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  1. Good morning. Few days ago I urgently drove my friend to A&E and I unawarely made a prohibited (right) turn. 40 minutes later I drove my friend back home and committed the same contravention. I didn't see the "no right turn" sign at all, so it is completely my fault. I could also add that the road was quite deserted (although I imagine is not an excuse). I am just checking with you if there is any possibility I can only pay it once. I am quite shocked as it is my second (and third) penalty charge in over 40 years. Not mentioning the costs!! Thanks for any help or suggestion. Have a good day.
  2. Sick and elderly have to wait outside in all weather in the cold for up to an hour before a GP surgery opens - just to get an appointment. Patients are said to start queuing at around 7am every day, although the surgery doesn’t open its doors until 8.00am. What if you are elderly and living on your own? You can’t expect them to come and queue. It’s disgusting. There are lots of old people standing in the freezing cold in the middle of winter. The system needs to change. There are queues every morning. The surgery should open up its doors earlier and have a ticket system, whereby the surgery doors open early to let them inside that way Sick and elderly are not waiting in the cold. The weather is only going to get colder and colder, please help me draft up a complaint to the surgery to get them to change their ways.
  3. I am hoping for a little clarification on behalf of my brother in law who runs a small company with around 12 persons who now has an issue with an employee who has assaulted another member of staff and who he understandably does not want working there anymore. Now all employees are on these zero hours contracts my first question is can you dismiss / discipline persons on these contracts? suggested he follow the company disciplinary procedure to be told there is not one so I am pretty sure that's not helpful!! none of the employees have actual physical (paper) contracts zero or otherwise and am not sure this is correct? it would seem there is no obligation for the employer to offer hours and if this is correct would this be a viable way of dealing with it (i.e. just not offering anymore hours) or would you be open to possible discrimination claims by continually telling the same person you don't need them to work? Finally I think he really needs some assistance making sure he has the correct procedures and policies required by a small company and was thinking ACAS may be the best point of contact but can anyone else suggest any organisations that can provide support to small businesses as and when needed? Thanks guys.
  4. On the 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month the First World War Ended "Armistice Day" In Flanders Fields Poem In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the sky The larks still bravely singing fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead: short days ago, We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved: and now we lie In Flanders fields! Take up our quarrel with the foe To you, from failing hands, we throw The Torch: be yours to hold it high If ye break faith with us who die, We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. Composed by Lt Col John McCrae at the battlefront on 3 May 1915 During the Second Battle of Ypres, Belgium
  5. The staff at my place of work (local government - care work) have been told our hours (not the amount but the days and start - finish times) are going to be changed. We currently have a 4 week rota and our place is open 7 days a week. The new rota is going to have ALL staff in for 2 hours on a Friday for a staff meeting - every week. I currently work full-time but don't work Friday as that's my day off. My question is can you rota staff to come in for two hours on a day that is supposed to be their day off? Asking staff to come in for two hours stops them from picking up hours with other employers (so of the staff work for 2 or 3 different companies). Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi, Recently stubbled onto the site and wondered if anyone could help me. I currently work at a supermarket and have done since August 2016, I started on a 12 hour contract over three days (per week) but have never actually worked only 12 hours. I am consistently working above and beyond these hours ranging from about 24 to something 38 and occasionally entering overtime at above 39 hours per week. This is great, an I am not complaining but I am wondering there were grounds on which I can ask for my contact to be raised so I will be guaranteed more that 12 hours pay per week. Does anybody know if there law or legislation that I could use to back my case when i eventually ask for my contacted hours to be raised? I have read a discussion on here refereeing to holiday pay in a similar situation.. .as I have a weeks holiday booked will i be paid my 12 hours or the average of the last 12 weeks work hours? If I am entitled to the latter if I only get paid the basic 12 hours can i appeal this somehow? Thanks in advance, any information anybody has would be of great helps Thanks a lot Justsaying
  7. Hi there I have a fine with Staffordshire county council which has escalated to £398 and now at the stage where bailiffs are due back tomorrow (with the addition of another £110). I had an agreement which I broke. I was paying weekly but fell behind. I am guilty of burying my head in the sand. I have a few mental health issues and claim ESA at the moment. I have 4 kids and am a single mum. I sometimes get anxious about opening my mail and ignore and forget things. I know it's the wrong thing to do, but sometimes I can barely leave the house or get out of bed. Just a few years ago I was working as a full time teacher. Everything has changed since my divorce and now my life is out of control. I have called Jacobs and the council today and nothing can be done but for me to pay the full balance or he'll be back tomorrow. I offered to pay £50 today and rest in instalments, but the bailiff said the best he can do is 50% today and the rest in 10 days. I'm sitting here feeling so anxious and worried. It's my son's 9th birthday in 2 days and christmas around the corner. What a mess!! I have no idea what to do next... I know he has no right of entry and so will ignore the door tomorrow, but then the 110 will be added and so on.... there seems no way out. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  8. Hey. My girlfriend is currently working a zero hour contract at a big chain, which she started 6 weeks ago. They use a clock in/out fingerprint system for start/end of day and breaks. She will be receiving her first paycheck in a few days, but she is worried that the company is handling some aspects of pay in a questionable/immoral way. Workers are entitled to a 10 minute break per shift under 6 hours; they must scan in/out for this break and if they do not take the break they need to write it down in a book. The first kicker here is that if employees do not scan out for their break nor write in the book, they have an entire hour deducted from their pay. My girlfriend was not told this by anyone until her 4th week on the job and was told she would not be paid for the times she didn't clock out, which is likely to be in the £50-100 range as she was not told she needed to follow this process and only learned by coincidence when hearing colleagues talking about it. It also isn't mentioned anywhere in her contract. Secondarily a girl she works with clocked in but forgot to clock out at the end of the day and the company are refusing to pay her for the entire day. Every shift has a supervisor and multiple people working and the store has many CCTV cameras, so wouldn't the onus be on them to prove she didn't work the shift that she was penned in for and clocked in to? She has also already had issues with being the first person to put her holiday for a specific week in the holiday book 6 weeks in advance (Which is meant to be first come first serve), yet being told a week before her holiday that she can't have it off as 4 people have already been given that time. Not really sure what she can do about the pay situation but I'm pretty sure it's illegal, only problem is it feels like a huge amount of effort to fight great lengths to get what in comparison is a small-ish amount owed, and there's also the fear of having her hours stopped/being discriminated against while this goes on so it's no wonder companies can get away with bullying people into this kind of thing. Now to top all of this off, her contract stipulates that she must pay the company £250 of 'training costs' if she leaves within the first year, even though she received no formal training or any kind of 'training day'; she was simply placed on shifts and learned on the job by watching others. For such a massive worldwide chain and the single most famous in its field, the store is managed so horrifically bad and they seem to be happy to mess people around in many ways.
  9. Hi there I'm on a zero hour contract and have a couple of concerns over my rights. My concerns are 1 - should I be on the same pay as full time employees after 12 weeks. 2 - Get asked to go home early but take it as a holiday at that exact time. According to my partner regarding issue 2, as she's a manager and says most of her employees are on Zero hour contracts it's actually illegal to send them home early at that exact time unpaid or make them take it as a holiday if they want it paid. As they need to give you notice for reduced hours.
  10. Hi guys i work for a company who look after the virgin media contract, i am working at the moment over 70 hours a week which is tiring me out to be honest, i have a family and have very little time for myself or my kids you keep telling them about it in the nicest way possible even though its hard to keep your cool sometimes and they take Sh*t all on aboard what i have to say. I am on template pay (pay per job) now i can make some decent money when i get the big jobs like quad's, triples and duals. But lately ive been finishing my own work by 3pm ready for home and i always seem to get lumbered with other peoples because they simply cannot keep up or had worse problems than myself in the day i never seem to get any help my way when im struggling and all my manager can say is swings and round abouts, seems to be enough swings but no round abouts my way. My biggest concern is the pay im owed, i am missing money from June, August, September and October and when i keep submitting my wage query's i hear nothing back this goes on for months and up to this day i still have not received any money im owed. I have joined the cable workers union but obviously want to the company to rectify this problem first without involving the union, a lad i work with has also submitted a grievance to the HR of the company and said they are looking into it he has told me to look on google for the template letter regarding pay but not having any luck could anyone be so kind to point me into the right direction and is there any law to me doing more than 12 hours a day can i refuse to work after 12 hours ?
  11. Blocked drain in the back garden through which the kitchen and utility room drain, (thankfully no toilets). Local company diagnose a collapsed drain and quote ~£600 for digging it up and replacing it We got Swiftcover involved to see if we are covered. They send their approved people around who provide the same diagnosis (with cameras and wotnot) and confirm we are covered - pay them the excess of £350 and they'll come round and sort it out, taking up the rest of the bill with the insurance company. So far so smooth. Only when the two chaps turn up to do the work, they discover the initial diagnosis to be at fault, and that it was a simple blockage. In less than an hour, they had cleared it and were on their way. Now we find the company has charged their "half day rate" of £400+vat to Swiftcover. We aren't suggesting any impropriety on the mis-diagnosis - but it's a bitter pill to pay £350 for two blokes to do a simple job in less than an hour. We're taking it up with Swiftcover today but I'd be interested in any comments?
  12. I will try to fill you in as briefly as possible! In September I received documents from Northampton of a claim issued by Hoist Portfolio. the particulars of claim were very vague ie no date of debt, no date of assignment etc. I acknowledged immediately and stated intention to defend. I sent off CCA and CPR requests in accordance with the rules. These were disregarded and I received no response. It was allocated to small claims and transferred to my local court. The hearing date was set and a deadline of 25th Feb was set for returning witness statements. At this point I had received precisely zero info from the claimant as requested, I constructed my witness statement along the lines of 'I have no info re the debt so can't defend something I have no knowledge of', the claimant was attempting to frustrate my efforts to defend in not disclosing any information and disregarding my CCA request and CPR request. I served a copy in the claimant and made sure it was with the court in time, brownie points to me I've now received (after the deadline) the claimants statement, and I'm wondering what to do. In their bundle they have the original agreement (in a different name to that on the court docs) but barely legible, a statement of account, and issue of default. My query comes in because on the statement of account, there are payments between July 2009 and Feb 2011 which came from a current account but we're not expressly authorised by myself. The debt is for a credit card and I had a current account with the same bank. So these payments were taken from my current account (I guess under the original contract I signed for the card this was authorised) but I didn't expressly make those payments myself. In fact I seem to remember trying to stop the payments, and they kept taking them without my agreement. Do these count as acknowledgement of debt? If these payments are disallowed, the debt should be statue barred (date of default was 25th June 2009 and I would argue that subsequent payments were not made with my authority). Or does it not matter, as I signed a contract therefore indicating my authority to take these payments? If it's not statue barred what should I do, as I'm now thinking they have me over a barrel even though their documents were late to arrive. Apologies if this doesn't make sense to you all, it does in my little head! Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
  13. So did they take the 'hippocratic oath' or the 'hypocrite'. Seems it's not a vocation any longer but a job for lets see how much money we can squeeze out of the NHS and sod the sick.
  14. I am contracted to work 30 hours, currently this has been worked over 4 days leaving me with one full day free. I work in a team of over 30 who all either work 30 hours or 18.5. We can all cover all the tasks of any team member. I think that my line manager is going to try to make me work my 30 hours over five days which does not suit me due to having caring responsibilities for an elderly relative and a mentally ill relative. I don't mind which day I have off, but I need it to be one full day as I schedule medical appointments etc, for the day I don't work. I also may be asked to change the day I currenty have off for another one, and whilst I am happy to do this I can't do it for the next three weeks due to having committments which have incurred costs, can they force me to change days and lose monies aready paid? Many of the rest of the team do their hours in 4 days, and at least one has a set day off to attend University. Where do I stand if my manager tries to force the issue? It should be perfectly possible for her to ensure that I only work 4 days but she likes to be difficult and I think she wants to show she is in charge. I have looked at the rules for refusal of flexible working and it appears that on at least 2 points they could not reasonably refuse, but I am not sure if flexible working covers my situation. Can anyone offer me some advice as to what I can reasonably expect of my employer in the circumstances.?
  15. This whole nightmare started when I upgraded to a sim only contract but they got it wrong (third time) so I phoned to cancel the upgrade. When they cancelled the upgrade they also cancelled my contract which they are calling a glitch. I now have had no service for 2 days and just want to leave. The problem is as they have cancelled my number so a pac code cannot be generated. It gets worse though because when I asked to just cancel my contract they told me the early termination fee would be £540! This is because the cancelled upgrade will only be processed when my service is reconnected. I had less than two months left on my original £38 a month contract. They are giving me a refund of line rental for the days I don't have service and £10 for the inconvenience (how generous!) Originally they said it would take 24-48hrs to get reconnected and now they're saying 48-72hrs. I feel trapped and don't know what to do in this situation. They've also deleted my account so I can't see bills or anything and as my number is cancelled I can't even phone them as you need to enter your number when you call. I've ordered a giffgaff sim in the mean time but I'm so angry at how they've treated me and others. I kept asking to be let out of my contract without penalty but they just ignored me #11196366
  16. http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/letting-agents-tell-disabled-couple-5996637
  17. Hi All, We had booked with my wife on Wednesday night a taxi to drive us from Putney to Southend airport on Thursday morning. My wife said on the phone that we had a plane to catch at 11:15 and that we wanted to have plenty of time (because we are travelling with a little 8 months old baby) so we asked to be there at 10am for safety. The taxi company told us to be ready at 8am, the fare would be 75£ The driver picked us on time and got stuck in a lot of traffic in london area At some point we asked him if his GPS was right, stating that we would approximatively be at the airport around 11am He said in an unclear manner that it was impossible to do this drive in 2hours time in the morning, that the taxi company must have got it wrong,that usually it costs more than 75£ for such a drive so we get what we are paying for ???? And finally that he is not the one to schedule pickup times After discovering that we would miss our flight and there was no other flights that day in Southend we had to tell him to stop and told him to stop us by Liverpool street instead to take a train to Standsted airport to catch another plane He did the change, charged us 20£ for the drive (cancelling the 75£ for the initial drive which never happened) and we booked new plane tickets for the family Result: one holliday lost + 340£ for the new tickets I have tried to call the taxi company many times these last days, they always say that the manager will call me back but he never does...I guess they just think I will firget about it but we feel we have lost a lot of money unfairly. We don't drive in London and have no idea of the time it takes to go to Southend airport,why did the company which makes a business out of these airport drives didn't tell us to leave earlier ?? Another strange thing: when I first called the company to say there was a problem , they said that the pickup time on their system was 7:10 am which would have been fine ! Do you think I can claim for a compensation or bring the case to court? Thanks for the help! ; ) Jerome
  18. Hi folks I could do with some stone clad advice. I am currently a care worker on a zero hour contract. My average weekly wage is around £415 (taken over 12 weeks). I have just received 5 days holiday equivalent to £350. My feeling is that this is wrong and I should have a weeks wage for claiming 5 days holiday pay. It is only a small firm and the company accountant takes our our average wage for the week and divides by 7 to get a daily rate and then pays this accordingly to how many days you are claiming for. My annual wage is usually around £21500 so as a guide 12.07% is £2595 holiday pay I should expect over the course of the year for 28 days. This works out at a daily rate of £92.68 for every day claimed. If this figure were to be obtained via a 12 week period it would work out the same. At the rate they are paying me I will end up with £1960 over the course of the year. Please help as I maintain I am being underpaid but the accountant insists he is correct. Who is correct?
  19. Hi guys, first post so please be forgiving if I post incorrectly anywhere. I've got a little problem developing at work. I've been employed on a zero-hours contract for the past three years, now I actually work 27 hours a week, i'm not asked weekly if I can or cannot work, its almost set in stone that, that is what i'm working. Last year we had changes to our main terms and conditions for full time staff and also zero-hour staff (bank staff). These were official and legal, we went through the usual union agreements etc. Unions being unions rejected the changes so we was put on 45 day notice of "sign or be sacked" For me the changes proposed was to move me onto a fixed point salary and freeze my pay, basically stop the pay rises and move me to similar pay as everyone else. Fast forward a year it transpires my old contract included full sick pay but now my current doesn't, HR nor me was aware sick pay was in my original contract (still have it). I had to take a few weeks off for an operation and was informed of this clause in the original contract and so I have asked for the original contract to be honoured as neither party me nor HR was aware it was in the contract. I'm after any advice as to whether I have any legal grounds for asking, I've got a meeting on Friday with HR and have been informally told they are going to be refusing my request for the owed sick pay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. After passing a Fork lift course in November last year I am now being "offered" the "opportunity to attend an open day run by Staffline DHl at a local college who are offering a training course specific to the local Land rover/Jaguar plant with a guaranteed interview with JLR at the end. The bait being the "Good wages" and secure job etc. However, a little research shows that 80% off the staff at JLR (Halewood) are Temps provided by Staffline DHL and are not paid anything like the rate JLR staff are. This company exploits a loophole in the regulations regarding temp workers and equal pay after 12 weeks, known as the "Swedish derogatory", this basically means the temps are contracted to the agency as employees and then subcontracted at a rate set by their "employers" What is troubling me is the fact that only 300 of the 800 current "temps" at JLR "Halewood" are on 5 shifts a week contracts and 200 are only guaranteed 1 shift's payment if laid off (zero hours) but according to my advisor they are looking for a further 500 ? Given the recent industrial unrest both at JLR Halewood and JLR's two plants in the midlands, with strike action being threatened unless wage parity is introduced, this makes me a bit suspicious particularly when JLR and DHL have stated they have a contingency plan in case off industrial action ! Any thoughts on this? am I just being a bit paranoid?
  21. Next monday i am expected to plan out my 35 hour a week Jobsearch for the JC. How are they going to monitor this, and is it actually possible to search for work for 7 hours solidly every day of the week? Also setting up a UJ account. It usually takes me 2 hours a day to do a Jobseach, so it's gonna be a struggle to make it last 7 hours a day!
  22. Hello, A concerned individual here about the potential possibility of yet another zero hour contract. I am being pushed into them by the Job Centre and the work programme. My last experience with one didn't go so well. I was having to phone on a daily basis on an 0800 number only to be told there were not any shifts available and this meant I was only getting 4-6 hours a week if I was lucky. Sometimes I went weeks without a single shift or any hours. At the time I was really struggling paying the bills and the consistency obviously wasn't there. 4 days ago I was told to apply for a job that I could quite easily do as an unskilled worker by the work programme. If it was anything other than a zero hour contract it would be something I would quite happily do, however I do not believe in this "They'll give you a good amount of hours" crap as it's definitely not the case. The job sounds easy enough and I am in no way disputing that, it is just the zero hour contract part that I am worried about with travel costs and the uncertainty on the hours I may work. I am not work shy, but I do not want to be in that situation again where I'm struggling to pay the bills. "Well you can still apply for JSA while you work" It's all deducted and transport is not waivered. I end up gaining nothing in terms of wages if they do not offer a decent amount of hours. I would just like to know what I can do about this? The work programme have since told me 2 days ago that they have special reservations for this vacancy and they would like me to come in for a self assessment and then have an interview with the company a few days later. Is there any way I can opt out without the risk of sanctions? Advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  23. Hi, new here but wish Id found this goldmine of knowledge before! I have received this in the post today, I have to pay 197.66 by tomorrow or they will remove goods. The debt is from capital one to cut a long story short I lost my job, made the mistake of getting a debt company to start helping me sent letters and said that the debt would be reduced as it was not properly executed then they disappeared and I didnt follow it up. Stupid I know. I have been reading forums and it seems that I should have received some sort of court order previously but looking at my post all I have received is a few threats but nothing else. I think that I can apply for a set aside but dont really know how. The debt was about £800 but has now doubled and I wont have the 200 before the end of the year. Im working shifts so wil probably we woken up in the day but is there anything I can do?
  24. Currys have this thing where they employ people on 6 hour contracts but then all other working hours are classified as overtime. If I work 35 hours a week for last 6 months and my contract says I am only entitled to holiday pay for my contracted hours. Is this legal or does it breach the 'Part-Time Working Regulations 2000' whereby Part Time workers are entitled to the same contractual rights as full time people? And what can be done about it. If Curry's have been doing this for years across the country, they are making a fat packet off loads of staff all over the UK and are not fulfilling their obligation as an employer to pay holiday pay relative to the hours worked and it needs to be stopped. The law needs to be changed to prevent these kind of contracts. Local MP doesn't seem to be interested, Citizens advice couldn't advise on it and ACAS said it was obviously a legal loophole and said 'hope you sort it soon'. WTF? Any advice anyone?
  25. Hi guys, Just a quicky for my brother as my knowledge is limited where Zero Contracts are concerned. Brother has an issue with his direct manager (named A in this context) at work who is based at another branch, he is managed though by his local manager (Named as B in this context.....a mess I know which needs clarity). He popped into his old branch to see his old colleagues and was having a chit chat and this issue surrounds 2 things he said in passing.... 1. that he had turned down a senior role due to childcare and unable to go over his 16-20 odds a week (tax credits requirement or something). 2. Whilst travelling to work in a car share he was asked by his supervisor colleague to get some information from a file as he (supervisor) was driving. Brother got the file and conveyed the information, which would be deemed medically confidential. Now he said he could not do the senior role as per point 1 above but also said because of all the paperwork involved and he mentioned the point 2 scenario as an example. The Manager A was not in the office when this talk was occurring and got it 3rd hand from another colleague who was in the room at the time. he then proceeded to call Manager B and embellish what she was told (by all accounts known for this) and said he refused the senior role because there is no way in the world he would do that and also he should not be looking at medical files due to confidentiality(although they are allowed to look at their patient list files just not all of them that are not under their care). She also said he had said negative things about his supervisor. Now there is an underlying issue where Manager A has never been the nicest to my brother and his supervisor and has caused waves before and takes a pop it seems when they can although a bit harder now they work out of a different branch. This has come to a head for my brother, He wants to put a grievance because he wants this Manger A to stop their stirring as it were and causing issues both professionally and personally as he and the supervisor are really close friends and this has caused issues between them on what Manager A has said to Manager B who in turn told the supervisor and what my brother actually said. He would look to take this senior role in the near future and thinks this has severely hampered him and caused big issues in his relationship with his friend/supervisor. No formal proceedings have taken place or anything and my brother hasnt been spoken to. He has heard from his friend/supervisor who has been told by Manager B. Very difficult to type out the situation so thanks if you have followed thus far. Questions now are as follows: 1. He has been there 4 years now and without a signed contract, as i understand it that is immaterial? It has been continuous employment and therefore has the same rights as someone employed over 2 years? 2. He is concerned if he puts in a grievance they will reduce his hours from the current amount to literally zero, would this come under unfair dismissal? 3. How would you broach the grievance letter in terms of basically saying they no longer want Manager A from being vindictive without it coming across as tit for tat/vindictive in itself? He just wants this to stop 4. It has now been said he should report to Manager B, I shall ask for clarity in the grievance letter I compose for him. Anything else I am not aware of that should be or possible scenarios that might arise from a grievance with a zero hour contract? TIA
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