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  1. Hi Andy, Thank you for your reply. So what does this mean going forward? is this a reply to my defence? My defence didn’t get anywhere??
  2. Good morning! ive just received this in the post ... can you please explain what it is and what I need to do? I don’t understand what it is or who it’s from. thank you guys!0EE9D601-DD42-4C8E-896A-D07CA0703BDA.pdf
  3. Yes sure. its from a previous address around 5 years ago, i was there around 6 months and then left again. I had heard nothing until I received letters from Lowell recently. I have asked Lowell to provide me with the agreement and dates this debt is from but replied saying they can’t because it’s a service agreement?
  4. 1, The claimants are claiming two different accounts with two different companies,. 2. Repeated requests to the claimants for information regarding these accounts have been ignored. 3.By putting two unrelated debts together the claimants have provided the courts with misleading information and therefore the claim should be struck out. 4. The defendant has no legal training and can not afford legal fees, therefore the claimants claim for costs and interest should be denied. This is all I have so far??? Is that enough??
  5. Okay thank you for your reply. PLEASE help me with the defence! For days I’ve been searching but I just don’t know what to write and I’m running out of time
  6. Hi dx Yes sent CCA to Lowell yes I need help with the defence please On the letter they sent is says that EDF is a service agreement therefore they cannot provide the agreement ... how do I move forward with this one if they cannot provide it? thank you.
  7. Hiya, Ive just received this in the post this morning from Lowell’s. please could you tell me if I need to do anything? Or what this letter means?? thank you 4A6A4264-2356-41CA-BF52-AC67135C076A.pdf
  8. thank you so much I have done the defend all and will get the letter in the post tomorrow and will send recorded delivery. now when you say I must file a defence regardless what do I do about that? How do I do it? I’m sorry I have no clue!
  9. What do you advise I do now then? I spoke with citizen advice and they told me that one claim fom cannot have 2 debts on the same one and it probably isn’t legit.
  10. Issue date: 07 September 2020 Name of Claimant: Lowell Particulars of claim 1) The claim comprises the following Agreements the defendant entered into: a. EDF energy customer plc with reference ...... and current balance of £124.47 b. Capital one (Europe) plc with reference ......and current balance £194.97 2.The agreements were terminated as payments were not maintained and subsequently assigned to the claimant 3.And the claimant claims: a)The total of the said sums being £319.44 b) Interest pursuant to s69 co
  11. Good afternoon Everyone, Im new here and was advised to come here to try to help get some answers! I recently received a letter from Lowell about some debt that is roughly 5 years old now. It’s for EDF energy and capital one credit card both on the same claim form? im not sure it’s even a legit claim form but how would I know? I just don’t know what to do about it ? Ignore it or contact them? thank you all In advance.
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