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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Firstly, what a great site this is. You significantly helped a friend of mine, who was in a mass amount of debt due to a failed marriage and a life-changing illness. I truly believe you saved her life! My complaint is in relation to Xercise4Less. My husband and I cancelled our gym membership by written notice (within their stipulated 30 day time frame I may add) as we have hit some financial difficulties and also we are not using the gym as much as we should as we are utilising our local park in the summer months. This was on the 27th May (direct debit payments come out of our account on the 25th of every month). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I panicked! I read some reviews on various websites that stated that Harlands (the company that collect Xercise4Less' direct debits) continued to take people's gym payments despite them cancelling moons ago! As a result, both my husband and I have received administration charges. My husband owed £40 and I owed £30 (no idea why they were different when we joined at the same time and cancelled at the same time). Panicked, we have paid up as whilst we thought they were unfair charges, we didn't want anyone banging our door down, especially as we are already stressed due to financial worries. I have since read that an industry body has stamped down on these unfair admin charges and I was wondering whether anyone could tell me who I should complain to. I have just written emails to Xercise4Less asking for an explanation, but I am not hopeful, so I was wondering whether anyone knew what the next step may be or whether I should just let this go and let it be a lesson learnt! Any past experience or advise would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Also, I don't know whether this is worth mentioning or not, but I will go ahead anyway. This solely relates to my husband's cancellation. My husband and I sent letters of cancellation on 27th May and we were told they were received on 1st June. On the 1st June, my Xercise4less branch called my husband and stated that if he rang the head office and paid £9.99 there and then, then he would not be liable for charges. My husband explained that he wouldn't have any spare cash until Friday. As promised, he rang on the Friday and explained that he wanted to pay the £9.99 to clear the account. This was accepted and his bank details were taken. It was only after he mentioned that I (his wife) had been charged considerably more to cancel the membership, did the advisor on the end of the call said "Sorry, I have taken £39.99, what did you think I had taken?". I quite clearly heard my husband state £9.99 at the beginning of the call, so I have no idea how the advisor didn't. The advisor refused to accept this, so we immediately rang our bank, who said they would contact Xercise4Less and request a refund, but I am not hopeful that Xercise4Less would accept this! I can't get over how Xercise4Less think it is fair to charge £20 per failed direct debit payment! Surely, a letter does not cost £20 of anyone's time! Also, the advisors at the head office are the rudest and incomprehensible advisors I have ever encountered. They talk over you at 100 mph and just shout you down. It's atrocious.
  2. Hello Vanquis are reporting my account in default month on month yet the balance is showing satisfied with satisfaction date of 31/07/2012. The account was repaid in full June 2012 and Vanquis have ignored my letters to stop this practice. I have complained to Experian too who responded saying contact the OC. What steps to take please? Thx
  3. Hello all, this is the first time ive used this website (infact, today is the first time ive even heard of it!) First a little information. To start, both me AND my brother are on Jobseekers allowance (there is little work we are qualified for in our area, gets snapped up quickly, meaning that alot of people are still looking for work, the jobs available are stuff like HGV drivers, Electricians etc, which both me and my brother are unqualified for) We have both been referred to the A4E work program, and A4E has been doing nothing but mess around with me and brother because they send us Letters saying we had missed appointments that we never get told about! The Jobcenter one day told me that i should contact A4E to arrange an appointment myself, which i did and attended, when there i made sure they had my contact information (address etc) correct, which they did, so i told then that because id not been recieving letters i would like them to email me all my appointments etc, which they told me was no problem, but today I have recieved an Email stating that i had missed an appointment yesterday (Monday the 6th) which they told me about in a letter (which, i had NOT recieved), and that I am being Sanctioned for 6months?? Is this level of incompetence normal for A4E?! or are they doing it on purpose to try and get people off JSA?! I emailed the A4E employee who emailed me about the sanction, asking if they can send me copies of the letters i have apperantly been sent, i will post here with the response i recieve. Is there anything i can do about this stupidity?
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