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  1. Okay. Its just that it appeared on my file almost immediately so I thought it would be removed just as quick.
  2. Hi. Despite Moriarty saying they'd apply for this to be set aside, the CCJ is still appearing on my credit file. Will it take time for it to 'disappear'? They said they'd apply through MCOL to 'ensure the fastest possible turnaround'. Thanks.
  3. I received a response to the email I sent Moriarty. The judgement was issued due to a 'system error'. They have apologised and said they will apply to the court to have the judgement set aside. They are more than happy with my original proposal of payment. They also included a copy of their complaints procedure should I wish to complain. Oh yea!
  4. dx. thanks for the link. I'm going to gather info/paperwork and look into this.
  5. Hi dx. I am not familiar with a IL claim and can't find anything about it? Could it make a difference since judgment has been entered?? And thanks for your input on this.
  6. Okay. Thanks Andy. The amount the judgement says I must pay per month is less than half what I offered so I have more time to pay at least. But they appear to have shot themselves in the foot!
  7. 4th December on the judgement notice. The letter accepting my offer is dated 1st December.
  8. As a claim has been issued, failure to make payment of the agreed instalments will result in judgment by default being issued. This is all I have by way of assurance. From the acceptance letter.
  9. Okay. I have an update on this. I made an arrangement to pay a weekly amount and they accepted. In todays post I have a letter confirming the arrangement and a letter from the courts saying that judgement has been entered. Is there anything I can do about this?
  10. I think the guy I spoke to said the case would be stayed in 6 months which is why I'd need to pay it off in 5 to avoid a ccj. I didn't really understand. And yes I'm happy to get this paid off. Just wish I had a bit more time. Thanks.
  11. Ok. The claim form was issued to my previous address. I have the claim number and it was issued on 31st August. And they'll allow me to pay it off over 5 months to avoid a CCJ.
  12. Unfortunately No. Just the account number.
  13. Hi. Got a letter this morning from Moriarty Law that begins 'As you are aware, we recently issued court proceedings against you.' I have received no claim form or indeed any letters for this for a few years now. Its regarding an old wagedayadvance loan. Letter goes on to say 'We have been instructed by our client to enter judgement against you 14 days from the date of this letter.' Any advice please. Many thanks. Paul.
  14. Many thanks for your guidance on this dx. And I will ring the court in a few days to confirm.
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