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Found 22 results

  1. I sent my ESA50 long with doctors letters and specialists letters to Glasgow ASC, Wolverhampton address on the 02 of May.... Called centre for health and disability assessments. They told me as of yesterday 22/05, DWP requested that my file be withdrawn from their services and returned to them... MY nervous are shattered now. Has anyone got experience of this happening or a possible reason, Naturally i'm trying to get through to DWP but it's taking me ages. Got my worried now.... Thanks
  2. Hi In 2007 I separated from my husband due to domestic violence issue, child was 20 months old. I was working but just surviving (Finance Officer in the Local Council) * I informed the Bank (our mortgage was with Barclays); Requested to change the mortgage temporally to "Interest only" * The other party refused to agree to the change; The Bank suggested I start making transfers from Reserve account facility that we had, in order to avoid arrears * The other party put a "freeze" on the account to stop me from using it; Bank could not proceed as they had to have both parties' ag
  3. Dear members, I'm a student in London. Yesterday I found that both of my account balance became zero and the money has been transferred TO RECONCILE Debit COVENTRY OPS 05 ADV. I went to a nearest branch to ask what happened to my account. They said they couldn't touch the money now and I have to write an email to reportasam (a barclays email, I can't post it here) to clarify the source of my money. After searching on the Internet I realized what happened. At the beginning of this year, my ex-boy friend has purchased a property in London. But in my home coun
  4. Dear Members, I am resident in the UK, I have a business account and I transferred money from my country to my business account by exchange company registered in the UK, they deposited it in cash in Barclays bank with all required documents to show that the money is my own money the exchange company provided me an official document to show that they deposited the money came from my country, on the second day I found the money in my account, after ten days I checked the account, the balance was £0.0. Barclays took the money and wrote in
  5. Robert Cooper & John Cooper T/A Cooper Brothers - Wishaw Reason for withdrawl - Administrative Shortcomings Period of withdrawl - 5 Years Effective from 16/10/2015
  6. I have been an ebay customer and seller for 13 years . my feedback is 100% positive and my rating is "above average " . I generally auction training shoes purchased locally then auctioned on. I have been doing this for many years . Without warning Ebay have removed my listings and stated that I have violated Ebay Policy . they have refused to tell me what Policy I have violated . I have read through every policy and provided clear evidence in my defence for each area . Their response was that there is no appeal, they would not clarify what area I have breached and that my seller acco
  7. Dear all, I had an interview for a team manager position in a learning difficulties service charity organization on the 9th of March 2015. The employer called me later in the day and offered me the position which i accepted. The employer sent me the conditional job letter offer. The HR manager called and emailed me, before they received the references, saying that "unfortunately the job position was withdrawn because the funding to support the job was not more available." If it can be useful , i am adding this information- I am aware that my current manager knows the new emplo
  8. Hi, hope you can help I opened up a flex account with Nationwide in May and they offered me a £1000 interest free overdraft (which I signed for) for a year. Today I got a letter from them to say that my overdraft has gone down to £250 and from November I will have to pay interest. Are they allowed to just withdraw an agreement? Thanks
  9. As some of you know I got LLoyds/tsb to discontinue with their £11,000 claim against me. Which really ****ed them off as they attended 3 hearings with barristers. I signed non disclosure documents. They agreed to pay me all my fair and reasonable costs immediately! If I reduced my costs, which I did. While waiting for the payment which took 6 weeks I went over my overdraft limit by £120. They have now withdrawn my overdraft and put it in the hands of moorcraft. There is no option to get back under my limit the total overdraft is £3,120. I am sure the delay in payment
  10. I had a motorcycle policy on a 125cc with 1 years no claims. In December 2012 I clipped a car on the back left hand side when the driver of the car slammed on whilst going round a roundabout. No parties where injured and the only damage was to my motorcycles brake lever (snapped of) We exchanged details and I contacted my insurer to advise of the incident. They advised don't worry and it would have to go through as an at fault claim and that they would be in contact and also not to speak to the 3rd party if they called. In March 2013 I purchased a 600cc moto
  11. Bank of England advises people to spend bank notes bearing portrait of first governor of Bank of England by 30 April Around 63m £50 banknotes bearing the portrait of the first governor of the Bank of England, Sir John Houblon are to be withdrawn from circulation in 15 weeks' time. From April 30, only the £50 note which celebrates the 18th century busin
  12. My cousin borrowed my oyster photocard which had both the 16+ discount and the employee dependant discount on it. I gave it to him reluctantly(translating into he took it when I wasn't looking), and he went on the overground and got caught. It was taken off him (he's 14). I've phoned TFL up and they told me to ask for a replacement. I've ordered one now. Will that be all or am I still in trouble?
  13. Hi all, OK, I had a job offer in writing, unconditional which I accepted and had email response confirming the fact . This is with a multi national organisation with more than 40,000 employees. In the unconditional offer it stated that the full contract would follow in 7-10 days, after chasing the full contract and being 3 days from my start date I had a call saying that they are withdrawing the offer due to other areas of the business making redundancies and not being able to take on my position due to those being made redundant needing to have other positions offered to them.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help please Situation is: I have been in FT employment for 5 years. For the last 2 have been receiving a regular fixed amount payment on top of my salary in lieu of a car (I have written evidence) Employer is now threatening to stop paying this without explanation or reason. Where do I stand on this?
  15. Hi, I read on the forum a case of a conditional job offer being withdrawn by the employer even though the individual had met the 'conditions' of offer, ie satisfactory references etc. and was not given a start date before he had been told the job offer was withdrawn. My situation is the same, a start date was to be agreed. I had been persuing it for the past month only to be told today that they were withdrawing the job due to restructuring in the NHS. They kept me waiting for 2/3 months undertaking references etc..Criminal records checks etc., leading me on.... and now this whic
  16. Not too sure where I stand on this but here goes:- Our home had a burst pipe last December which did a small amount of damage to the hall flooring. My initial reaction was to ring up my insurers which I did on the same day as the leak. I have a completely claim free record for many years ( > 5 years). The next day when I had worked out insurance excesses and the cost of replacing the floor I decided to withdraw the claim and contacted my insurer. They were happy for me to do this. Now...my insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks so I have been doing the usual stuff w
  17. Just in case anyone is interested, and just in case it helps anyone else, last week i got a Section 21 repossession withdrawn on a case i was working on, and to make it more difficult, the party i was supporting was accused of continuous alleged antisocial behaviour. The person (of African origin) was being persecuted, and was on the receiving end of racist accusations from his white neighbours as they did not want 'any of his kind' in the block....(Welcome to 2013 !) All of his neighbours filled out bogus anti social behaviour diaries accusing him of having his tv on loud, having pa
  18. Hi all, I wanted to make people aware of my current situation, and possibly find out if others have experienced the same. Last year I received a leaflet from my local council (Southampton City Council) advising homeowners to take advantage of totally free insulation. I initially was reticent about using someone that my local council recommended, and therefore my first application was via Sainsbury's Energy, with the work being carried out by British Gas. I should add that my application was in before the deadline of 31/10/2012. The earliest survey they could carry out would be Feb
  19. I had a claim for just under £500 from Sigma issued through Northampton which I challenged and they withdrew before I defended and before it was allocated. Can anyone advise what costs I can claim from them please? I've tried CPRs but can't find anything specific when not allocated Cheers
  20. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on behalf of my father after he was recently taken off incapacity benefit and declared fit for work. He has been ill for years with various physical and mental problems. He is anything but, in my opinion fit for work. He was recently called for a medical, which he has had plenty in the past and after that he has been declared 100% fit, with no acknowledgement to any of his medical problems and now ready for work. Just a run down of a few of his issues which stop him from working: - he has schizophrenia - he is not able to walk more t
  21. Hi all, Wonder if you can help or advise on this one. I applied for an internal promotion to manager with the company I work for. Last week I was told I was successful and offered the job (verbally). I was offered a salary - which was not as much as I though it was going to be. We started to negotiate and the salary increased, albeit marginally. I asked if I could go away and think about it. I then came back to my employer and asked – basically can you meet me in the middle and offer half of what I was asking, which actually physically enraged my boss who stormed out of the room mutteri
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