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  1. this is it thankfully, no others to report you think that the SB letter will sort it then?
  2. and any other like debts since the millennium it's no longer viable to run away from debts.
  3. Thanks for the insight They have my current address now (10 years later) and havent already brought a CCJ against me (none of the letters they have sent make any mention or threat of court action), and they are writing to me at my current address as listed on my crf file. So, if I send them the SB letter, they have nowhere to go with chasing me any further then?
  4. sorry didn't mean to come across as demanding...apologies I know that I don't have a CCJ but i was wondering if a DC could bring a CCJ against someone after they had not been in contact for over 6 years, on the basis that the debtor had not told them that they had moved, ie could the DC use that as a reasonable reason to extend the 6 year period? Even if the debtor had not acknowledged the debt or made any payments, for over 6 years. sorry I know what i am trying to say but probably not expressing it very well.
  5. RObbersway Ive checked and i dont have any ccjs on my crf. In theory, could the DG bring a claim against someone after the 6 year period if that person had not updated them with their new address? Just asking that bit out of interest Will send the SB letter. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated Don't seem to be able to access the SB letter as it is saying I need to register, but I am logged into my account? Any help much appreciated along with advice on my last question about someone not updating their address. Thank you
  6. what's the debt all about and who is chasing you? Egg / Barclaycard DC is RH what was your last payment date or use date of the card and to whom? last payment approx 2010 (wrong date on previous post) have you moved since taking this card out YES and failed to update the debt owner of the move regardless of any time limits? Possibly Thanks for responding and your help
  7. thank you for reading and any advice you can provide me. i have an old cc debt that I have not paid since around 2012. I have recently received numerous letters and also phone call about this. Refused to talk to them and never responded to letter. I am 99.9% certain that this is statute barred although have no paperwork so cannot be sure that the dc letters are in regards to this matter. It is not showing on any of my crfs. checked all of them... want the badgering to stop now do i send them prove it or statute barred letter, or a combination of both? The 0.01% uncertainty of it being SB is making me think I should sent prove it letter first but do not want to admit any liability and set things off further. Is there a letter that combines both prove it and SB that I should use? Genuinely cannot thank you enough for this forum and for any advice you can give.
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