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  1. Second mesage received just now. Will bl9ck them as Ive told them where to go.
  2. How very naughty of them! I will continue to ignore til I get court paperwork and make them discontinue again. I wonder if this is another try at the one they chased last year. If it is I will cite the other case at them and run their complaints procedure.
  3. After a year or soof being chased by Lowells for an old mobile phone debt made up of service chsrges for cancelling its now gone to BPO who have been told to go forth. Should this get to court I know what to do, inuding afd that its now on its secind round with another toothless DCA. Alleged debt has only shown once on my credit report when Lowlifes added it, I complained and it was removed following month. Let the games begin!
  4. Success! Received a Notice of Discontinuance (in fact 2 identical ones) in the post this morning from Lowells Solicitors! Should they dare to try again I will cross refer to the original case.
  5. I knew they were hoping I would panic. Can’t get into the record on the court system but I think it is stayed,. Following their defence layout seemed logical, Indid point out they were not the original creditors, the talk talk debt was a cock up on their side and the eon one was similar and they were also chasing a bill dated three weeks after I left the property and dated another three months ahead. All this was on the defence. Ive told them no more phone calls and blocked the number they were calling on.
  6. After a long silence had a phone call from Lucas Credit aka Lowlife solicitors today. Confidently passed security and told them debts wouldn’t hold up against my evidence (defence sent in followed theirs exactly, refuting all allegations). Was told statute barring began after last acknowledgement and corrected her on that point. They trotted out the payment dates, Eon payment of Nov 13 she insisted wasn’t statute barred and I pointed out it would have been had they not started court action. Kept my cool and said I would see them in court with pleasure when they said they were proceeding with court action. Will let you know what turns up next.
  7. Defence sent by email to court. Used the original defence and added the bit about no agreements available and they are a debt purchaser to all three parts, the pics are still generic. Will keep you posted.
  8. Thanks, I will add the bit about no agreements to each bit on my origonal defence and email it to the court this evening. Wont do a fuller one just yet as you advise. Fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks, I will use that then and add that they have no agreements and suffered no loss at the end of each account section. I am going to ring the court and find out when it needs to be in.
  10. The eon bill is clearly an estimated bill sent a couple of weeks after moved and estimated to Nobember 14. The order stated Lowellshad til the 10th Feb to provide docs and ten days after that date I had to do my amended defence. So I have a few more days. I did send the bills in the original pdf I posted. As I dont have to provide the council tax doc and lease I can just extend myy origonal defence with the bits stating the had no agreement. I am bery busu at wotk today but will get amended defence up at lunchtime.
  11. You are way behind, original defence went and the pdf posted above from Lowell’s was received last week. Rough draft was just stating facts below and a bit about me being in rented accommodation with no assets. I am now going it alone as Lowell’s have no case against me, I wasn’t in the property when the bill for account 2 was done and account 1 I has no agreement and is full of charges but no usage. My defence is going in tomorrow with lease and council tax bill as proof I wasn’t resident at time of bill (24 May to end Nov 14) All I really needed was an update of the process, I assume I can file my defence online and send a copy to Lowell’s.
  12. Help is needed with defence to go in Friday.

  13. I’ve uploaded a redacted document, can I have a bit of guidance please.

  14. Can I please have some guidance! Amended defence help needed as deadline is Friday. So far I have pointed out that as they havent got an agreement they have no right to claim redresd Account shows no usage and therefore is all charges. Account dates contradict dates in Eon claim again providing evidence I resided elsewhere. Help needed please!
  15. Here is the scan of the Talk Talk bit, clearly the account wasn’t used. I can easily handle the Eon bit as the dates were long after I moved, I have lease and council tax bill as evidence which they have had previously. The Talk talk debt is for a failed installation of a broadband line. Ive never had a landline since I lived here! The Eon debt is easily dealt with as I have lease and council tax to prove residency. Is this any help Some bits are in an old diary and there may be old paperwork. The electric bill is dead in the water as I can easily legally prove I was not resident at the property and they knew it. Again I feel a short defence denying my liability for both bills is needed. amended poc.pdf
  16. I’m planning a rough draft on Friday as I have the afternoon clear, will state that the fact that no call were made on phone proves I did not have it, and evidence provided proves electric bill was not my responsibility (they had this when I was first chased ages ago)
  17. Came home to a wad of paperwork from Lowell’s, will scan it up, front page is their standard letter which states We refer to the matter at the side of the page. Please find enclosed a further and better particulars of Claim in compliance with the General Form of Judgment or order of District Judge xxx Our client is keen to resolve the matter and would be willing to make any reasonable settlement proposal from you. If you are unsure of anything please seek your own independent legal advice through the Citizens Advice Bureau or a paid solicitor of your own choosing. Quick look through and electric is an estimated final bill for a period AFTER I moved out - I have the lease from my current flat to prove this,! Telephone bill has no call charges on it and clearly is all charges so again I can prove it isn’t mine, never was used and therefore dud.
  18. Thanks, I think having such a clearly stated defence in the first place reslly helped. Hopefully Lowells will comply, if not I assume it will be stayed?
  19. Firstly it is a N24 General Form of Judgment or Order It is ordered that 1. Claimant shall by xxx file and serve further and better particulars exhibiting any agreements, assignments and notices of assignment relied upon. 2 Defendant shall within 14 days of service of Claimants amended particulars of Claim file and serve an amended Defence responding in full to the amended particulars of claim.
  20. I sent the defence to the courts and Lowells, had a notice of allocation which I said no to mediation and the court o be Croydon, that was just before Xmas then this notice arrived Friday. Nothing from Lowells. If I get their docs I have to do a defence.
  21. Update, Lowell’s have to enter a better defence and show all assignments, agreements and copies of notices of assignment by mid Feb. 10 days after that I have to do amended defence. Got a draft one ready I pinched from here.
  22. Still nothing from the court. Not going to phone Lowells, bet that is what they want. Will log onto court website later (if I can) and see if status has changed there.
  23. Yes... they are playing games. If I dont get a blank one what should I do?
  24. Brief update. A while ago received notification that defence had been submitted and now have received a Directions Questionairre asking for mediation. Lowells remain happy to discuss any aspect should I wish to contact them. ie Lowells wish to get me to pay up before mediation. I gather it is just a waiting game now?
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