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  1. Hi guys, havnt posted on here for a long time but i am so angry about the way i was treated in my previous job i really need some advice: background in Feb i started a temp role in a call centre. the role was until the end of june but the company took on employees who had performed well etc. Because of this i worked 6 ten hour days for over 3 months with the hope of obtaining a full time job. the company also employed young adults aged 16 and 17. Having worked with young people before, i enjoyed sitting next to them and discussing their plans for the future etc. the comp
  2. thanks guys ... i do 24k miles a year getting to work etc. think you got the wrong end of the stick with my question but got there in the end. Surely the mechanic who changed them in the summer would have known when the bolts just kept spinning and not tightening? what scares me the most in all of this is that the mechanic who caused the damage did not tell me and was ok with his sister and her infant son travelling in the car with me for many hundreds of miles.
  3. I took my car to have the front brake pads changed today and was called to say that one of the caliper bolts has been stripped the last time the pads where changed. They were changed 6 months ago by my ex girlfriends brothers garage. The garage i took my car too have worked on it for years and i believe if they had caused the damaged themselves they would own up to it and fix it. They changed the pads and discs before i let my ex's brother carry out the work last summer. im just after some opinions if it is possible to drive with a stripped caliper bolt for 6 months and not n
  4. PM sent sidewinder, thank you so much for you reply. the whole incident could have been dealt with within a few days but this has gone on for quite some time now. i have been subjected to workplace abuse since i started but always thought i could prove my worth but as they say; if your face doesn't fit you're in the sh!t! my rep agrees that this is excessive and they are using it as an excuse to 'get me out' but i cannot prove it. work have claimed to have sent me recorded letters which have not arrived, when i ask for proof they simply tell they they dont need to supply it and
  5. I have been dismissed from work for gross misconduct. the dismissal letter states that on the balance of probabilities they believe the event happened. in my defense i produced 2 witness statements confirming my innocence. these have been ignored. I am appealing the decision for several reasons but im looking for advice. can the balance of probabilities apply to a case when there are 2 witness statements supporting my version of events? i was under the impression that i have provided enough evidence to dismiss the allegation against me. any advice welcome....
  6. A bill arrived at my parents address from STW. It was address to myself and my old flatmate. I rang an told them that i would be paying half and to contact my old flatmate to recover the other outstanding monies owed. I tried to give them the address of our letting agent but their exact words were "we dont care who pays it as long as it's payed" i sent them a cheque for half the outstanding amount and a letter explaining the situation also giving them the address of our old letting agent to contact my flatemate. i also asked them to remove me from the account. i have now receiv
  7. i have received a final bill for electric from my old rented flat which i shared in march. The bill is in both our names but is sent to my address. only my address was given to e.on by the letting agent. i have spoken to someone at e.on and explained that i will be sending a cheque for half of the outstanding balance and attempted to give them the address of my old flatmate. they refused claiming it is a third party dispute. i disagree as both our names are on the bill and therefore he is also a customer. they have given me 6 months to chase my friend to get the outstanding amount. this
  8. i work in a school and i know that they work in a totally different way to other businesses. they should not but it happens. check out the tes.co.uk forums and post on there. there are alot of informed people who will give the best answer in an education context.
  9. hi papasmurf, been printing them off all evening. my main worry is that they will simply say that they verbally replied to my emails. which they did not. i have thought about the whole dicrimination part (dont want to go into it to much on here) but other members of staff have been subjected to the same workplace abuse as myself. for example; i send an email asking why i have to wear a different dress code to other staff members who had done my role previouosly. 2 days later my line manager sends me an email about something unrelated. to this day i've have had no reply. would
  10. would emails showing that i have asked my line manager to clarification as to why i am being treated differently to others be enough evidence of bullying? i have sent several about different issues; dress code, time keeping, career progression etc but have had no response either written or verbal. if i have asked for written clarification and they ignore it ( they send me other emails) that cant be good? any advice welcomed RS
  11. i have worked for manpower before and have posted on here about different experiences working for them. a terrible experience. chances are they new what was happening and didnt tell you. did they help me out when one of their alchoholic clients sqaured up to me for no reason? .... nope did they help me out when i had an accident at work? .... nope did they even write me a reference for my new job? ..... nope! i went beyond the call for them under the promise of a full time job. when i questioned them about it, they didnt remember a thing. all of a sudden conversation
  12. have been shown the terms and conditions online which state that i have to pay regardless of not being able to use their services. they have profited by me not being able to pay my bill and not being able use their services been with them since 2004, never missed a payment. they have over charged me for things in the past and when i am in financial dificulty for one month they screw me over. i'm leaving them as soon as i can
  13. currently on the phone to a very rude lady, i am on hold whilst they find the part of the terms and conditions that states i have to pay the full bill.
  14. update: just been chatting to the online chat customer service agent. i have explained my argument and they have lifted bar on my phone. they are not prepared to talk to me about my bill online as i prosume it will all me documented and have been told to ring customer services.
  15. thank you my spirit. i have been paid today so will ring them asap. i am sure they will state that it is in their t's&c's that i have to pay the full amount but i'll give it a go! will keep you posted.
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