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Found 15 results

  1. Last week on Thursday we got our domestic water bill dated 16th Oct. This was followed up by a text on Saturday reminding us to pay. On Tuesday we got an email again reminding us to pay. Yesterday another text reminding us to pay. Is Severn Trent that desperate for funds that they have to hassle you every 24 hours? Most bills we get expect payment within 30 days and not within 24 hours? Just to add, we do not have a problem to pay the bill and will do so at the end of the week.
  2. In simple terms when my housemate moved out the water bill wasnt paid for maybe 6 months then when it was not enough to clear the arrears. Not through avoidance more confusion and as soon as I realised I upped the weekly amount to cover the arrears asap. To my horror then a month ago I get an equifax alert showing red 4s and delinquent date for that last few months. I figured no point dwelling on it and knew it was about a week from being caught up but was still annoyed as ive spent a few years tidying my history up a bit. To be clear they were not even on my credit record b
  3. Hi All I have an interesting one for you, perhaps you can help answer my query. I bought a former RAF married quarter back in December 2016. When we bought the house we were told that the water supply company was Severn Trent Water Services (not to be confused with Severn Trent Water but they are part of the same company). Now Severn Trent Water services have a license to supply business customers and as far as I know their license does not include the supply of water to retail customers. As you can guess we are not a business and therefore should be supplied w
  4. HI, I'm new to this site and after some advice please. Recently been refused credit so checked credit file. I have a CCJ from severn trent water -from 2014 (I knew about the CCJ and paid it with a week of receiving it - so according to the information I received because it was paid within 1 month it wouldn't show on my record. So roll forward 2 years - My credit record has this CCJ showing as unsettled from Sept 24th 2014, they have now sent me a letter I dated 11th Oct 2014, confirming my payment of the CCJ on 3rd Oct 2014. I have spoken to severn trent who s
  5. Hi all. Back in December I moved house, our water supplier was Severn Trent. When we moved we retained Severn Trent as our supplier. A couple of days ago I checked my credit file, as I do once a month (checking for fraud etc...). When I did I found that there was now a CCJ on there from the start of March. After some investigating and calling the court I found that the claimant was Severn Trent and the amount was approx £350. I thought this was odd given that we're up to date with them (or so I though). I rang them to find out what on earth was going on
  6. My husband moved out of a flat he shared with someone in October 2011. At that time the bills were all in his name and when he moved out he rung Severn Trent to advise he was moving out and to transfer the account to his flatmate. In January 2012 we both moved to Australia. During a recent trip back to the UK I came accross a letter that had been sent to my old address (the address he moved into with me in the UK). He had obviously given that as a forwarding address but from Oct - Jan we never had any letters from them. The letter said he owed approx
  7. Hi Everyone I need some advice please since I have been out of work now for 2 1/2 years and can only get JSA for a single person, I don't have any savings and water bill was and is still behind, in March 2010 Severn Trent suggested I contact the trust fund, I did and was with the trust fund from May 2010, I had to pay £5 a week for 39 weeks, I was doing so up until around December 2010, I had paid 26 weeks, they had paid the same to my account, they check every 13 weeks, when they checked in March 2011, they saw I had not paid the final 13 weeks, so cancelle
  8. Hi, Had several phone calls from severn trent now over the last couple of days. No problem as such but they are using private/witheld numbers! Question is are they allowed todo this as i thought no company was allowed to block their numbers. The reason they are phoning is they want me to pay the water bill but i won't as i have split it into 12 monthly installments and they don't like it even though i'm upto date and they are now threatening court action which i have said to them go ahead then...idiots inc.
  9. Hi My ex-partner has set up accounts with NPower and Severn Trent in my name, the NPower one has been sorted luckily as I knew the Electricity Act and made a complaint, basically surrounding the fact that I was not the occupier therefore no contract exists. I've raised a complaint with Severn Trent, but does anyone know the actual legislation around water rates?
  10. Hi, I have received a claim from severn trent water for £220 as well as around £70 in court costs from Nottingham county court. I have recently moved to London and for that reason have limited funds. I was however under the impression that my previous housemate would be paying this bill who didn't. I can no longer reach out to them. Typically companies go down the route of debt collection first so I am suprised that they have immediately went this route. I would pay the bill however minus the charges which they are not willing to remove. Is there any advic
  11. Today I received an invoice from the company that operates the Severn Bridge. My vehicle, which I was not driving at the time, used the wrong lane paying £6.20 instead of £12.40. The "invoice" is for £119.20, less £80 "debt recovery fee" if paid within 7 days. The "invoice" is made up of: Outstanding toll £6.20 DVLA Search fee £3.00 Admin Fee £30.00 Debt Recovery Fee £80.00 The company backs this up with reference to Section 14 of the Severn Bridges Act 1992. Again, I was not the driver, but I know who was. Any advice/help gratefully received. Section 14: 14 Paym
  12. Hi, I've received a letter from Severn Trent threatening me with a CCJ over a relatively small amount (£79). I'd had a payment plan set up with them but due to me leaving uni and finding a new job, I'd missed my payment in June. I've now received a letter saying if I don't make the payment I'll be taken to court and when I rang them today explaining I could pay it off in full at the end of this month I was very rudely told not only would they wait that long, but they'd be going ahead with the CCJ proceedings if I didn't make a payment whilst on the phone. I thought
  13. Hope that someone can point me in the right direction here.. I've trawled through quite a few messages, but can't find the answer to this. Last week I sent a SAR to Severn Trent on behalf of my partner, using the template from CAG. Yesterday we received a response from them with a SAR template of their own requesting it be completed and it also states by signing the document, she agrees that the 40day period does not start until they are satisfied that they have confirmed identity etc. This sounds a bit of a rouse to me, but is there a template that we can send to them stating that t
  14. Hi All, I have an issue with STW that I would like help with if possible. After recieving a rebate of £200.00 in Oct 2009, STW changed my water meter in Nov 2009 stating that it was faulty. As I was paying by DD I never really took any notice of the charges being made until I was forced into changing the way payments were being taken due to being unemployed in 2010. On informing STW that I could no longer make monthly DD they sent my a bill for over £500. After much arguments backwards and forwards STW agreed to change the meter in March 2012, I had stopped maki
  15. A bill arrived at my parents address from STW. It was address to myself and my old flatmate. I rang an told them that i would be paying half and to contact my old flatmate to recover the other outstanding monies owed. I tried to give them the address of our letting agent but their exact words were "we dont care who pays it as long as it's payed" i sent them a cheque for half the outstanding amount and a letter explaining the situation also giving them the address of our old letting agent to contact my flatemate. i also asked them to remove me from the account. i have now receiv
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