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  1. Today I received an invoice from the company that operates the Severn Bridge. My vehicle, which I was not driving at the time, used the wrong lane paying £6.20 instead of £12.40. The "invoice" is for £119.20, less £80 "debt recovery fee" if paid within 7 days. The "invoice" is made up of: Outstanding toll £6.20 DVLA Search fee £3.00 Admin Fee £30.00 Debt Recovery Fee £80.00 The company backs this up with reference to Section 14 of the Severn Bridges Act 1992. Again, I was not the driver, but I know who was. Any advice/help gratefully received. Section 14: 14 Paym
  2. As an update, the company has made a without prejudice, without fault offer to me...
  3. I'll get details of your points in your last paragraph, aretnap.
  4. The court dates are identical, but there are two summons' documents, for separate offences.
  5. For clarity, it is two separate speeding offences and two separate failure to provide offences.
  6. The paperwork says no reply. The details of the other driver were received as can be confirmed by correspondence with the police. I guess that the police are treating it as a refusal. This seems inaccurate as another driver was named, and that driver received no correspondence. Motoring solicitor seems to be an option, but I understand legal aid won't be granted for motoring cases. She cannot afford legal fees. I have now had a chance to read the witness statement. It says, "I could find no trace of any information being received which identified the driver of the vehicle at the time
  7. Did she provide the name of the driver within 28 days of receiving the original NIPs? I will check this detail. She named a bona fide, real person as the driver. This driver is insured to use the vehicle. He received no correspondence but lives at the same address (partner).
  8. No reply from the recording company at all. The other company against which i have the county court claim has filed a defence mentioning the recording! I have written to the recording compnay and sent them a bill for my trouble.
  9. This is written on behalf of a very worried friend who fears she will lose her licence. There are two counts which allegedly took place within about an hour of each other. Originally, she asked for evidence as she did not know who was driving. The evidence showed nothing so she replied saying she could not confirm whether she, or another driver, was driving at the time. Cops did not accept this so she wrote back saying 'As you have threatened “prosecution for failing to supply” the details of the driver, I will be returning your documentation naming the following person as the driver:' Sh
  10. I have sent the company an email referring them to a section of the recording where my reply has been changed to "yes".
  11. Thank you dx. This is so flagrant I am considering turning it on them.
  12. The company is in telemarketing. It's UK based but says it outsources work to India. I have a dispute with another company which is subject to a county court claim. These guys do work for the company against which I have the claim. The telemarketer claimed I had agreed to something that I know I had not. Then they produced and emailed me the recording when I indicated I would drop the county court claim if I had indeed agreed to the key question. But it's fake, I am sure of it. I have a script, burned into my memory, that I use of telemarketers. If I converse with them for any period of time,
  13. I have now enquired with a forensic sound expert on how much analysis and preparation of a report would be. I have also listened to the recording several more times and have identified six instances in which audio has been removed or has had my voice spliced in in response to answers. Incredible!
  14. I've ignored one of those before. I have two friends who have also ignored. The private company didn't even bother to write any letter beyond the first. This is the best 2 minutes of telly you'll ever watch on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3J-Xl6rSlk
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