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  1. Thanks for the advice! Im a bit out of touch az I havent been chased in ages and I know its bear the 6 year mark dor sime older disputed ones.
  2. Yes, I have the council tax docs. I wont do anything until they increae their threat level.
  3. Hello all, after a very long time (over 4 years) I am being chased by Lowells over an alleged Eon bill - long disputed even before the alleged 2014 default date. This is from when they started 'backbilling' me when I moved into a flat previously occupied by people who had a key meter fitted. I took over the tenancy and they hassled me over alleged 'back amounts due' which had nothing to do with me. The amount of the bill is 1110 + (according to Lowell it is NOT statute barred as the default was in 2014- default actually would have been 2012/2013). I've had no other correspondence or statement from either Eon or anyone else in the last 4 years. Is my best move to CCA them - and where is the latest template letter? I also have another problem with a friend having been refused PIP due to liver cancer - I will start a separate thread on that issue.
  4. Write back and ask for your insurance money back stating that clearly the terms and conditions were impossible for you to claim on and therefore it was mis-sold. I would use their own wording back at them - especially the phrase 'this is not the outcome you hoped for...' use that as your opening line and go from there. They clearly are trying it on, as most insurance companies like to do.
  5. You can do a printout of what jobs you have applied for on Reed and CV Library, I kept forestalling the Job Centre on this, one week I was told I had applied for too many jobs and the next time 'why aren't you applying for x job' when I had no skills or exprience for said job...they were quite upset when I proved I already had applied for y and z jobs they came up with via the online links I had. I kept showing them the info I had printed out and they said I should give them my login info. I said it was not necessary as they could call me and I would email the printout to date to them should they need immediate info on my jobsearch activities. This was a while ago now and I found work by myself, by re-writing my cv and putting in my specialist payroll skills. They still seem to think people are 'work shy' and not able to use a computerised system or have 'relevant skills' and try and put you on courses you could deliver better than their providers! Keep up the good work of frustrating them when you can!
  6. On many online gaming sites there is now an option to limit the amount of money you can spend in a day/week/month and you can only change this once a month, so put it down as low as they will allow, usually £10.00. If possible get the Power of Attourney in place so that you can control the finances for your wife, this will then enable you to deal directly with the creditors. Remember to stay off the phone and keep everything in writing. If they do phone ask for an email address and use that to contact them, keep everything in a file with a section for each creditor, you will soon see there is a trail of companies dealing with buying and selling these debts... CAB are not much help as they don't very often have the staff available with sufficient knowledge to deal with particular parasitic companies...this is where this site is more helpful. I hope your wife can get the help she clearly needs for her (and your) problems.
  7. Wait until they start chasing you then offer them £1 each as under the circumstances you are considering bankruptcy. They will not deal with you directly as you are not the debtor so you may have to get your wife to sign a Power of Attourney letter to let you handle her debts. At the end of the day the creditors could be made to look very silly taking a clearly vulnerable person to court. Wait for further advice before writing to everyone at the same time.
  8. Whilst it may seem a good idea to do a letter like that I prefer the short, sharp notice.... Dear Sirs What part of STATUTE BARRED do you not understand? What part of "I do not acknowledge this alleged debt in any way shape or form" do you not understand. What language would you like this letter to be in - this can be provided at a cost to yourselves. Should this attempt to go to court yet again the previous case will be cross referenced and the matter swiftly concluded that I do not owe you the alleged debt. Goodbye clowns and RIP
  9. A good result - although a hell of a lot more should be returned to the customers affected... Hopefully they will have learnt a lesson but I very much doubt it - wouldn't be surprised if they try to claim that a lot of the so called customers were untraceable.
  10. You can always claim the income tax back...its relatively simple. They are taking the proverbial on that anyway, it's just another symptom of their disgraceful behaviour. The money is NOT income as in that it is due tax on, it is a COMPENSATION payment and therefore should not be taxed - at least IMHO.
  11. The link posted actually rubbishes the government's key report for making things more difficult. Clearly some people do not know how to read objectively. The report states that the original report picked up by the government had no evidence to back up its claims and therefore isn't really a proper clinically proven evidence based solution, rather that it has defined a solution and found the 'evidence' to support its claims.
  12. Oh dear, the very word 'consultation' means they have made it more 'work focussed and harder to claim' than easier for people to get what they need to survive.
  13. The Information Commissioners Office should be able to assist as well.
  14. Call the FCA and discuss it with them.. they should be able to sort things out for you going forward. At least you will have registered a complaint against their atrocious behaviour.
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