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  1. and even then from the date of judgment I can still pay within 30 days and avoid the ccj
  2. I'm happy to pay the charges. I however just need to buy some more time hence the reason of submitting a defence will this add cost though. My defence would need to be they did not follow correct procedure. How long would a defence buy me realistically. the initial 14 days started from the 29th. regards
  3. any suggestions what I can put in my case I may just say never received any notification as in shared accomadation and housemate was due to make payment. Will I incur extra costs if I put forward a defense. Roughly how long is the process from now to my defence in next 10 days to court date being assigned to judgment and ccj so I can work out a budget. cheers
  4. ok I will give that a go see if they will cancel the claim. Does anyone know if they do this? Servern trent seem pretty unfair when it comes to helping. I live in a shared accomadation and haven't received anything from them recently. I was resident the whole time I'm not challenging the balance but any ideas are appreciated. Its my understanding if I put a defence forward it will gain me more time to get the money together plus once the CCJ is added I still have 28 days to clear the balance without it staying on my credit file. Is that right?
  5. Of course if you dont mind updating I would appreciate it. Bed is calling now however I will ensure to update the thread with a rundown of everything that happened with some advice and school boy errors to avoid the circumstance also. My final issue is trouble with severn trent water but should have that sorted in the next month. This however is definetely won 100% deposit received
  6. Hi guys I just wanted to let everyone I WON! thanks for all the help I appreciate it. Didnt have time to update with my house move
  7. Hi, I have received a claim from severn trent water for £220 as well as around £70 in court costs from Nottingham county court. I have recently moved to London and for that reason have limited funds. I was however under the impression that my previous housemate would be paying this bill who didn't. I can no longer reach out to them. Typically companies go down the route of debt collection first so I am suprised that they have immediately went this route. I would pay the bill however minus the charges which they are not willing to remove. Is there any advic
  8. thanks for the reply. I've confirmed at this point a uk contact address is necessary thanks raydetinu. im going to phone the local council later make sure they are a registered landlord however and confirm. I've also confirmed because it is a UK property the claim can be made via small claims and this is the reason a UK contact address must be given whether this is a friend or family member. Thanks
  9. Also to answer an earlier question i did pay council tax there wasnt a uk address. Im looking for clarrification however that legally they are required to provide a uk address for the purpose of notices. Thanks
  10. Rent was via standing order or transfer. There was no agency. Its my understanding through research that because the landlord is not uk based they need to provide me with a uk address to provide notices and in this case a notice of action. At this point im not willing to give in im happy the effect it will have on there credit file if theres no payment but also they may be tax free on the property. Ive been researching and it states the tax should be paid by an agent or tenant and this was never informed to me. I have also confirmed with shelter the charges i would not be liable for
  11. the landlord is based abroad and obviously rents out a UK property. I have confirmed with the RLA and shelter that they would need to use a tenancy deposit scheme still. Can small claims court deal with accounts however where he defendant is overseas?
  12. hi thanks but that document is from the angle that they didnt use a tenancy scheme. my main queries are: 1. doe it matter that my landlord dont reside in the uk so can i take them to small claims court. and 2. do i give a pre warnin that im considering legal action
  13. hi, im having some issues with my previous landlord i moved out the end of april and still have not received my deposit back. they have advised because they live out of the uk they do not need to use a tenancy deposit scheme however on research i have found that does not matter. i am being blamed for alot of damage that was present in the property when i moved in. can i make a claim at small claims however id they live abroad? do i need to give them so much notice also? since i mentioned the deposit scheme they have went silent but before i advise i will be raising
  14. i'll call them tomorrow and find out more and update. Just seems a pointless exercise but the email states resubmit the request to the new provider if not paid in 5 days. either way if they refused the transfer i need to get the direct debit in place again. I did contact british gas today and the saff member said my account is closed and i will receive my final bill in 30 days then this mail at 9pm after the offices are closed. vry unusual may be a badly worded attempt at keeping m as a customer but at the same time why say ive got 5 days else the request will be refused. it m
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