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  1. Hi cheers for the response I don't like what if's myself but previous experience is key to my skepticism. If the builder did a report and she refused would her insurers refuse to pay up should the worst happen? I know she is on hard times currently but we all are but don't want to put her in any more difficulty if I can help it and as this builder is a good friend he is offering the work at a knock down rate. He has said if she gives the go ahead to do the work he will also repair a hole in her roof as part of the price. He is semi retired and only takes on small jobs n
  2. Hi guys A little advice and guidance needed. Some years ago our neibour spoke with us stating that a builder she knew stated the chimney needed re-pointing and offered to go halfs with us to keep cost down which we did however only half the chimney ( Our half ) was done we discovered that whilst she gave him the go ahead she chose not to have her side done which was just crazy. skip to present day and I had a builder friend doing some ridge repair work on our roof and he asked me to loan him my phone and he proceeded to take pictures of the chimney stack he then informed us tha
  3. As a union rep I have to say I am disgusted with the lack of support = zero support from the regional officer and in store reps who as they where not affected couldn't give a damn. I had a long meeting with the Personnel managers last night an basically laid out the facts as I saw it and put them on guard for any possible claims arising out of redundancies they where quite put back by this as I don't think they'd expected me to have done so much research they where not happy at all I also spoke with our PM this morning and also put her on guard. This was after I had been pull
  4. UPDATE: I have spent the last two weeks supporting colleagues in consultation meetings and have seen most of the jobs night staff did go up on the board for them to re apply. What has become apparent is that the jobs have been hacked to pieces where there where once 36.5 and 30 hour shifts theses have been reduced and at such times of the day that they actively discriminate against staff with family and mortgage commitments leaving vacancies untouched as the night team choose to take redundancy rather than accept the insult of scraps being thrown on the floor. As I was told my
  5. Hi ericsbrother thanks for taking the time to respond. Following the unions inactivity and a lot of shouting on my part and I suspect the rumors that where starting I finally got the information I had been after. The issue involving my roll was they had originally suggested it was moving to the new time slot however it was not made clear that the roll had been made redundant due to restructure involving a change in who had responsibility for the task which is now department specific and the title change. I accept that and have been handed a copy of what my expected final pay will be
  6. I used to work in mental health as a residential support worker until one day an accusation of a sexual nature was put in against me by a client who was well known for making false allegations. However as the normal process was to contact the police I was questioned formally 3 months after the allegation I had actually left the company resigning my post as there was as I felt a which hunt being levied against me. The who case was dropped as there was no evidence DNA etc to support this false allegation however to my shock when I applied for a new job some time latter it the advice from th
  7. The union made an agreement with the company not to let the union reps know what they had planned which as I see it goes against what I and our members would expect. The union have done nothing to support reps or members up to now effectively hanging us out to dry, and have not had the decency to come forwards and explain their actions which has caused a lot of anger from members but as members fear loosing redundancy pay by alerting the wider public of this disgusting behavior no one is speaking out as of yet. So understandably my trust in the company and the union is now none exis
  8. I was hoping someone could suggest ways forwards maybe a letter of grievance with the grounds for grievance? As I see it even though my contract has me down as general assistant, I was told that as I have done the same role for years this in itself forms the contract? Also the company have a process of moving you round the business right hours right place and have used this for changing my shifts and times previously and as the roll is only being moved to a new time surely this same system should be applied again as it is what makes up the policy? I spoke with the manager rep
  9. Hi to answer the first question whilst the post links with other previous ones they where related to other colleagues this one is specific to my current position. To answer the Third question the company have not specified a pool but the options given are move to a vacancies in store if one is available move to another store where a vacancy is available or compulsory redundancy. I have spoken with ACAS as our union have in my opinion failed it's members by forming an agreement with the company to withhold the details of the companys plans making it impossible for the reps to effectively s
  10. Ok this is one that affects me directly so guidance is needed. I work for a large retailer and as part of my job they can change my shifts / hours to "suit the needs of the company". Because of this my shifts have been changed on 3 occasions causing major upheaval and stress within the family as we try to juggle time. I originally started on days then was moved to nights then twilight then back to nights all to suit the needs of the company. However now they have decided that they are changing the way replenishment is done ( Not my roll ) however this means the closure of the night s
  11. Hi no one is required to work the Xmas Eve night shift going into Xmas day however I am aware that the company as a whole was asking some staff iff they would go in I myself was considering going in but as I never got as far as to show my interest I was not privy to what was offered or not. I would not be surprised if they where approached separately but am waiting to see the 4 colleagues to get a bigger picture. What would seem to co-berate their allegations is that they where pulled in the office to be told the alleged deal had been rescinded. I know the 4 colleagues personalities
  12. Cheers I was thinking the same thing on the second point and you have confirmed my suspicions. I could do with some council on the first matter and best way to deal with it especially as I am hearing rumors that the night shift could be axed or redeployed. If the first is true then any redundancy pay for these two will rely on acculturate information. would the holiday calculation be directly attributed to the overtime done ( so a monetary remedy? ) Or would the people affected be entitled to the days off? EXAMPLE. If on the 1 day core hours they get 4 days of - if they have don
  13. Sorry I should have said I am a full time union rep myself so yes I mean union reps or one rep in particular. The issue is there are many changes occurring in our company at the moment and the other reps I deal with who work the day and evening shifts and best placed to address night colleague issues, so saving me having to stay back till 8-9am or go in outside my shift; however they seem reluctant to challenge the PM and senior managers unless it directly affects their groups? To be honest I get the feeling that one rep who paints himself as Big Chief Repingbull is scuppering many
  14. I was recently informed that 4 colleagues where asked to work the night shift Xmas Eve and where told that if they worked it they would be paid a bonus plus time and a half for the hours worked. The 4 staff have now been pulled into the office and told they wont be paid the time and a half for the hours worked nor will they get the bonus promised but have been told they can take the day they worked back as holiday. Now one could say that as there was no one else round it is their word against the companies however the person who made me aware of this issue also did the Xmas Eve Shift
  15. Ok I need some guidance with this as the other reps aren't being very forthcoming. There are two colleagues on Flexy contracts 1 does core hours of 2 - 7.05 hours but has worked a regular two other shifts per week over the period of a year. The other has core hours = 1 - 7.05 hours but has regularly worked an additional 4 shifts so that,s 5 shift per week over a period of a year. It is clear that both colleagues should have their contracts re-evaluated to recognise this but does the employer have to do that as it seems that the company is acting unethically in my opinion. A big
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