so paid out by that too. However they had added on lots of penalty charges for various letters and phone calls, so there was still a balance. I have refused to pay this balance as it is penalty charges. For the last few years I have haeard nothing from them except for default sums notices, but now I have recived a letter of assignment, assigning it to bluestone credit management. What I really want to ask you experts, is what should I do now? I don't want to ignore it, but dont know whether it is best to send a sar, cca or cpr request to bluestone. I dont want to be dealing with a stat demand or a ccj. Can anybody help?
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